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  1. My tamagotchi died again from low happiness, when it was fine when it went to bed and its only 8 am 

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    2. TubularTama


      It said it was completely out but full on food. I played with it some before it went to bed, guess it wasnt enough. At 8 am i woke up and it was dying, nothing I could do. 

    3. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      Ugh! Rest in peace. :( I recommend spamming the surfing game in the game center, all you do is mash the A button and each time you win it raises happiness quite a bit! You can get max happiness for children/teens with only a couple of games! :) 

    4. Tacoburritotchi


      i just spam the snacks and travel a  l o t