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    My sister once had a tamagotchi that was named masonitchi he was the cutest.
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  1. https://scratch.mit.edu/ Follow me on scratch my username is wolfs_are_cute

  2. Oh ok I understand I don’t charge for charity.lol
  3. I dont understand what is the fuss about. Why do you guys find this funny?
  4. Hi I’m the sister sitter, is when you are a sister of a owner of a tamagotchi i made a club fo anyone who wants to join.

  5. I am a non-profit sitter with a owner of a tama in my household. I receive zero payment but that is okay too. My sister tama girl 14 recently had wins so i been half up all night watching them. Last night one of the twins had a bad dream. Every day i get up to go to school leaving them at their parents house to watch their entertainment fix.