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    TAMAs: 1 v4.5, 1 v6, -1 tamatown (LOST) 1/2 friends (missing battery cover for one) 1/2 p2 reboots (another misplaced) 1 Magical ON, then one soon to be wondergarden for my birthday :)

    DIGIs: 1 vpet Gen 1 reboot, 1vpet Gen2 reboot, 1 Original japan d-3, 1 Bootleg d-power.
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    v4.5/Magical ON
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    Magical ON and v6

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  1. Happy birthdayyyyyy!

    Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene

  2. I was wondering if they could connect because i found one for a low price and i wanted to see if itd work with my english tamagotchi v4.5 since my v6 cant connect to it. if it cant is it still worth the buy if you want a v4 tamagotchi? i did hear the entama had some differences from the english v4 so i was wondering if that alone would be worth it. its also in good quality (atleast for me) for its lower price
  3. HI! i found my pink tamagotchi today and tested it and it works fine but the screen seems to be dirty (doesnt seem like dust/dirt just grime) is there a safe way to clean the screen without ruining it (such as bubles appearing or something of that sort. Thanks ^^