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  1. Hi!! I recently got the king of games home deka, and I might just be being dumb, but three of the games are really hard for me to understand, and I was hoping somebody would be able to explain them? Firstly, the fishing game makes no sense at all. I’ve tried everything like spamming the button, moving the hook but I either get nothing or get a boot which results in a loss? The game which has you run across a field with clouds and rocks with a timer in the bottom confused me too. I initially thought you had to dodge the rocks until the time ran out, but doing so ended in a loss? The cover for the game seems to be a tama jumping across rocks, but jumping on the rocks does nothing but hurt your character? I’m especially confused with this one lastly is the card game, I’m pretty sure it’s just a higher or lower game, but it seems endless? this is my first post here, I really hope I did it right ;W; <33 tysm for reading!! I can provide more info if needed!
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