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  1. While you can’t arrange sales on TamaTalk, I can recommend checking Mercari or eBay for used tamas! I doubt they’d meet your Christmas deadline, but there’s always other holidays!
  2. Try changing the batteries and see if that fixes anything! I read in the manual once that the sound can get funny when the battery gets low.
  3. I’ll probably get my ON in the mail really soon...! I’m so excited. :lol:

    I hope everyone is having happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate!

  4. @Tamaboo , this thread was made in September and your reply didn’t really add anything...
  5. It would be sooo cute if there was a Tamagotchi x Taiko collab somehow.

    I don’t know how a full vpet would work, even just official art would be neat. They’re both Bandai/Namco properties so it would be possible.

    The anime opening was a playable song at one point! 


  6. @LucidLyes Hey, it’s no problem! I would use an Android emulator (BlueStacks) if my laptop could actually run it. I’ll be reading your log on it, so include lots of pictures for me!
  7. The seller never shipped it or responded to me. I ended up getting a refund and getting the green one from someone! That was the one I liked in my first post anyway, so I can live with that. It’ll probably just get here a bit later. Should I start a log thread?
  8. I really want the pink/blue set of Osutchi and Mesutchi! @mimitchi ^o^ We’re twinning... Above all else though, the clear Ocean!
  9. Well... I have a magic purple on the way. I’m so excited! Do any experienced users have any tips for me? They seem pretty complicated.
  10. Oh, of course! I’m working from home right now, so I’ll be able to help test whenever.
  11. It’s awesome how you put this together! Yet another time I wished I had an Android phone. Have you considered making an .ipa for iOS devices? I’m not sure what kind of work goes into something like that, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most tech-savvy.
  12. Alright, I've decided I wanna get in on the modern Tamagotchi madness! I wanted to look at all the shells available for the ON, but I'm not sure TamaShell's page for them is up to date. Is there any page that has all the North American releases? I like the green one but I was hoping there were designs that looked a little less... girly? On TamaTalk, I'm not worried about seeming 'girly'. But I like to take my Tamas out with me in the real world and I'm a grown man... you see my issue.
  13. Dang. I probably don't reboot my laptop as often as I should. But my computer updated tonight and rebooted itself. I thought to check if it kept my save file and... nope. I wonder what the issue is? And if it would happen on a Win95/98 VM?
  14. My mom just bought a 20th anniv mini for her friend's son... he saw mine while I was visiting and had to have one. :P
    I got to help find one and pick it out! That was fun. His favorite color is yellow, so I got the yellow w/ orange buttons.

    1. Tamacass


      Cuuuute! I'm sure he'll love it. :D

    2. Eggiweg


      That's so wholesome, I hope he enjoys his gift!

  15. I know there have been quite a few manga series based on Tamagotchi. Were any officially released in English? Do any of you read scans/scanlations of them online? I'd love to find a website that has them. I haven't looked extensively yet, but I'm sure they're out there.