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  1. I'm currently running my Tamagotchi 4U and wanna get a Himespetchi. I need the swirly glasses for this but marketchi just won't Appear. Is there any specific time were marketchi Shows up. Or a method to meet her. I really want those glasses ;w; I'm thanking you for every help/respond I get
  2. But is there a way to turn hitodetchi into a Meme family member instead of a mame?
  3. Hello I'm new her 😊 I'm currently playing a Tamagotchi v. 4.5 and I'm really would like to know how to get a Ura Violetchi. My little Tamagotchi is in the child stage and is a Hitodetchi. What could I do that it will evolve to a Ura young Violetchi amd then to Ura Violetchi? I mean I once succeed by getting a Kuribotchi. But how could I get a Kuribotchi again? Is there a Trick or something? And if not how can Hitodetchi turn is a Meme Family Tamagotchi to get Ura Violetchi? I'm very very thankful for your help!