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  1. My Tamatchi on Eternitchi has just evolved into a Propellertchi. Ironically, that's what the Mizutamatchi on Tamagotchi 3 GB will evolve into with good care - except if it turns out to be a female in which case it'll becomd a Batabatatchi. I hope that will be the case, all this redundancy is frustrating
  2. As expected, Petitchocotchi evolved into Mizutamatchi. Here's the growth chart for those not familiar with this release. I'm going to try to go up the TMP ladder with this run (that is, down the above picture), i.e. get Kabutchi/Pipotchi and have it give birth to a Puchiteletchi. One of the things I'm not a fan of in this game (there's plenty as you're going to find out in the next few log entries), is that an egg can hatch into any baby regardless of their TMP level. I wish the game forced you to start with a TMP 1 baby (Kuritchi) so that it would make the player feel as if there was a long road up ahead in order to reach the TMP 4 oldies. Here, since the game can just give you any baby in your very first hatch, you can be just 4 evolutions away from what I interpret as the "last" character. To me, that translates to a Zelda game randomly spawning you right after a completed dungeon. But oh well. I'm just going to redefine "completion" to just mean "obtaining all the characters" and force myself to think of it that way.
  3. Well, Gaia passed away this morning at 10AM at 19 years old. I think I had it coming as you can see from my last few posts. Of course it was admitted to the hall of fame with 5 Knowledge trophies, 3 beauty trophies, and 2 racing trophies. Farewell, Gaia, it's going to be difficult to beat your number of trophies! Beyond the sadness, this means I can finally hatch a new egg in Tamagotchi 3, which I've been eager to do for a few days now. I did so immediately... only to end up with another Petitchocotchi. I'm using RetroArch to play this game. That was kind of a bummer since the last egg I hatched on this cartridge was also a Petitchocotchi. I don't know what gender it is so far, it's not mentioned anywhere in the various status screens. A few minutes later, Petitchocotchi's hunger, happy, and IQ meters were full. Here I am waiting for it to evolve. Last time it had evolved into a Currypantchi because of my bad care (that's called a TMP regression for those not familiar with this release). If all goes well it should evolve into a Mizutamatchi this time. I'll update you guys as soon as it does.
  4. You know you're getting a little tired about your current tamagotchi when this happens
  5. Gaia's really getting older. Its hearts keep depleting ever faster and today was the first day that it actually lost a Knowledge tournament. Since the hearts undoubtedly start depleting faster with age it's obvious that the developers have implemented a sort of aging mechanic, but I only now realized that this mechanic could very well affect tournaments too. Maybe winning knowledge tournaments becomes harder because the Tamagotchi becomes "senile" with age, and winning Racing tournaments becomes harder because the Tamagotchi's condition is deteriorating (even with full hearts and full "Life" bar). And the Beauty tournaments becomes harder because there are younger, more beautiful contendants. It can probably even affect other things too; I think I noticed Tentotchi needed to be yelled at more as it aged, throwing tantrums more frequently. Gaia's 18 years old now, and I'm starting to be eager for it to die since there's nothing new everyday. I'm eager to hatch a new egg in the Tamagotchi 3 game on GB. There are so many more characters it makes me want to get lost in that growth chart for a while. I already said I thought it was the less well designed game of the trilogy, but it's still good enough to make me want to give it another shot. Tamagotchi 2's growth chart really is the least interesting because you can either hatch a Mori or an Umi egg, and each type has its own separate growth chart. So basically when you hatch an egg it can only end up evolving into one of only 7 characters I think. Compared to that, hatching an egg in Tamagotchi 1 GB can end up leading to one of 12 characters and Tamagotchi 3 has the mating mechanic that can keep the game interesting for a way longer time. I'm still working on my Matlab Tamagotchi (maybe it's time that I start a new thread for it). Here's all that's new since my last video: *I've added a food selection screen (not useful for now since it's text-based) *Death screen (even though you can only raise a Babytchi, it can still die after 30 minutes of being hungry or bored) *I've added the game intro screen (you know with the 2 full hearts and 2 empty hearts) with the accompanying "melody". It doesn't scroll to the right though. I wonder what the screen's refresh rate is. *I've also added the small beeps that play every time the tamagotchi turns left or right during the game. I think that's all. I'm sorry for these pictureless posts, I hope you don't mind. It's just that it's becoming a little difficult for me to find the time to insert pictures.
  6. I did not know it, thanks for the info. Tonmarutchi was part of my childhood since he's the character you see the most out of all the P2 characters. It was weird to me going from a baby to a Tamatchi without some intermediary form.
  7. The yellow babytchi (which I had named Chikutchi by the way) has now evolved into a light yellow Tamatchi. What, did newer releases get rid of Marutchi and Tonmarutchi?!
  8. It's not easy to keep up with combining work, my fan-made tamagotchi project, and logging, so please excuse the lack of log entries these days. Nothing much is happening anyway. Well, for the main Tamagotchi I'm raising anyway. I'm starting to neglect Gaia a bit for some reason. I'm under the impression that hours are passing faster than usual. Nothing happens and all of a sudden I find out I haven't checked on Gaia for 2 to 3 hours. I think it's because its hearts are depleting faster and faster too. It's still kicking at 17 years old anyways, and still winning approximately 1 tournament a day. I've stopped counting how many it has won, but I think it's something like 8 at the moment. I've been neglecting my Tamagotchi Classic on Android as well, but that's because I was conducting an experiment to see how many poops there could be on screen and how the game behaved at that point. I've stopped the experiment after the 6th on-screen poop because I knew by then that the poop had sorta like a priority over your Tamagotchi, I mean there were 6 poops on the screen and my Tamatchi was almost completely invisible. Even when feeding it or playing with it all I could see was the poop. I also really didn't expect to end up with a Tamatchi! And about the Eternitchi, well, I think it's because I launched it 2 times in a row or something, but my savefile got corrupted and my progress was lost. I had to restart it and I ended up with a light yellow male Babytchi. Oh well! I'm sorry there are no pictures but adding pics to my log entries is the most time consuming part of logging so I'm going to include a little less from now on I think. Good day or Good night!
  9. Quick progress report on Matlab de Hakken! I've implemented another food type (cake) and the Left/Right game. Still needs work though!
  10. Today's log entry is pretty empty Gaia went for a Racing tournament but lost to a Mimitchi. I restarted my Tamagotchi Classic app and am severely neglecting it. (I only restarted it to gather data for my Matlab de Hakken project). I didn't get to play Eternitchi at all I didn't get to work on my Matlab de Hakken project. I do have something to say about it though. Someone has said they were excited to see where I was going with it. My current goal is only to implement the Tamagotchi P1 or P2 as faithfully as possible. After that I'd like to implement all those other Tamagotchis that I didn't even know about until about a months ago. I've read a lot about the Vintage tamagotchis and the Tamagotchi Connection versions. I grew really fond of them by reading about them and watching videos, so I'm thinking if I can program some (or all) of them, it would be awesome. To do this however I'll need a lot of info about how exactly they behave, down to the detail. I was wondering if this sort of knowledge base exists somewhere, and if not I hope I'll find the missing info by asking you questions from time to time. Have a good day or night!
  11. Hahah! I'm pretty sure I couldn't find a chart like that mostly because no one likes to see so many lines in one picture. LOG FOR DAY 15/11/2020 Today I tried to delve a little bit more into what Eternitchi has to offer. I gave a shot at every mini-game that increases the tamagotchi's stats. I already mentioned the Maths one so there's no point in speaking about it again obviously. So I immediately tried the artistry one; and honestly, I thought it was brilliant! The goal is to complete a gradient between 2 given colors by picking a 3rd color that goes in-between the other two. That's exactly the part of one's brain that's supposed to be working when doing actual art... I guess! Of course being more "left-brained" I had to find a trick to get the right answer systematically. It still requires some thinking, but basically the thinking boils down to doing math again so, that's more within my range. (I forgot to mention that I was finally able to enlarge the Eternitchi window. Good news is, that's solved. Bad news are, (there's 2), 1/ I have a dead key on my keyboard and 2/ the software I'm using for screenshots (Greenshot) is giving weird results. Please excuse the weird images) So there's the game; The next one I tried was the kindness one You have to keep watering the plants by clicking on them before they "slowly quickly wither and die" (Symphony X reference). After the brilliant idea of the last game, this one seems more simple by comparison. It still gets the job done though. Next up, the humour game. By now I was like, how in the world are you going to think of a mini-game that would raise a tamagotchi's "humour". Well, Poop comes out the toilet and you have to catch it using a broom and dust pan. Sometimes a golden poop flies out and you must not catch that one. Whoever thought of that is a genius. Then there's the Beauty game It's basically a memory game where you have to remember the pattern of faces and reproduce it afterwards. My trick is to just remember the colors of the faces and read them out loud. I personnally can NOT win if I don't do that. And finally there's the Passion game Scrub, scrub scrub. You have to clean the gym by repeatedly clicking on messy/dirty parts. I guess the Passionate part is that you have to be really passionate about such a boring task to keep at it... That's it for the stats-raising mini-games; next I attempted to play the cards game with Sanutchi's parents: Honestly I don't get it. Every other game has 1 or 2 sentences to explain how to play, but this one has this: I really don't understand what that means. Other than the fact that I only figured out how to use items today, and that I let Sanutchi play with a random Game Boy I don't remember buying, that's all for Eternitchi (That's exactly the face I was doing when playing the cards game XD ). Nothing much happened in Tamagotchi GB. Gaia went for another Beauty contest and won. The contestants were a Kusatchi and a Hashizoutchi that did mildly amusing faces, but not interesting enough to post them. I'm noticing Gaia's hearts are depleting faster, but it seems to affect the Hunger meter way more than the Happy meter. I think they really went ahead and actually implemented actual character traits to each character in the GB game. Compared to Hashizoutchi and Tentotchi (which was quite needy), I feel like Ginjirotchi tends to stay happy for way longer. @Penguin-keeper this game is so intricate and complex for a "spin-off" that was released only a few months after the original pet. (Actually I think these character traits are present even on the original toy now that I think about it, aren't they?) And finally a little progress in Matlab de Hakken (I'm keeping that name :lol: and I don't even know what "de Hakken" means XD ). What's new is that yesterday the tamagotchi opened its mouth but the burger would remain unchanged; now it actually gets eaten. And the tamagotchi also says no when it's full. There's soooo much more work to be done on this lol. That's all for today! Man these log entries are becoming longer and longer! Good night or day!
  12. It's for Both. The US version goes directly from Masktchi/Zucchitchi to Bill, but the Japanese version require first getting the oldies. I was too lazy to mention it on the image. (yes I'm that type of person lol). HAHAH! I used to be like that. But I realised that playing games this way and playing them legit was 2 completely different experiences. I do speed-up my Tamagotchi GB run though, to have the in-game clock match up with the current real-life hour.
  13. LOG FOR DAY 14/10/2020: Today started off with an evolution on the Eternitchi Hyurutchi evolved into a Hawainotchi. From what I understand, based on Osutchi/Mesutchi explanations, this evolution was a TMP downgrade, meaning I took rather poor care of the Hyurutchi. That's not surprising, I'm often always from my PC and tend to completely forget about Eternitchi. I sent Sanutchi to see its mom and dad Look mommy! I grew up! When you go there the Tamagotchi will play cards with its parents, although I really didn't understand the rules of the game. I've decided to try and give better care to Sanutchi. I even sent it at school. The game that increases Logic basically requires you to do mental calculations. I'm good at that, but I think sometimes the operations are a little hard Dividing by 7 is not fun! (although I then realized this one was relatively easy since it's just (700-7)/7 which gives 100-1=99). I know a lot of tricks to do mental calculations quickly but some of these still take me more than 10 seconds. Also, the "Logic" meter rises very slowly as you play the games. You'd have to dedicate about 1 or 2 hours to fill it up competely, especially the Logic one (I haven't checked the others so far) since as I've said, the calculations are already pretty challenging. Not much else has happened. I can't put my finger on why exactly I'm having trouble doing anything interesting with Eternitchi. It's obviously a combination of it requiring to stay in front of the computer for long hours, the fact that I feel lost in all the options and everything to do with it (I only ever had a Classic P2 as a kid!), and the fact that I wasn't able to enlarge the window (I know it's F11 but it doesn't seem to work for me). ------ Today I decided to have Gaia win another Knowledge tournament, which it easily did So if I remember correctly, that's 3 Math tournament prizes, 2 Beauty tournament prizes, and 1 Race tournament prize. I feel worthless next to Gaia x) ------ And finally I gave this a try: There's not much to say about it really. The game boots up with the above screen, then upon pressing A immediately takes you to this screen: You watch this for a few seconds, and then it hatches into this And that's when you realise the developer really hasn't completed the game yet because there's no animation for anything, the meters (that you can't see) seem to decrease extremely fast, the pet doesn't move anywhere, and it evolved within 2 minutes of me starting the game. I kept pressing A to feed it/play with it/ hug it (that's the heart icon), and all that happened was a sound effect, and then it evolved. Then I wondered how much time it would take for it to die. I hit the turbo switch on MyOldBoy (it's set at 16x) and within 3 or 4 seconds, it died, so the answer is it would've died within about a minute without the turbo mode. That was quick! Still, that's a lot more than I've ever done on the Game Boy (I did do a very little amount of development for it at one point), so kudos to the developer for that. About my "Matlab de Hakken", I've mostly been arranging the code a bit, so there's not a lot to show except this It's animated but I'm too lazy to convert the video into a GIF again. That's all for today! Good day/night!
  14. Here's a Growth Chart I made for Tamagotchi GB. I didn't find any Tamagotchi GB growth chart on the net that really satisfied me so I decided to make my own. First on! And here are the characters I've obtained so far:
  15. Hey! I do find this really interesting and will definitely give it a shot. It's crunch time at work currently which is why I haven't logged yesterday but I'll download it as soon as things start to settle down. Thank you very much for the compliment! I hope I'll be able to keep it that way! LOG FOR DAY 13/10/2020: So today I decided to go for a Beauty contest once again. I think they're the most interesting because of the goofy faces the contestants do; and they're a way to see something else than your own Tamagotchi for a bit I thought Gaia had learnt from its mistakes about the weird safari pose... ... but it ended up earning it only 79 points! So the safari pose was actually better than this one in the jury's view! The next 2 contestants have also learned from their mistakes: This earned them a really high amount of points (Takotchi Kusatchi managed to earn 59 points!) Then came Gaia's arch nemesis Pochitchi... ... and thankfully it made the stupidest face one could do at a beauty contest. It only got 33 points. Handsome, pretentiously adorable Pochitchi just got beaten by 3 lower tier tamagotchis... Good! And so Gaia was happy again. That's all that happened yesterday. Even this contest I had to squeeze in within a few minutes of rest. I'm really giving Gaia average care since it's become the only tamagotchi I'm raising. Also, part of me is kind of eager for it to die so I can start something else (I'm of the opinion that Tamagotchis become boring when they reach adulthood. As a kid I used to draw these incredibly complex growth charts where the characters evolved something like 7 times and more, and each stage had even more possible characters than the previous one lol). I have not worked on my "Maturabutchi" (Matlabtchi :p ) project at all. Today's log should be a little longer since I had an evolution on Eternitchi. I'm also obviously going to give the PetHouse suggested by @Eggiweg a try. How can I possibly resist! That's all for now I think.