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  1. Oh I get it. I don't use my PC all that often these days (and I've been doing 90% of my gaming on smartphone ever since I got powerful enough devices) so I'm using My OldBoy! for the first 2 games (Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi 2) and RetroArch with the mGBA core for Tamagotchi 3. I "visit" each tamagotchi sequentially and take care of it every 1 or 2 hours. That process is currently taking about 15-20 minutes every hour (my job has been pretty chill since COVID hit the scene), but I think I'd enjoy each game a lot more if I focused on only 1 pet at a time. That's why I'm sort of impatient for all of them* to die return to their home planet and keep only one to enjoy**. I'm a horrible person. *EDIT: The Umi character just died right after laying an egg. I coldly sent it back to its home planet as soon as it hatched. One less, 3 to go x). **That's when I'm planning to start my log too.
  2. Not sure I understand the question. I don't have 3 tamagotchis on the same "cartridge" if that's what you mean. I only have both Mori and Umi tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi 2 "cartridge". (I'm using quotes cause I only use ROMs).
  3. Hey there! thanks for the shout out! I'm not posting about it but I'm actually having way too much fun with the GB game. It's definitely getting the job of replacing a real Tamagotchi done. What it lacks in "realism" it replaces with better graphics and more interesting gameplay. Besides, I've also gotten Tamagotchi 3 to run on an Android emulator. The RTC isn't actually functioning but I can definitely play it the same way as I'm playing the other 2 games, and this one has a whopping 49 characters, so that's sure to keep me interested for a while! I'm currently raising 5 Tamagotchis (classic android app, Tamagotchi GB, Mori and Umi on Tamagotchi 2, and Osu/Mesutchi on Tamagotchi 3 since today). As you said, things are getting a little bit hectic and I think I'm gonna focus on just 1 at a time after they all die off (or go back to their planet if you prefer). BTW, is "Bimmy" a reference to AVGN's Bimmy and Jimmy joke in the Double Dragon review?
  4. I'm a metalhead \m/
  5. Quick update! So I've been playing the game(s) this way for almost 48h now and so far I can say that the Tamagotchis I'm raising feel more "real" to me because they don't only exist for a short, abridged play session. Since I'm forcing the in-game time to advance at the same pace as in real life, I'm thinking about my tamagotchis for a longer period of time, thinking about how they'll evolve, how long they'll live etc. The in-game limitations also feel more real to me, for instance when the game says I have to wait tomorrow for a new tournament, I actually think about my own tomorrow and don't just interpret that as meaning "just wait a while". I've also added a new rule for myself: 3/ If you're playing the game at e.g. 9:58, and the in-game clock shows 9:00, and the (real-life) 10:00 mark comes to pass, you have to wait for 10:00 in the game also, doing nothing. Basically all these rules could be summarized as: "You can only take care of your tamagotchi when the in-game clock shows the same hour as the real life clock." So if the in-game clock is too late, you must let it catch-up doing nothing. And if the in-game clock is in advance, you must shut off the game and wait. I haven't hatched a new egg when I started playing this way, but maybe when my current Hashizotchi dies, I'll hatch a new egg and start a log!
  6. I'm playing Link's Awakening for the Switch, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing and New Leaf. My play schedule's been a mess lately
  7. I always loved the graphics and the expressions. The pets always felt more real to me because they had so many more sprites. The gameplay is also an improvement over the original toys,without losing the essence of Tamagotchi... apart from the faster clock! I omitted to mention, because it wasn't absolutely necessary to the post, but I'm also doing this on the sequel (tamagotchi 2),... but wait, I didn't know there was ANOTHER one! Now I definitely have to check that out! It definitely interests me, but I'm afraid I won't be able to find the time to do it. Are there tools that make Tamagotchi rom hacking easy (kinda like CoilSnake for Earthbound)?
  8. Hi guys! I just thought of a way to make the Tamagotchi GB game more interesting and more like having an actual Tamagotchi. Just thought I'd share it somewhere. The problem with the GB version is that time flies by too quicly compared to a real tamagotchi, but too slowly so that you get bored staring at the screen doing nothing. One argument I've often heard/read (and I thought so myself too) was that no one will leave their Game Boy on 24/7 just to simulate a real tamagotchi. Well, yesterday I decided to give it a try. I downloaded an emulator on an old phone I had and decided to leave it on, turning the phone to a tamagotchi. I quickly realised that even doing that would be annoying, because the tamagotchi will annoy you for about an hour, calling you every 5 to 10 minutes, and then he'll fall asleep and you won't hear from it for about an hour. So even playing the game that way is kind of annoying. That's when I realised that you didn't *have* to leave the Game Boy on all the time. Since time goes by faster in the game than in real life (I've timed it, a real-life hour is equal to about 3 minutes in the game), then just turn the game on for one in-game hour every hour. A lot of players have invented new games based on old video games by inventing new rules to follow (e.g. the "Beat Zelda without the sword challenge"). Well, here is a game that definitely needs similar measures! So here are the rules I've invented for myself: 1/ Do not let the in-game clock pass the current hour in real-life (you should take note of the date you started your tamagotchi, the number of days printed on screen should match the number of days since you've hatched the egg). 2/ If for some reason you couldn't turn on the game for many hours, you should turn it on and let it sit until the in-game clock catches up. During this time you can forbid yourself to take care of the tamagotchi (to make it more like an actual tamagotchi that you can forget). That's all! I think the game becomes much more interesting by playing it this way, let me know what you think!
  9. I think you're referring to Tamagotchi Simulator 3. I remember downloading it back in 2009. I don't know why but I didn't end up playing it for a long while. In any case, this is actually exactly what I was looking for, as it has generations 1 & 2 in addition to the Plus version which I can convince myself is a culmination of the Tamagotchi Connection devices (not sure how much truth is in this statement). So I'd like to thank you for that This thing is just hilarious. I've fed it 99 bread rolls, yelled school lessons at it until it grew 99 "days" of age, and now all it does is walk left and right forever and poop occasionnally (often multiple times in a row - how ironically appropriate). It never gets hungry, never gets bored, and never changes. What a useless piece of junk 😂😂
  10. Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! I had the Dinky Dino app and kept a dino for around 10 days (it died yesterday). The problem is that the free version only has 1 growth path so I don't see the point in restarting it over again. There's also RetroMon, which looks like it emulates the original Digital Monsters. I'm giving that a shot.
  11. Have you figured out what the star in the letter menu does? I figured out it counts something but I haven't figured out what that could be. EDIT: I've also noticed that when you have less than 5 stars, the letter will spawn poop.
  12. Well that's sad news for me, as I don't think I can put my hand on anything physical at the moment. All I have is a disgusting fake Bunny ROM ""Tamagotchi" "Connection"" that resets everytime I put it in my pocket. I've read your review of the Bunny ROM btw, I really liked it!
  13. Basically there are workarounds but our currency is not too valuable so purchasing an actual tamagotchi is more of an investment than it would be for you guys and I can't really afford it these days. I'm not sure what you mean by that, can you explain please? I meant, HD compared to the original 16x16 screen lol. I think it's due to the fact that it's easier to copy the contents of a cartridge than the contents of a tamagotchi chip. I was mostly asking because I've often been amazed at what hackers could pull out when they desperately want something lol.
  14. Hi all! I've been wanting to raise some old school tamagotchis these days. Basically I'm really not interested in current tamagotchis with color and HD graphics and mostly care about the ones I grew up with. I had a blue gen2 classic tamagotchi that I'd really like to raise again. I'm aware of the tamagotchi classic app for android and I even have it right now but it's based on the gen1. I've found an apk named tamagotchi classic gen2 but it crashes instantly and I wonder why that is. I was wondering what options were available as I live in a pretty poor country and I can't easily find actual tamagotchis for sale. I've tried the GameBoy game but it's far from replacing an actual tamagotchi. It's really interesting I have to say, but its gameplay is radically different from the original thing. The SNES version is only in Japanese afaik. The windows 95 Tamagotchi CD ROM is great but it keeps resetting everytime I shut down my computer... And I don't really sit in front of my computer most of the time (especially since the start of COVID19). I was also wondering whether there was anything resembling a tamagotchi emulator that would contain every old school tamagotchi that existed back then. Is there even a project of bringing this to the people? I'm a programmer myself and I would definitely try to help if such a project existed.