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  1. Hello! I'm having heaps of trouble trying to debut in my V6 Music Star. This is gen 1, all my stats are at 999, everyone's got a ton of practice on their instruments (piano and headphones), and the genre is Classical Music. I've tried just about every instrument combination spread across the 3 musicians, but currently I'm at 1. Piano, 2. Headphones, 3. Piano. I still get a "x" for the 3rd judge ugh. Anything I can do better? What's the perfect genre for these instruments?
  2. Hi all! I am trying to figure out the best way to brighten up a slightly yellowed Tama shell. The shell is not quite white, it is more of a Pearlescent (same as that on the Symphony Music Star and White Royal Roses Famitama). I saw this thread: and I am interested in using Oxy Cream to clean the shell. Just worried of it damaging the shell color in any way, so was wondering if anyone had an input. Tried to reach out to the user Hebb (the person who posted the Oxy Cream suggestion) but wasn't able to.
  3. 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Another update - Someone accepted a trade with me for a Music Star! I had a Tama I wasn't super attached to and they wanted it so I'm getting a Pink Piano MS The other one I got is an Argos from someone on Facebook; I dug into the depths of the Facebooks to search out someone who had one for sale in like 2018 and it didn't sell then. Shot my shot and I ended up being available! I made the original post thinking there was 0 hope of getting one so I'm surprised how it's turning around and how nice everyone is to offer stuff to me like that too! Now I'm not looking anymore. If I do see one I kind of like, I'll consider it, but more than likely I'll just share it with someone else who's looking for a MS. I'm happy I'm at the point where I can help other people get Music Stars if they want one!
  6. It'll probably end up being just one, since one of them I felt was vastly overpriced for the shell condition. Still really excited, and hoping to have 2 one day for collecting purposes.
  7. Update for anyone who cares: I ended up getting a Music Star! I think I'll be getting two so they can connect for the funsies. Could not believe it, 2 people reached out to me asking to sell, after days of having nothing.
  8. Thank you for all the kind words. I definitely feels like I'm fighting a losing battle. I know they're just toys, but I remember how much I wanted one and just want that to come full circle so badly. It's probably going to be impossible in the near future, but I'm holding onto hope someone is nice enough to sell.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. I honestly felt so childish for crying about it, but my biggest regret now is not putting up enough of a fight for a Music Star while I was younger. The tips are very helpful! Most of the searches I find are NIB but I really don't need anything in a box - I just want to play with one. While on Facebook yesterday, I lost out to someone I know already has a Music Star. It's petty, but that really made me upset. There are people that have 4 sitting around while I only want 1 and it's nearly impossible. I'm hoping someone sells for a fair price one day and maybe if you check that tag enough and see one, would you be able to let me know?
  10. Thanks for the reply! They actually are inactive on ebay. Pretty sure every one of those 110 watchers tried to buy it and couldn't because the payment wouldn't go thru LMAO
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Just needed somewhere to type this out. It feels nearly impossible to just find a Music Star for sale anymore, and anyone selling it is just trying to make a buck on it. I know it's stupid, but I kinda cried about not being able to find one today because I was never allowed to get one as a kid and now that I finally have my own money to buy one, they're just gone. Not sure if anyone else is going through this too right now.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to connect my two P's and having no luck. The visit option is totally grayed out on both. Anything I need to do to get this to work? Both are adult stage.
  13. Thanks for the help! All I could find was how the baby state is 1 hour, which I already knew. It's really cute how they stay together like that~
  14. Hello, I have a V3. The matchmaker visited my Tama last night and I agreed to marry them. Now it's been well over 12 hours and I still see my old Tama with the new Tama baby. Is this normal? Or is this a bug?