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  1. Hi I’m the sister sitter, is when you are a sister of a owner of a tamagotchi i made a club fo anyone who wants to join.

  2. This pompomtchi and mametchi twins! They have evolved into teens and they are so cute!
  3. My tama finally evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and had their first set of twins!
  4. Hey guess what! My tamagotchi evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and i got my first set of twins!


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    2. Tamagirl_14


      Yeah i have tryed it so cute

    3. Tamagirl_14


      They are double cute because they are twin girls!

    4. 321Boom


      Haha they definitely are, I just love it when I have twins! Look out for other stuff they do together, even the pet in the backyard mistreats one of the twins, poor thing, it's funny to watch though xD

  5. Tamagirl_14


    This is my teen she finally evolved today! Success
  6. So i gave my peachtchi 5 ice creams from tama farm and now she did not turn white