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  1. it is! consider this: 2 gates, 2 guards, one in front of each gate. One gate leads to heaven, one leads to hell. The guards know what's behind each gate. One guard always lies, one guard never does. You can only ask one question to only one of them. What question should you ask to be certain to go to heaven, given that googling the answer is no fun.
  2. Finally added the background and icons. Not perfect, but we're getting there.
  3. one can post multiple times and just reach the 100th page when everyone else is busy. just sayan'
  4. Wow, I never knew this existed!

    Maybe I should think less about recreating vintage tamagotchis and more about creating android emulators for these roms

    I lean more towards just recreating them because tamagotchis are comparatively so simple, it would be quicker to reprogram them from scratch than to bother finding ways to hack the ROMs. Still, I've been using emulators since I was like 12 and I'm definitely interested in trying to write my own now. If I give it a shot, I'm definitely starting with an TamaGo emulator!

  5. hah! I had to look it up and it reminded me of the 168-in-1 bunny rom
  6. what speed would you prefer? 2x faster? or more like the ability to raise an adult in a single day?
  7. Yes, in real time, but an accelerated version could easily be made.
  8. I've just realized that a huge part of what makes tamagotchis and similar vpets what they are is the LCD screen... and I also realized that the LCD screen effect could very easily be implemented, check it out: Isn't that amazing? First of all, the LCD screen on most tamas isn't totally white but looks more grey-ish. Second of all, I was reading rjalda100's log when it hit me: the pixels that aren't on, aren't completely off either. One could even easily adjust the transparency of the grid to simulate battery life, which goes along well with another idea I had which is to implement a sort of currency in the game, which you would use to purchase batteries, spare parts, shells and even other tamagotchis (same or other versions such as the Mothra or Umino for instance). I've realized by watching videos and reading posts on this forum that purchasing tamagotchis and accessories and doing maintenance was a huge part of the experience, so I thought, in the long term it might be cool to incorporate this into the equation. The sleeping Tongaritchi up above is 3 years old, I'm trying to keep it alive to troubleshoot various parts of the app. It is mostly functional but still with minor flaws, such as the attention icon never lighting up for discipline calls. Sound effects have also been added, which instantly made it a lot more satisfying to interact with. And to finish with, the tama shell you're staring at was kindly made by user Atsuko Mirakami on facebook group Tamagotchi Nation. I think it looks pretty neat, and she even made it in multiple colors. She even offered to draw a background, but we both thought it would be cooler if people could choose their own background. That's it for today. I wasn't planning to post today but got so excited after seeing the simulated LCD screen in action. Thanks for reading me, please tell me what you think about the currency idea
  9. I'm not surprised at all lol. I stumbled upon a video once that showed hilariously desperate comments from Half Life 2 programmers (iirc). With increasing storage space and the pressure to release new versions on schedule, suboptimal programming isn't shocking at all. I wasn't aware of these rom hacking efforts though up until today. I really hope they're successful for all the reasons already mentioned. Still, another idea I had was to create a sort of "Universal Virtual Pet Generator", where the users would create their own characters, provide the functionalities (growth conditions, death conditions, effects of various foods, etc.) in a simplified scripting language, animations, etc. and then compile the vpet as either an android app, a GB rom, or a computer executable. Basically a sort of RPG Maker but for Virtual pets. If that were to exist, I'm pretty sure people would quickly reproduce almost every VPet that ever existed, with high fidelity. (It would still be cool to have such an app even if the latter wasn't the case though).
  10. It seems we all go through the same events with our tamas! I also did lose my tama in the sand at the beach and found it by pure luck a few minutes later.
  11. This is the look that I've settled for. I've fixed many bugs this week, added vibrations, and focused on visuals a lot. I should really start working on the sounds next week. I've also timidly started working on the Mothra, but nothing much to show so far.
  12. It isn't necessarily Bandai's fault. Here in Algeria we are able to buy 3DS's, Switches, PS4s and what not. Some stores even do sell original games but most people will just hack their consoles and play downloaded games. The problem is toy stores just do not sell virtual pets, and I simply don't understand why. Back in 1999 when they were all the rage, some stores would sell Dinkie Dinos, which was better than nothing. But since around 2000 nobody would import them anymore because nobody would buy them and the snake eats its tail. Yesterday I asked a storekeeper if they would bring some to buy. I was amazed to find out that he did know about them, and he said if he found some he might bring a few. He still advised me to just purchase some from Amazon or Ebay though... which I might end up doing! (I've been craving for any version of the Connections for quite some time now).
  13. yeah! and I don't know if I'm constructing this memory, but I think I even remember a button completely snapping out and me trying to use a piece of chewed paper in its place. I have only a really vague memory of doing this.
  14. Our first ever tama was a Toy story one that had 3 characters, a dog, a bird, and an alien with 3 eyes. It kept resetting because the screws on the back weren't closing the lid tightly enough and we were too stupid to figure out this could easily be fixed. Plus, the intro sequence lasted forever, the tama would pick a character completely at random and it took 1 or 2 solid minutes of introductory animations and music that you couldn't skip to finally be able to play. I have terrible memories of it lol. Eventually my father brought me a P2 from France and it was all mine. I loved it instantly (in fact, I already knew Bandai Tamas were better because my brother brought a P1 at some point which was lended to him by a friend of his). I grew crazy attached to it even though looking back from now the P1s and P2s are pretty boring. I had it for more than a year, then my father confiscated it from me. I found out he just had it hidden in one of his vests so I sneakily took it back and kept it on mute. When he found out about it he made me destroy it and throw it out the window of the car (miles away from home). Yeah I went through DABDA. I've never found a Bandai tama to easily purchase ever since. Hahah! that happened to me as well!
  15. Well I'm not an artist!


  16. Now that's much better already!


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      Even better:



  17. Getting closer to completion. You should be able to raise a tamagotchi from birth to adulthood in this version. All functionalities I can think off have been implemented, except from the tamagotchi becoming sick due to being oveeweight. In the next version I'll include sounds and will try to draw a shell around the screen. You'll notice a toast saying "tamagotchi has been updated" appearing from time to time. That's a sign that the tamagotchi is being processed in the background. If it doesn't appear, it means that the app will not notify you when the tamagotchi needs you. I need to figure out how to improve that.
  18. So, what exactly decides what character your tamagotchi evolves into in the P1/P2 versions? Is it based solely on care misses, or care misses and discipline, or care misses, discipline and average heart values and weight? There doesn't see to be clear answers on the internet

  19. I'm really interested in programming Nanos too, they look way simpler
  20. Finally stopped being lazy and improved the graphics


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      At least the poop isn't giant like the cake from the other day was. ;)

  21. if you've ever wanted to see a tiny mimitchi eating a giant cake, here you go x)