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  1. Hi! I needed to do my state testing and didn't want my tamagotchi gen 2 distracting me. He is a 17 year old Mimitchi and very well natured but can be annoying. I remembered that I could pause him and pushed the button on the back with a pencil. Now I am done and my beloved tamagotchi is a pulsating egg and I don't know how to unpause him. HELP!
  2. This happened to me once. It really does suck. But, I think it is a little off topic for a website called tamatalk. The only advice I give is to try to remember the username if it happens againg then flag them.
  3. Hi! If you need to take it to work with no sound try holding down C and A to turn the beeping off. To turn it back on later push C + A again. I don't know if this will work for your version or not (I have Tama Gen 2) but if it does work you can take it to the office.
  4. I put my Tamagotchi Gen2 to bed an hour late (9). It is 2 years old and I have made no care mistakes so far. I don't know if this will count for neglect or not? HELP!