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  1. It came in! I'll probably start running it some time in the next week. Could a mod delete this thread? I don't think I can. Maybe I should just turn it into a log. Thoughts?
  2. Sorry that I don't have an answer to your question, but you might have better luck making your own topic. This topic was from September 2019.
  3. I love Mizutamatchi! (well,obviously.) But I also really like Chamametchi, and Omechuptchi! I saw him when I got my first ON in December and fell in love. He's cute and he looks like my favorite food!
  4. This looks like a Connection V1! Was able to confirm by looking up the shell. Here is a simple growth chart I found - but you might be able to find more information by looking up the V1. PS - your English is very good! I didn't have any trouble understanding.
  5. I finally caved and got a 20th anniv Digimon. I've been curious about Digimon for a good while now, and a lot of threads asking how to get into it recommended trying this one out. Do y'all have any resources for a first-time owner? General guides, growth charts, etc. I figured this topic would be better suited than the general tama help one, but if need be y'all can move it. Fun stuff not entirely related to my question: the only Digimon I remember from when I was a kid is Patamon. He'll probably always be my favorite because of that alone. :] I never even got into it then, I just had a friend who liked it.
  6. I would've recommended RetroBrite if anything, but looks like @Penguin-keeper beat me to it. I can't say for sure if it would remove the flowers or not, I've never used it on any 'patterned' plastic before. Something I can say though, is that it can make the plastic really brittle. I'm not sure if that would be ideal on something like a tama, being pretty small and all. Even after all that, it's still the best way that comes to mind... Could you share a picture of it with us?
  7. Ohhh, my bad. I thought that's what you meant.
  8. I know someone that gets cheap phone screen protectors, and cuts them down to the right size. You could try that!
  9. These are all really cool! I can tell you put a lot of love and thought into them. I think my favorite is the one with Sackboy and Mametchi! Crazy enough, there are still people playing online on LBP1. I get on every once in a while.
  10. Your icon is super cute! Is it art you did?

    1. tamatteo


      no, i just found it on twitter! their twitter handle is @cinna_suki_owo if you're interested though

  11. I think I was able to find her on the Beyblade wiki! Is her name Gumita? On another note, I had no idea that Beyblade was still going! I still remember them getting banned from my elementary school, lol.
  12. I'm back... just lurkin'. Mostly keeping up with the Pix news. 👀

    General tama update: I've been running my first ON for a month now! Omechuptchi is sooo cute. :wub:

  13. While you can’t arrange sales on TamaTalk, I can recommend checking Mercari or eBay for used tamas! I doubt they’d meet your Christmas deadline, but there’s always other holidays!
  14. Try changing the batteries and see if that fixes anything! I read in the manual once that the sound can get funny when the battery gets low.
  15. I’ll probably get my ON in the mail really soon...! I’m so excited. :lol:

    I hope everyone is having happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate!