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  1. Soooooo a LOT!   Has happened. George got married, and had a baby. As you may know, I was reeaallllyyy hoping for a girl. And........ I got a boy! I was extremely annoyed because I have not yet had a girl character on my 4u. Anyway, I will just hope for next time. Then he (I had not named him yet) turned into the blue toddler ( I don't know its name and couldn't be bothered to look it up, I'm pretty sure it's something like: Fyof...otchi -idk). A day later I lost my tamagitchi! I literally looked everywhere, but couldn't find it! Theeeennnn the next day I found him, he was very sick and had pooped. But he was ok. Me and my sister both have tamagotchi's and love Hamilton, so I named mine Alexander and her's Eliza. Alexander turned into a Kuromemetchi. I'll udate you on the days to come, but this gneration has been DRAMAAAAAAA. 

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  2. 17/9/20 -Update on George

    So George is now a King Spacitchi! He has all school skills and has earned 3 out of 4 clovers. You can only earn the 4th clover after having an adult for 72 hours (or 3 days). Seeing that this is my second day with an adult, I should earn the clover either tomorrow or the next day! Also you don't need to earn all 4 clovers, but I have never done it before so I thought I would try. Also I think that is a good amount of time to have a tamagotchi, because after that, I think I am going to get George married. Also on 4u's you can only get married when your tamagotchi is at least 4 years old. Mine is three. I don't mind who he marries, but I really want him to have a girl! This is only my second generation on the 4u and both generations have been boys. I am desperate to get Memetchi!  

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  3. 16/9/20 -Update

    So I think George is meant to age up today!!! And I am pretty so I fed him curry rice 5 times. Fingers crossed I get Spacitchi. Also I just realised that George is the name of the king in Hamilton, so yay :D . George now has all of his skills! When he goes to school he has to earn up to 80% on all skills! This is how you get King Spacitchi. Anyway, I will update again today if he ages up! 


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  4. 2 hours ago, 321Boom said:

    Majoritchi, Lovelitchi, Jukureputchi, Kuchipatchi just to name a few among many others, but these really stick out for me:

    Majoritchi - I really like her witchy theme, she's the reason I easily chose the Magic version of the ON.

    Lovelitchi - she means a lot to me since she was the character I got in Gen 1 of my ON and started my whole family tree which is still going strong 12 gens in :D 

    Jukureputchi - those eyes are just WAAAAYYYYY TOO AWESOME!!!

    Kuchipatchi - he is just too adorable, reason enough! :lol: 

    Yes, he is very adorable. Also wow! 12 gens!!!!

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  5. So Ollie (my last generation) had a child! George was born on the 14/9/20 to Ollie and Memetchi. I named him George because it sounds royal, and I'm trying top get King Spacitchy. He weighs 8 grams and (like his father) has turned into a Pokapokatchi, he is currently wearing a beret. This is my second generation on a tamagotchi 4 u and there will be updated to come on Geroge's life. 

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  6. 13/9/20 -Update

    So quite a lot has happened. Ollie is now an Adult! Not only that but through the personality stage, he has turned into a Mamelabitchi! I am sooooo happy because that's what I wanted to get. When you talk to him his eyes sparkle and look like an anime character. I think that is sooo funny. Along with that, Ollie has completed every skill you can earn in school! I'm not sure how much longer I will keep him, I'm basically just waiting until he can get married. I hope for him to marry Memetchi (who is my fav character), and to have a little girl.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, Penguin-keeper said:

    Excellent! That's what we like to see! :D

    Still, you don't have to make a new thread for this - you can simply reply to your existing one. ;) I've now merged the two.

    cool! Thanks for letting me know. Do you just edit it.

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  8. For every big moment in Ollie's (and future tamagotchi's life), I am going to make a log about it. Ollie is 2 years old, meaning I've had him for 2 days! He currently weighs 7g and I always make sure he is very happy. This is my first log more about him. He is a child and a Pokapokatchi. 


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  9. I have a tamagotchi 4U. This is the first time I am running it! His name is Ollie and I hope for him to become a Mametchi. Do you guys have any tips and tricks for getting used to the Japanese writing.

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