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  1. https://scratch.mit.edu/ Follow me on scratch my username is wolfs_are_cute

  2. https://scratch.mit.edu/ follow me on scratch my username is wolfs_are_cute

  3. Hello tamatalk peeps! This my kuromametchi and my previous tama had a glitch so I just had to restart my tama and then I hatched a boy and he turned into a kuromametchi.
  4. Merry Christmas tamatalk!

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Merry Christmas to you also, Tamagirl_14! And also to anybody reading this :lol:

      @Penguin-keeper I thought Brits said "Happy Christmas" :tarakotchi:

    3. Penguin-keeper
    4. 321Boom


      Happy Christmas to everyone! :lol: I've only been a member since end April, but it's been wonderful getting acquainted with the members here! :D Hope everyone's having a good time :) 

  5. Hey does any one know the song freak by sub urban.

    1. Eggiweg
    2. Tama talk_12

      Tama talk_12

      Of course culture everyone does this is America no offense to people who don’t live in America!

  6. Hi I’m the sister sitter, is when you are a sister of a owner of a tamagotchi i made a club fo anyone who wants to join.

  7. This pompomtchi and mametchi twins! They have evolved into teens and they are so cute!
  8. My tama finally evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and had their first set of twins!
  9. Hey guess what! My tamagotchi evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and i got my first set of twins!


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    2. Tamagirl_14


      Yeah i have tryed it so cute

    3. Tamagirl_14


      They are double cute because they are twin girls!

    4. 321Boom


      Haha they definitely are, I just love it when I have twins! Look out for other stuff they do together, even the pet in the backyard mistreats one of the twins, poor thing, it's funny to watch though xD