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  1. Your rings are so cute! I love your fairy meets, it's so pink! And thank you, they're leftovers from a charm bracelet I was making (but I need white beads to finish). They way I hold my tama is with my index finger between the silicone ears and so far (fingers crossed) I haven't had a problem with it, but I am still super careful because my wonder garden is new. XD That charm is adorable, I bet it'd look great on your tamagotchi!
  2. I can't decide if I want to marry my tama in the On app to a random user or try for the rose tama in the matchmaking game...


    1. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      YOUR BABY IS SO CUTE! If you don't have himebaratchi in your family tree yet I'd recommend it, otherwise just find whoever you think would be a great match for your tama. 😆

    2. Aeinn


      I failed like seven times with himebaratchi and went and married the Alice tama in my game. XD

  3. I noticed my Wonder Garden On has a phone charm holder, so I put together a simple Wonderland inspired charm to slip on it. What all do you put on your shells? I also have a silicone case because within a couple hours I dropped it on a concrete floor (yes one of my character traits is "klutz"). My Wonderland inspired charm.
  4. I got the app and the Magic Hut and they are sooooo helpful! I love them, this has made unlocking the sports plaza so much easier, thanks for sharing them!
  5. That was so helpful, thank you!!
  6. Hi everyone, super new here and pretty new to trying to properly own/play with a Tamagotchi (I've had them forever, but mostly they were cute egg shaped keychains to me xD). I can't seem to figure out how to befriend/marry an NPC in my Wonder Garden. I have the zone unlocked and am bringing the item the Tama I want to befriend/propose to when mine grows up, but I have several questions, if anyone has the time to help me answer them. My first question is, is it random chance depending on whether I get the Alice or the Mad Hatter character to play with when I visit, or does it change hourly or something? Secondly, do I have to meet/play with them so many times as a child/teen before I can propose as an adult? Will playing with both of the tama's make it so the one I want to propose to won't accept? How do I know they'll accept my proposal, and if I fail in proposing, can I do it again later after interacting with them more? And lastly, if I do succeed in marrying them, but say I don't get the genes I want, can I try again in another generation? I'm sorry if these are weird/random/obvious questions, I didn't find anything that really gave good advice except which tama liked what item.