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  1. I got myself a little while ago a Morino Tamagotchi. I choose the white egg and it's the first time playing with it. I am in the cocoon stage currently. And I can't figure out how to change the temperature. Because if I click on either hot or cold, the thermometer doesn't go higher or lower. Can somebody help?
  2. Ok. I started my tama new. I first got hitodetchi but I just neglect it try to make the care mistakes in the child stage, (I think... I made to much) so yeah I got ringotchi. Is it still possible to get violetchi with ringotchi? And if so, how am I getting her? Should I still make the three care mistakes? Or now take better care of her? I am afraid that if I do so, that it will evolve to mimitchi? Is it possible that ringotchi can become Mimitchi??
  3. Ohhh ok 😅 I'm gonna try my best (this sounds weird....because normally it is something you shouldn't do 😅)
  4. You mean I still can get her despite I am having Tamatchi? I mean I now try to only feed it and not to play. Maybe practicing. I hope I will get her
  5. (Sorry for being very inactive :-'( ) I saw people before having the same problem that's why I first checked everything I found before open this topic again. It's about getting violetchi on the music star. I just don't manage to get her! I once had a chamametchi which I really try to neglect (but not too much) overweight and increased the stress and it still does evolve to mimitchi! Then the next time I got Ichigotchi. I try the stuff out what I read and everything went well (like fem. Petition>Hitodetchi>Ichigotchi) but still even if I neglected more than before (just only fed it when they had two or one heart on ther happy and hungry bar and rarely played with it only making poop away when it was beeping and letting it even sleep with poop) it still became Mimitchi HOW!? Could this maybe a glitch for trying out this reset method to get more instruments?? I hope not 0_0 So currently I am trying again. This time with only feeding when it either beeping or only have one heart and no playing games at all. My tama is currently a tamatchi would this maybe increase the chance to get violetchi??
  6. I would really like to know if I reset my 4U if I will lose all the characters I downloaded. I really would like to raise a Violetchi I downloaded but my Tamagotchi is currently a boy so I can't. But besides this, except for the Items I lose will I also lose the games and rooms I downloaded if I reset or will this stuff stay?
  7. I'm currently running my Tamagotchi 4U and wanna get a Himespetchi. I need the swirly glasses for this but marketchi just won't Appear. Is there any specific time were marketchi Shows up. Or a method to meet her. I really want those glasses ;w; I'm thanking you for every help/respond I get
  8. But is there a way to turn hitodetchi into a Meme family member instead of a mame?
  9. Hello I'm new her 😊 I'm currently playing a Tamagotchi v. 4.5 and I'm really would like to know how to get a Ura Violetchi. My little Tamagotchi is in the child stage and is a Hitodetchi. What could I do that it will evolve to a Ura young Violetchi amd then to Ura Violetchi? I mean I once succeed by getting a Kuribotchi. But how could I get a Kuribotchi again? Is there a Trick or something? And if not how can Hitodetchi turn is a Meme Family Tamagotchi to get Ura Violetchi? I'm very very thankful for your help!