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    Language learning, mythology & folklore, collecting game consoles and Tama, watching too many television series, Nintendo everything, Sims marathons, and avoiding adult responsibilities.

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    Thinking about condensing my list somewhere else.. This just helps me catalogue my collection for personal reference. I forget which devices are NIB, open, or loose without cataloging. ^^
    w/o = without box
    NIB = complete & sealed
    + = Arriving in the mail

    Friends (black polka dot) w/o
    Connection V2 (l-blue w/ flowers, magenta w/ hibiscus) w/o
    Connection V4 (glow in the dark) w/o
    Connection V5 (black w/ gold & Gozarutchi) w/o
    TamaTown Tama-Go (white w/ Ringotchi figure & cherry faceplate)
    Mini (black flames) w/o
    Angel (silver US edition NIB)
    Tenshitchi (pearl white gold, w/ vintage glittery tenshi wing case) w/o
    White 20th reboot gen 1
    Black 20th reboot gen 2

    Plus Color (yellow w/o)
    iD (pink w/o)
    iD L (Princess Spacy w/o)
    4U (white w/o & a choco mint faceplate)
    4U+ Plus (Anniversary Pearl Purple)
    P's (blue NIB, pink w/o)
    M!x (Royal White 20th Anni. Edition NIB, purple Dream V2 Special Edition, pink Sanrio Toys R Us Japan NIB)
    Meets (yellow Sweets NIB, purple Pastel NIB, white Pastel, blue Fantasy NIB, Sanrio Characters NIB)
    On (turquoise, lavender NIB Wonder Gardens, purple Magic, pink Fairy)
    Pix (purple)
    Some 썸 (blue Fairy NIB, pink Fairy, purple Magical NIB)
    + Smart (25th Anniversary White Limited Edition NIB, NiZiu White Special Set NIB)
    + TamaSma Cards (Rainbow, Sweet Friends)
    + BTS BT21 Limited Edition (Space & Baby NIB) pre-order
    Jordy-gotchi Nano (Jordy w/ premium case NIB)
    Eevee-gotchi Nano (I Love Eevee & Colorful Friends NIB)
    Nano (Japan wave 1 blue TMGC jewel)
    Gudetama Tama (yellow w/ premium white case)
    Pacman Tama (black & yellow w/ cases)

    Other VP:
    Pokemon Pikachu 1 USA w/o
    Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS USA (Nintendo employee gift) w/o
    Digital Monster 20th (versions; black Agumon, white Gabumon, custom black/orange Coromon, and glow Meicoomon)
    Digimon X (blue-white Gabumon, red-black Agumon)
    Digimon Pendulum Z (Nightmare Soldiers)
    Digimon Vital Bracelet (black)
    + DiM cards (True Shadow Howl, Black Roar, Gabumon, Agumon, Titan of Dust, Infinite Tide, Volcanic Beat, Blizzard Fang)
    Pripri Chi-chan!! Pripri-shot w/o
    Hatchihoni (blue NIB)
    Touma Pet (pink)
    Tamagezi (pink NIB)
    QPet V2 (blue customized w/ gemstones)
    Favorite collectible extras:
    TamaDepa Miraitchi Clulutchi Tama pouch set
    Kakao Neo backpack window Tama pouch
    Sumikko Atsume blue futon window Tama pouch
    Twinkle Pop & Flower Vitamin straps (KOR/Some packaging NIB)
    Plus Color neck strap (yellow)
    TMGC 4U neck strap (Pink Lovely style)
    Pusheen neck strap
    Sumikko Gurashi Sumikko Atsume prize strap Takara Tomy 2018
    My Melody backpack Tama pouch with front pocket for P's pierces
    Loaded IrDA device by cutiepiekawaii
    Eventually/*Actively Seeking:
    *iD L (holding out for an English)
    4U+ (Anniversary Pearl Pink, sky blue)
    iD (Lovely Melody Crown & Music, blue silver)
    iD L (15th Anniversary)
    M!x (20th Anniversary Gift, purple Melody, pink Spacy)
    Twistetchi nano (Savanaclaw)
    Extellatchi nano
    Miraitchi and Clulutchi Tama Depa pouches
    Friends Dream Town
    Uratama Jinsei Enjoy! Tamagotchi Plus (Ura Jewel)
    Uratama (each 10th Anni. Edition)
    Devilgotchi (black)
    Music Star (USA/Europe Idol Dream)
    Connection 4.5 (Blue Hibiscus)
    Celebrity (Hollywood or Movie Night)
    *Ocean (USA blue bubbles)
    *Mori (Yellow ivy)
    Mesutchi & Osutchi
    Digimon Pendulum X 3.0
    *Digimon Pendulum Z II (Virus Busters)
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Some obsession confirmed -- at last I found my purple NIB. 😅 Other favorites are blue Fantasy, blue P's, & 4U+ Pearl Purple Anni.
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Lovelitchi, Kiramotchi, Yumemitchi, Pianitchi, Kyawatchi, Neliatchi, Miraitchi & Clulutchi 🤗 Hoshitchi, Lovesoratchi, & Sumatotchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    On (turquoise Wonder Garden)
    On (pink Fairy)
    Pix (purple)
    Pacman Tama
    Friends (polka dot)

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  1. This is so cool!! Thank you for doing this! Hopefully we will be able to see some cool ideas over time, and I might get myself a bit more motivated and inspired. I'm pretty into perler bead tama sprites at the moment. It's something simple and and easy to do depending on someone's hands, but still very fun. I like the shapes themselves but also the keychain element for some.
  2. It's an unfortunate truth, but I completely agree. We can only keep doing our best to look out for one another and avoid what we know to be a scam. Worrying about scammer's feelings about being reported shouldn't be the priority after all. I'm just sad we've all been through those major letdowns at some point. 😞
  3. I really appreciate you saying that. 🥺 In general I rather forgive and go benefit of the doubt, since I've had positive outcomes through contact. Though after that person, and seeing similarly priced/described listings, I'm simultaneously afraid of the sellers as well as guilty to make quick judgements. But we're all much better off protecting ourselves and potential victims than to worry about the individuals selling fakes. That's how I felt too! Acting exceedingly ignorant to a product's functions or origin is probably one of the most suspicious things a seller can do. Not always of course, just something to be wary of.
  4. This is probably the most tragic consequence, because they're definitely unhappy and disappointed with the quality. They're often confused about it's functions and why it randomly resets, or one of the many other issues we're aware these bootlegs have, which make it feel less and less like the experience they hoped for. It truly is heartbreaking. I couldn't recommend report functions enough! No circumstance should you attempt to contact the person, if you think they've made an unintentional mistake. One time before I was wiser, I tried to respectfully but subtly request a clearer image of the back cover to see Bandai year of make, in order to figure out which Connection version. 😅 Her high seller rating and bio seemed innocent and friendly enough. I was more foolish than anything. She deleted her listing, yelled at me on one of my own items, then relisted at the same outrageous price an hour later – while using only an image of the front and the new description, "It says Tamagotchi Connection on it." Better to act dumb than obviously con? 🦝 It got taken down two more times finally. They know what they're doing, even with a bio that depicts an innocent parent selling outgrown toys like her. My own fault, but it was hurtful, and it taught me to 100% use the report and block functions. I feel so dumb admitting it, but it's a lesson to anyone with like-minded good intentions.
  5. I sure hope so! I gave up looking at lowest price on eBay, but even now I see these four button ones pop up on Mercari. Thankfully there is a "counterfeit" option when reporting those that generally seems to work! I felt very relieved for some less aware shopper when I was able to get a $40+ fake taken down. 😌 Feels good man. It's one thing many of the fake sellers on eBay are in China with different laws they're used to, but it's another when it's a US seller who paid maybe $1, then relists it for $25 or more... While blatantly claiming it's genuine or playing dumb. That's not very ethical or fair, even if some folks argue it's how (bad) business works. Let's cross our fingers the market declines for the sake of less informed individuals wishing to relive their childhoods, and frequently get scammed by "Tamagotchi Connection" titled fakes. 🥺
  6. Definitely what I was thinking, either V1 or V2 as my V2s have that background. From what the person says, they've never taken the tag out, so the only thing I can figure is they bought it second hand with the battery tag returned to the slot, and a custom shell as well. It's a lot to imagine an earlier owner (or anyone) might do however. 🤔
  7. Is anyone able to help identify this Tamagotchi? It's so unusual around the screen but it's definitely genuine as far as I can tell. It's not mine but I discovered it browsing and keep wondering, but no reverse image search could even find it.
  8. I definitely love the classics, but these modern Tama and their aesthetics have just renewed my love for them possibly to greater level. In a funny turn of things, I might actually just now be discovering the qualities of pastel rainbows and girly themes I should have appreciated as a kid, but instead ran away from. 😂 I agree 100% as I found that Amazon Japan saved me a fortune on my blue Fantasy Meets. I still don't have the heart to open it seeing the ridiculous growing value of new ones – knowing myself I'll just find a used purple Fantasy to bypass the dilemma of wanting to play but not wanting to open. 😭 Ever since I was a kid I always kept my favorite toys pristine somehow, so it's an old undying habit. Imagine how confusing that was for adults who thought I didn't like their gift, because it looked practically brand new. Lol. At least the announcement of the Niziu Smart (and it replacing the spot of my favorite) has made the decision to open the 25th much easier!! I'm even more excited now that it's coming soon and I can play guilt free.
  9. I have read on the Tamagotchi subreddit that there has been an announcement by Bandai that they'll be shutting down the Japanese Meets app as of February, 28 2022. 😭 So far without discovering an article link, it's just a rumour however. Does anyone here who can possibly search for Japanese news articles have an idea about where this rumour came from? The subreddit also specified the Japanese Meets, so no clue if this means the On app at the same date, but such sad news regardless! Hopefully this person has misunderstood or is just messing with everyone.
  10. I am absolutely in love with the design! It's simple yet beautiful. 🥰 I would be thrilled to have both white designs, and like this one considerably more than the 25th. It looks like you can internationally preorder the limited edition set on Amazon Japan that comes with the SmaCard and some other collectors stuff, possibly worthwhile considering how much the cost of a proxy or eBay will be eventually. I'm a little fuzzy on the difference between the benefits one and the other however?
  11. 7 mini games definitely caught my attention!! I would love to get this for my friend whos a total Star Wars nut for Christmas, but I have no idea if she ever had a Tamagotchi before. I'll just have to use one of my Tamas as prop to ask that question.
  12. I'm not sure how it turned out this way, but I have two "first" tamas as I got them so close in time. Its the magenta hibiscus V2 and the light blue with flowers V3 Connections. I managed to remember my best friend since fist grade's first Tama and it was the one with cherries on it! Even though it was a V3 I don't remember the gameplay being too different, and I even think our tamas married. I also got a mini that was black covered in flames because that was my childhood aesthetic. I.e. Lisa Frank lunch box and supplies next to a hand-drawn dragon -- complete with claws, bloody teeth, spikes, and flames probably sitting on my desk.
  13. Oh wow I hadn't realized! Even though NiziU were part of the announcement, I wasn't aware how much they were involved. That's pretty exciting news especially because of the possibilities. Since niji means rainbow, it's very hard to imagine, but I sure wish there had been a pastel purple. Unfortunately I don't know much about the group either or I might have a better guess. Hope we find out more as the date for the 25th Smart comes closer. I so agree about the awful timing for the poor kids! I work for the building grounds dept of my school district (and go to college) so I can kinda relate. Lol.
  14. *Edit: Jeez I just realized my email from the proxy service only said August. I was remembering the date of the last seller, whom I cancelled my order with. I'm now even more grateful I cancelled being that they were overcharging, as well as giving me the wrong date. Curious how more than one had that early August date though!
  15. As a heads up that can save people a bit of money and provide more security to a purchase, rather than dealing with eBay sellers – Amazon has thankfully begun selling the BT21 devices for $25! You can preorder them already and they're set to release December 10th. Not sure about other countries, but I was able to preorder this way being from the US. Hope others find this information helpful!