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  1. I got it to run on android 4.2.2 just now but it doesn't run on my android 6 phone 😕 EDIT: I also just got it to run on android 2.3.6 (I bought it back in 2012). Basically just use any old phone and you should be set. The Tamagotchi Angel app doesn't work on Android 4 though.
  2. So Tongaritchi evolved into a Hashizoutchi today. I really couldn't care for this character more since it was born. I'm glad that having a Mimitchi is thus still challenging enough without necessarily ending up with Takotchi for just a few care mistakes. I was outside today and the best I could do was use TeamViewer to remotely connect to my laptop to care for Tongaritchi. Needless to say, I was kinda lazy to do so... This is what I found when I got back home. Here's Hashizoutchi asleep. And this should mark the (temporary) end of this log since nothing really interesting is going to happen from now on. Maybe I'll only upload a few of Bill's funny faces in Beauty tournaments. It did win such a tournament today but it made the exact same face as last time so there was nothing really interesting to show. Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride. I can't say when I'll be coming back to this log, but I hope I will. See ya!
  3. Of course he had to win as soon as I posted this lol So Ares is now officially admitted to the hall of fame. I'm going to try to collect more medals even though I'm getting kinda bored with Bill. I don't think I'll be logging about him again unless something really interesting happens.
  4. I forgot to mention that Tonmarutchi evolved into a Tongaritchi yesterday. Nothing really happened until it fell asleep at 9 PM I should be on my way to obtaining Pochitchi. Bill lost at the knowledge tournament. I won't log about him again until something changes.
  5. Tonmarutchi was still asleep at around 8:30 AM when I turned on the computer. It woke up normally at 9 A.M and pooped at around 9:30. I should have taken good care of it throughout the day but I might have given it one more care miss at some point (I deactivated my laptop's audio and forgot to reactivate it). By 7 PM it now has full discipline I've made it so that the lower the discipline the more frequently it will call for nothing, but I might have overdone it a little. I don't know if it's normal to have a full discipline bar by the second day of care. ---- Bill went to a Beauty tournament and won! YAAY! Plus, he scored a perfect score of 100! I couldn't believe it! I'm starting to notice that Bill is a pretty tough character in that by that age most other characters will lose 4 hearts every hour, whereas I can still leave Bill for 3 to 4 hours without feeding it and it still won't lose all its hearts. I can definitely see how easy it is to keep him for more than 20 days.
  6. I'm running out of ways to say that Bill lost the Knowledge tournament today. And apart from that nothing really happened. I still haven't even seen ONE of his Beauty tournament faces because of that, that's the real bummer. I think tomorrow I'll just go for a Beauty contest just for a change. As planned, I've hatched a new egg on my Matlab de Hakken app today: I've kept the 5 minute duration for the hatching process: A few moments after the mandatory post-natal feeding of burgers and cake (great diet for a baby), Shirobabytchi pooped I don't remember Shirobabytchi falling asleep but it did get sick and poop a second time. Then it evolved into Tonmarutchi: At some point during the day I had to shut off my computer and commute for a few hours so I found Tonmarutchi sick, dirty, hungry and bored when I re-opened the app. I completely forgot to screenshot it. Nothing interesting happened for the rest of the day. Tonmarutchi is now asleep. I wonder what character I'm going to get. It's highly improbable that I get Mimitchi so my bets are on Pochitchi for now. It all depends on what the next days are going to be made of.
  7. Bill went to a knowledge tournament today. Do you think he: a/lost? b/lost? c/lost? d/lost? He then wanted to poop right after the tournament, so maybe he failed again at the tournament because he "had to go"! The above picture is a perfect balance of funny, weird, appropriate and ridiculous and kinda creepy.
  8. So, I haven't forgotten about you but that website I was talking about is closed. Apparently iOS programming is done in C. I do have experience in C, but what I do not have is 1/time, 2/ an iPhone, so I'm really sorry. :/
  9. Alright so Build 3 is here! I've improved many things from the user interface to some aspects of the gameplay to what's displayed in the console. Only thing I can't do is make the MCR start up quicker, that's beyond my reach! You'll find everything you need (including instructions on how to setup and start) here: I've added menus so you can reset the Tamagotchi without having to delete the "tmgc_save.mat" file. (The reset option closes the app and you will find a new egg when you re-open it). I've also added basic Help and About menus. And finally there is a "save" button that saves your progress instantly. (The game used to only save when the user leaves, which could potentially be disastrous in case the computer crashes or resets). I've changed the way evolutions work too. They're still based ONLY on the number of care misses, but now they're a little more forgiving. The way it was, I could never get any character other than the worst care character. There's also a trick (that you can figure out on your own if you're just a little tech savvy) to raise as many characters as you want (it involves keeping copies of the file "tmgc_save.mat" under different file names). This trick should be the basis of the next big improvement of the app (don't ask me when it's coming), i.e. allowing the user to raise multiple characters (without manually fiddling around with save files). About the secret character: Yes. I've been raising a character for about 5 days now, to find as many glitches as possible. It evolved into a Takotchi yesterday (I hadn't improved the evolution system yet). This is what the app looks like now: If you want to see more, I'll be logging about it starting from tomorrow. Maybe showing you what the app looks like will make you want to try it for yourself. And if you do and find trouble, do not hesitate to contact me for support! Have a good day or night!
  10. It was Trigun, I think I overdid the "badly describe" part lol. About the bridge guy, I sincerely have no clue whatsoever.
  11. So today Bill lost at the knowledge tournament AGAIN! I thought the high stress level was the reason why he was failing the test but apparently that wasn't the case. Nothing interesting happened otherwise so I don't think it's worth a long post. (On my test run of my own Matlab Tamagotchi P2 app I had a Hashitamatchi evolving into a Takotchi, but I'll talk about it more after I reset it on the 15th). Good day or night!
  12. Hint: the character is a metaphor for Jesus but isn't actually Jesus.
  13. I can't believe Bill lost at the knowledge tournament AGAIN today. I've really never had that happen so far, usually my characters win at the knowledge tournament on the second or third day. I've never read that Bill was particularly unintelligent relative to other characters. (Maybe it's a joke about Bill Clinton being stupid?) Today, Bill was making a weird sad face that I don't think I've seen other Tamagotchis do. At first I wondered what this could mean. Neither scolding nor praising seemed to do anything. Only way to remove this face was to fill its happy meter which had the consequence of making it jump happily in the room. It did this face at 3 different moments during the day and I wondered what to do with it. On the 4th time I realised it was doing that face as soon as it wasn't fully happy so filling the happy meter didn't solve the problem, it just "removed the symptoms". So I thought maybe I should check the "Fear" and "Mine" meters. (Usually I don't like to know about them, the less meters you know about the more the "Tamagotchi effect" applies, I think). Here's what I found: His Stress level ("Fear") was all the way up to 95 out of 99! I really don't know what got it so high, but I'm pretty sure this is the reason for the weird face, so I proceeded to bring it all the way down to 0. By the time it reached 4 I noticed that Bill had only 3 happy hearts again and wasn't doing the anxious face: To reduce the stress level I was playing the sports game with Bill and praising it after each victory. I thought maybe the process could be shorter if I played the Math game but then... The knowledge game INCREASES the stress meter by 10! So I think I do understand now what got the stress level so high. (This and the fact that at one point I forgot to turn off the lights for Bill and only did so at about 3 AM!). Anyway, everything's back in order now and I hope Bill will win at the knowledge tournament tomorrow.
  14. Awesome idea! I used to watch an anime where the main character was Jesus and he had a gun and liked women and his robe was red but his brother was cold even in summer and liked guitar
  15. I'm really not a fan of raising a pair of legs with a man's face mounted on top. I'm really doing it because I have to! (What do you mean I don't?!). But seriously, I think he's my least favorite secret character, maybe just my least favorite character period. I can't wait till the 15th to hatch an Umi egg, to have something else than Bill to care for. (I've never mentioned this, but I had always planned that the second December run should start on Dec. 15th). Anyway, Bill lost a Knowledge tournament again today. It had fallen terribly sick in the morning prior to that, I think due to age. (The mask reminded me of COVID-19 for a fraction of a second x) ) He got over it with just one shot That's pretty much all that happened today. I've just had the idea of doing a run of my Matlab de Hakken app, just for the lolz. Maybe I'll start both the Umi and the Matlab P2 on the same day.
  16. I decided to go for a knowledge tournament since I hear Bill has a longer lifespan than other characters, like Mametchi/Mimitchi. This means that I should have the time after tomorrow to take it to other beauty contests and see all the weird faces it's going to make, but for now the priority is getting the Knowledge medal. Of course I gave it a shot today and Bill lost. I hope tomorrow will be the day. Also, Bill likes meat: I'm REALLY tempted to start running a P1 (on the Tamagotchi Classic app) in conjunction with this run since it's really easy to care for and I also plan to get every character in the app also.
  17. thanks! apparently the site I showed you only allows one to use it once before you have to pay to subscribe. I will give it a try though, just to see how good it is.
  18. Bill's crying face: I'm wondering whether I should go for a Knowledge tournament today to make sure it gets in the Hall of Fame or whether I should have it contest in a Beauty tournament just to see what kind of pose it's going to make.
  19. Bill sleeps with a nightcap hahah
  20. Isn't it the nano puppy you're thinking of? It fits the description.
  21. Okay so I've gotten kind of lazy with this log recently but I feel like I should update you guys since I've just gotten secret character Bill. Dec 6th: As already mentioned, not much happened that day. Ares lost at a beauty contest. Here are the various contestants' poses: December 7th: This is the pose that won Ares the beauty contest I think the jury was composed of other Maskutchis... December 8th: Nothing happened except that Ares lost a Racing contest. December 9th: In the afternoon, Ares won its first Racing tournament Only one medal to get and Ares will be admitted to the hall of fame I praised Ares for its victory and this is the reaction I got. I don't get it. I thought this run would become more and more boring as the days would pass until I randomly checked upon Ares and found this: I can't believe I got Bill without looking up how to get him and without even displaying the "stress" and "selfishness" meters! I only acted upon my memory of the fact that to get a secret character in the P1 and P2 one should get Zuccitchi/Maskutchi and then treat it the best they can. Well, the game is different but the general method remains the same. Bill is UGLY. All these characters that consist of a face and legs are hideous to me, and they remind me of a virtual boy. Since Bill is a secret character I thought it would be good to dump as many sprites as possible just so you guys can see him.
  23. alright so I looked it up and apparently it might be easier than I thought: need to do the,an iOS app very quickly. I'll try to use it and see if it works. If it does you'll have to tell me if it worked for your iPhone
  24. Hey thanks! I'm really sorry for no iOS support yet, but I don't have the slightest clue where to start iPhone development (I've never had anything Apple, a little too pricy for my taste). I have no plan of doing anything iPhone related yet as I'm only starting Android development, and a lot of work is ahead of me for the next few days, weeks and months.