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  1. Since I'm a big Mario & Luigi fan, there are Tama-Twins that gives me the M&L vibes. And that is Miraitchi and Cluutchi@ Since they made their debut in the Tamagotchi anime around 2013 and when Mario & Luigi: Dream Team came out at that year, I've been brainstorming ideas of a Tamagotchi RPG game since my love on the Mario & Luigi games are still there in my heart. Let's start with Mario & Luigi: Future DreamTown. It was where I started to do those Mario & Luigi box art crossovers snce I adore it's Japanese box art a lot. It's barebones but I thought it was going to be keen more to a quartet with 4 buttons or a Partners In Time concept since the scale/height of Tamagotchis are chibi/small. Also, the M&L remakes has a sidestory to it so Toad had to be with Mametchi and Kutchipatchi just so that a Toad RPG concept could be funny. I also came up with box art parody based off from Bowser's Inside Story (which is the BEST Mario & Luigi game according to fans of the series.). And hey, I've seen the BiS cover art parodies before, but I never seen someone did the Tamagotchi version of it. The original box art of BiS was barebones at first, but the remake made some improvements to fill the spaces in. The BiS parody you're seeing here is with the Tamagotchi characters within it. I call it I know Spacytchi isn't Bowser in any mean (since he has is fantasies on plotting to takeover Tamagotchi Planet in the anime), so I can imagine Spacytchi being Bowser and Miraitchi & Clulutchi being Mario & Luigi. But hey, wounder what's you're thoughts on these concepts since I'm a bid fan of the Mario & Luigi series.
  2. We're almost a week from Halloween, I'm just post this drawing here since I've put enough effort and finished before Halloween. But enjoy this Mario & Luigi x Tamagotchi crossover for the spooky month of October! Wonder if you know something familiar in the Mansion?
  3. I'd be down seeing a LBP crossover with Tamagotchi. LBP3 already have the Namco classics costume pack which is mainly focusing on Namco's characters and one character who was left out was Mametchi. And hey, with Sackboy: A Big Adventure, I could definitely see a Mametchi Sackboy at one point for the game if Bandai contacts Sony to pull this off one day. As for the actual Tamagotchi, it'd be impossible since LBP isn't big in Japan. A Sackboy in an actual Tamagotchi toy can be really cool ngl. Gonna bring this up since I'm nostalgic on LBP and from a post where I did talk about Tamagotchi crossovers lol: But if there were an LBP crossover with Tamagotchi, I can see Sackboy bringing Mametchi and friends to Craft-World or have Sackboy explore Tamagotchi Planet to see what Tamagotchi is: I'd be paying money if Bandai and Sony made this happen one day.
  4. I'd say neither. Digimon works since it's another Namco IP but when it comes to Tamagotchi, it's impossible to have Mametchi to have his own moveset. Besides, I'd be fine to see a Tamagotchi Spirit Board event (mostly for an promotion for a brand new Tamagotchi that they have in-store).
  5. Sometimes when it comes to crossovers, I ended up having 3 franchises crossover with Tamagotchi. Mario. LBP, and COD Zombies to say the least.

  6. Hi there! I'm BoredRabbit who has a passion on character design on Twitter and DeviantArt. Now I was introduced to Tamagotchi in the early 2010s by my cousins. I know it's a virtual pet toy, but I did knew there was an anime when I was on the internet watching videos on YouTube. But yes, I'm one of the few who doesn't own a Tamagotchi, but was introduced to the franchise since the early 2010s. But I have some Tamagotchi Crossovers if anyone is interested. Let's start with Mario & Luigi: Future Dream Town Mario & Luigi: Future DreamTown was another of my Mario & Luigi Box Art Crossovers where I wanted to gimmick the Mario & Luigi box art like where Nintendo and AlphaDream would unexpectedly announce a new Mario & Luigi game but with crossovers with partners. My pitch was to have Nintendo and Bandai Namco collaborate to bring recognition to the Tamagotchi franchise starting the Mario & Luigi RPG series to break down 4 buttons or pull the Partners in Time concept. For Story: The Mario Bros. has face new faces in their world and now they've jumped into the Tamagotchi universe. The twist is that Mario & Luigi went into DreamTown but in the Future. Clulutchi and Miraitchi were flying around and discovers the Mario Bros running around knowing what this place is. Together, the Pocket Designer Twins and the Mario Bros team up to fend off foes of Robots and Bowser's Minions who are plotting to takeover Tamagotchi Planet (plot twist: It's Spacytchi and Bowser Jr. plotting this). Oh, but here's Mametchi and Ludwig rivaling with: Toad + Tamagotchi Friends: Bowser Jr. was looking for Mario & Luigi until he steps into a portal which leads to TamaTown. He found Spacytchi and his brothers as Spacytchi plots to takeover Tamagotchi Planet. Toad follows Bowser Jr. but he encounters Mametchi and Kutchipatchi, which results the trio to find Bowser Jr. It's a side-story staring Toad which hasn't been a playable character in Mario RPGs before. Instead of the typical Bowser's Minions/Bowser Jr's Journey, I wanted this side story to be like Paper Jam but having the ability to change characters and give Toad a main roll with Mametchi and Kutchipatchi. With that, this topic is gonna be long so here's another Crossover I wanted to see ever since: The description I put together on DeviantArt: "Sackboy and friends enters a completely different world filled with a different cast of characters that are said to be called Tamagotchi. It’s up to to the Heroes to enter Tamagotchi Planet to stop Spacytchi’s plans to takeover the entire planet." This is another crossover concept when LBP had DLC crossovers like Muppets and Spongebob (oh and I'm not forgetting Marvel and DC Comics.) LBP is a charming game and I get nostalgic on LBP alot when I see Sackboy in my timeline. Heck, DLC costumes maybe interesting when sometimes a DLC level can be packaged with massive content LBP had back then. Here's my pitch for this LBP x Tamagotchi DLC concpet: 11 costumes for Sackboy & Friends (DLC Costume Pack) Sackboy: Mametchi, Spacytchi Sackgirl: Memetchi, Lovelitchi, Himespetchi Oddsock: Pochtchi Swoop: Hinatchi Small Toggle: Kutchipaitchi, Pipospetchi, Akaspetchi Big Toggle: Gotchi King The DLC Level Kit pitch: TamaTown being the hub world to explore (like MangleWood and Bunkum Lagoon.) The Level kit tells a story of Sackboy and Friends going in the Tamagotchi universe. Levels contains 10 levels regarding the story (+6 challenge levels + 4 racing levels) Can contain costume exclusives in specific levels (Clulutchi, Miraitchi, Kuromametchi, Gozarutchi, Masktchi, etc.) Over 250 stickers and 100 decorations based on the Tamagotchi franchise.) Over 200 materials and 150 objects) Gives Sackboy a brand new Power Up that has the ability to break through walls. I've been knowing LBP in my life and every time I see Sackboy, he gives me flashbacks playing all the LBP series (and yes I have all 3 games + PS Vita), so here's some Tamagotchi + LBP crossovers: Now for the last crossover which some of you may or may not be familiar with but... I'm a COD Zombies geek and yes, I know what the Aether story and placyed the COD just for the Zombies mode, is but it's confusing to know the storyline when there's too much in the multiverse. Anyways we have Mametchi and friends dress up as the Tranzit crew (aka Victis crew). I know Victis are the weakest crew in-terms of Characters, but my thoughts: they're just survivors trying to fight undead freaks when the rockets nuked earth in the Ultimis Timeline. Now it's time for the Tamagotchi fathers as Primis Crew: So here are the Tamagotchi fathers except Ikaritchi (as he's not Kutchipatchi's father but his beard and stash caught my attention to fit the Primis Nikolai role), I'd thought it'd be funny to see them star a role by cosplaying as Primis. And here's the last one which may contain spoilers for those wondering how Treyarch ended Aether as it's been going for 11 years (however, I suggest if you didn't seen the ending of Aether, be warn! But if some don't mind or seen it, okay): This was where I wanted to redraw the Tag der Toten scene, where Victis gets banished in the Dark Aether. I put the Tamagotchi characters there just to redraw this and it almost took 6 hours to complete. But holy shoot, this one was sad considering that Primis and Ultimis had to erase themselves in-order to break the cycle, resulting Samantha and Eddie being the only two to go on this one sigular universe with no Zombies, no 115, and no Apothicons. The only thing that makes sad redrawing this is Victis treated like puns. It's a shame that they got banished, which caught my interest redrawing this scene. I've wanted to post this and yes I'm joined this site just today. So hopefully I read your replies on your thoughts on these crossovers. I'd been posting positive and wholesome art just to make people happy as 2020 was getting rough. So stay stay everyone!