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  1. Jane decided to sleep at 9 pm, but Emily is still awake
  2. Jane and Emily grew looking quite similar
  3. Emily and Jane grew up this morning
  4. Emily and a bouquet of flowers
  5. 11/17/20 is when I found my 2 tamagotchis while I was cleaning my closet. I'm currently in college but no one's too old to start playing with these again 😂 Their names are Emily and Jane, still pretty young as they only hatched yesterday. I'm hoping I don't get busy and forget. Although I have lots of real pets, I'm sure I have time to look after Emily and Jane 😅 I had these since I was around 8-9 yrs old. Had no batteries so I bought 2 of them yesterday. Luckily they're past their 'new born stage' before I slept so they don't end up starving overnight. I remember just going to sleep after they hatched and fed them and they started making noises. Kept me up at night as a kid lmao. I planned on getting the Tamagotchi ON but those could wait. Just so much nostalgia playing with the old version I had since I was a kid.
  6. The day before I found my old tamagotchi that I had when I was around 8 yrs old. They still work, the buttons don't function well unless if you press on them hard but besides that, I'm currently having no other issues except for one I wanted my two visit each other (I know how to do this) but the tamagotchi won't connect. It keeps saying it failed. I'm wondering if it's just because mine are too old and the censors don't work anymore or is there a way to fix this issue? If not then I guess I'm fine with it, at least they still work. Though I would like to know if there is a way, if it exists. Here's the image of my tamagotchi, they the old versions, forgot which. Couldn't upload the image onto the post so I upload it on imgur