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  1. Good afternoon! I’m currently writing this from my mini vacay in the Keys. The Sandals Emporium of Florida. My Devilgotchi didn’t survive me sleeping over at a friends house. He passed away hours before he was supposed to transform. I’m going to restart him, but I refuse to log anymore disappointments for you guys. The only Tama I brought with me is my ON Wondergarden who became an adult yesterday. A Mametchi with a bonnet. I’m not a fan. I’m gonna marry her off hopefully this evening. She’s been mostly paused in my backpack, but we’re going to go sight seeing today. The Hemingway House with all the six toed kitties and maybe go down by the water.
  2. She’s so adorable! I love your art!
  3. One last update today! My favorite V2, off white with pink hearts, turned into Mametchi! I’ve been wanting to see an old school Mametchi for awhile now! look at all that dust around the screen! I know what I’m doing later.
  4. Agh!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m going to do that after this run for sure! So, my Devil, who I’m naming Memnoch, finally made it through an entire day of work! I’m unfortunately having to lower his DP before going in, just to make sure he doesn’t go too high without me noticing too quickly. Right now, he’s watching the morning news with me, sitting at 70DP. He’s a devil zukitchi this time! I’ll have to make sure his DP is high the day he evolves. I’m pretty sure I’m off that day. My wondergarden ON turned into a Mametchi last night. I promptly got on the app to marry him away, just to start the mixing process. I found a very cute lady that looked like she was cosplaying Little Women. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I was so excited that someone proposed to Mametchi that I just said yes. I named her heart♥️tchi, and I do really like her toddler form. I hope more Mametchi genes come out as she grows, since her maternal gpa is also a Mametchi. I wanted to go see Hocus Pocus at the drive in theatre last night, but we were so sleepy when I got out of work that we just went home and had an existential crisis until midnight instead. But we have a three day weekend ahead of us and are going out of town for my moms birthday!
  5. Not at all, I’m just terrible at them because I keep their DP high in hopes of getting a better character, but then if I leave it alone, for say, an hour and half or more it’s DP gets too high and I get the “Bad End’ And it happened again. Actually I was doing very well today. I kept Devil on a lanyard around my neck and had made it through about 8 hours of work with no mishaps. When my final client for the night came in, my lanyard got snagged when I was flipping over a massage table and violently ripped Devil from the lanyard, breaking the plastic piece that holds the keychain to him. He crashed to the floor and promptly... froze. With a very disappointed look on his face. I just restarted him and now the sound has randomly gone out. I’m sure I’ve just knocked a wire loose, and luckily this Devil is in awful shape anyways (which is how I got it) but... big wah. I shook him violently and now the sound is back. I’m the worst. Here’s to... round 3. Good grief. I’m ordering him a case. I paused both my V2s this morning before I left for work. My blue V2, Asuna, turned into on Oniontchi before falling back asleep this morning though! I took my ON to work with me as well, and he stayed hidden in the break room. My coworkers are so amused by how high tech the new Tamas are. He reached teen form tonight . and there’s the broken piece on my poor Devil. I should just hunt a new one. 😔 I’m gonna go have dinner before bed! I have an early appointment tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great day!
  6. Hello! I’ve been playing tamagotchis and reading logs for about 20 years now. I’m so old! For the past 10 years or so I’ve been too busy to actively participate in the community, but I’d like to give it a shot again. I usually integrate Tamas into my everyday life and the events tend to overlap, so I’ll probably be mentioning a lot of everyday life stuff they experience with me as opposed to just stats and characters. I’m gonna start with the small goal of updating once a week, since I tend to work almost 60 hours a week. okay okay! Where to begin? I finally had a fairly relaxing weekend, and for some reason started running 4 Tamagotchi. 2 V2, my Devilgotchi, and my ON Wondergarden! I’ve never managed to get my Devilgotchi to adulthood, so they’ll be my main focus. I want little devil mametchi this year. I already hatched them once a few days ago, but they didn’t manage to make it past 24 hours. I’m the worst! it’s hard when you have to keep the DP so high! As for the other 3, they’re all your first generation basics! A ringotchi teen, a hitodetchi toddler, and a clubutchi on my ON. We were supposed to get coffee with a friend today, but I really wanted an entire day to myself. We got some work done for clients this week, and I managed to get about an hour or so of studying perspective drawing. We even answered a few emails! I am getting a little lonely as the evening is wearing on though. I should shower and watch spooky movies for the rest of the night! `