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  1. Sorry if this has already been confirmed, but I definitely think the top of the tama is a button too, now that I've seen the direction Bandai took with their Mermaid Aqua Pot. I don't understand the Japanese but there's definitely some visual explanation in this image. There also appears to be a game associated with this one's camera, as seen in the bottom pic? Maybe I'm getting it all wrong... I just wonder if that's the same top button feature ported into the shell.
  2. Oh my gosh I remember Skannerz! I had two, a blue and a green, however I could rarely get them to work. Probably because I went to work on all the canned items in our pantry which have rounded labels instead of better-suited flat. 😆 That was the first device i thought this thread was about, but I distinctly remembered them not being "girly" for whatever that even meant to me. 🙄
  3. I swear that would be a humongous miss there, if they fail to see the potential in the similar names. Plus it has a similar jagged-cracked shell design with the horizontal crack at the top this time.
  4. I am filled with mixed emotions about this thing. Firstly those faceplates aren't exactly what I like, but I'm feeling that purple one. Secondly and the point you brought up, the buttons man. Where are my tiny clacky button mashing sounds going to come from if Bandai chooses to pitch them now? What about feeding our tamas in the freezing cold winters if we're outside, and must take our cozy gloves off to do so? Now I'm just nitpicking.
  5. That does sound like a really cool concept taking care of antagonist angels! Lol. I know nothing of the series but I find that interesting. I love how the company usually makes an attempt to connect the devices to series references instead of just slapping designs on tamas and calling it good. Sure, die hard collectors might still bite, but it has no soul at that level. That's why I hope they can continue to release new nanos just to see the creative features they come up with. Side note: Has anyone actually managed to purchase a Jordy? Being the nano seemingly with the most games, it caught my interest. However, scalpers are making serious bank on it right now. That thing goes for roughly $25 in Korea -- even less on seller meetup sites, yet scalpers are selling it for around $75 on western sites. Then if you want the cute chonky case, it's at least $100+! Makes me so mad and bummed.
  6. How in the world have they not done a Kirby?? That's genius. It really gets me so excited and sad at the same time that it's not happened. They aren't strangers to Nintendo so we may actually see that one someday~ It would bring a huge new wave of fans from worldwide, wouldn't it? All my love for regular Tama, but I do love the idea of the franchise having another foreign market boost, if it promises new color types and nostalgic second releases. It sure seems to be the main tactic of Nanos.
  7. There are a lot of screen protectors on Amazon Japan too so I've noticed! There are faceplate protectors out there as well if you're obsessive like me. Just be careful you're buying the correct ones if it's a M!x, Meets/On, Dream M!x, etc. I nearly made that mistake.
  8. Yes I agree... It's so hard for me to justify buying one, unless it's very affordable or somehow desirable enough. Oh no what have you done – I'd cry for a Stitch Tama, especially if they incorporated some of his cousins into it!! That would be just amazing. Idk how exactly given that he doesn't evolve into them.
  9. I totally forgot about the 15th Anni. iD L! It's such a cutie. 🥰 I wish there was an English version of it out there. I'm afraid I may be too broke to justify buying an elusive English one atm, let alone a Japanese 15th Anni. Lol. Since when did these plastic kids toys become so luxe man?
  10. I have a few I'm curious about, such as Jordy that has 6 games, but what other Nanos seem to be the most unique or featured in your opinion? I was able to collect the Eevee gotchis when they were cheaper, yet lately I've wanted to pick up one for casual play. In general how's your Nano wishlist looking?
  11. I see! I had no idea that was even possible. 😲 I looked around elsewhere and it seems to be the low average, but I'm not too fond of the box of the one I was considering. I wanted to wait for one to crop up that's possibly cheaper and in better shape but... Lolz okay I bought it same price from Bandai on Amazon. I'm half hoping my bank suspects it as fraudulent and rejects it so I can't spend more money on this wildly expensive hobby. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 Oh boy...
  12. Hey guys! I recently won an auction for a used one and I'm considering selling it on eBay to help towards a NIB version, but I'm not sure if I should be considering the two I see between the price of $142-147? Should I hold out and wait for something lower? 🤷‍♀️ Seems very slim chance of that – but I haven't been on the hunt long enough to notice price trends.
  13. I'm very happy with my tama family right now, so I feel a bit guilty to admit a secret wishlist. That said, I definitely wouldn't mind having any one of these... 1. P's (Melody Land & Dream Coffret) 2. An English iD L 3. Black Devilgotchi 4. An Ocean 5. All three 10th anniv. Uratama
  14. Happy New Year to you and your tamas as well!!
  15. Thank you!! I'm also glad things payed off in the end, as it's here now and it's absolutely lovely. It came with a screen protector still intact, one of the matching Pusheen cat cases I'm fond of, and the box is thankfully undamaged. Such a sigh of relief! I'm grateful this all worked out and to the previous owner for taking such nice care and thought. There was actually a bit of a mishap with Fedex but nothing major. They just couldn't access the place that I live so they ended up delivering it to an onsite pickup location. I wouldn't have bat an eye if not for the 12 inches of snow we got overnight, and the mountain of it that blocked my car in, thanks to the snow removal truck. 😭 LOL at least I had something very special to look forward to when I came home this chilly NYE. Now that it's occurred to me, I'd love to wish everyone at TamaTalk a Happy New Years too! We all deserve a better year ahead of us with a lot of hope.
  16. Hey guys just a quick update, – everything went smoothly at the meetup with the seller, and ForwardBuy (hope it's okay to mention as they've proven trustworthy so far) have provided tracking that shows it shipped on the 27th. Looks like it's already departing CA right now and is scheduled to arrive on the 30th!!! Gosh so fast, and I'm bursting with excitement about it. I suppose this means next update will be arrival!! 🥳
  17. That's exactly what I thought! The faceplate is a bit awkward looking without anything filling the bow part now that I see them together. 😅 Great find! I agree entirely, and I also think it's nice that they changed the design of their buttons to cute stars. I like the effort they put into having original characters. The name is appealing, and I hope they design the gameplay to be more original in any future releases.
  18. You might bring her happiness level up a little more if you give her the bear many times, so she will stay happy longer. Mine usually need lots of toy time if they're still crying after being fed. Their mood changes terribly fast, so thank goodness it's a very short stage for tama. 😄
  19. Omg I am so tempted to get this! I am actually waiting on a ToumaPet currently and it should be arriving soon, as it's been a month and the tracking finally updated yesterday. Looks like it will help me decide if I want to go through with purchasing a Qpet 2020 model but I'm itching to do it. The new sprites look really cute! Have you had any difficulties or issues with glitches? Apologies if this one has already been mentioned here, but I didn't see it in this thread. I am very unfamiliar with this one aside from one video. Name: Hatchihoni (V-Pet) Type: Generic? Notes: It runs in Chinese from what I've seen and it is also listed to buy on one site with V-pet in the title. I'm curious if this is related to the makers of Qpet? The sprite designs are interesting, and it does seem to function a bit similar to modern Tama. I sort of wish the language could be toggled to English to get a better understanding.
  20. Oh yuck I just thought that through a bit better. You're so right, it would be heartbreaking when it feels the has time has come, that it simply refuses to move on without starvation or neglect. Even without a marriage option, I can accept nanos as generally stripped down versions, which serve more as a dear collectible or accessory. However, building up care mistakes and forcing a tama to be unhappy for hours is something I'm physically incapable of doing. 😰 Oooh that makes better sense! I was super confused and worried about my tamas for a minute. Thanks for the explanation though!
  21. Those are super cute and I hadn't heard of them before! Even with screen protectors, cases, and faceplate protectors on my tamas I would be too afraid to have most of the cute charms I see. Is there somewhere that has a good selection of those screen wiper types?
  22. Thank you so much!!! It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share. If someone else comes along desperate for a Some again, I'm happy to join their hunt as well.
  23. I've been super interested in getting another character nano and forgot all about the Pac Man edition. I can't bring myself to open and play with Eevee-gotchi. (Pokemon and tama collecting mortal sins?) So I'm mostly considering a Gudetama, Usapiyo, or Hello Kitty for casual play -- but I haven't made up my mind. I think it's super cool that the Pac Man doesn't die of old age from what it sounds! I was just wondering what kinds of glitches were you guys discussing by the way? I think I should be more wary when I start playing the other models I have. 😯
  24. Omg I won't believe it until it's safely here, but I got an email from the forwarder this morning!!! Apparently they were able to contact the seller and arrange a meet on the 26th, and since they're ahead of me by nearly a day, it feels even closer to reality. The seller has even removed the listing or it's been paid for (however the site works) so I feel even more reassured. 🥳😭 I literally can't believe this is happening. I'm grateful to everyone here gave such good ideas and encouragement to keep up the search. Thank you all and I can't wait to give the update when it hopefully arrives. Lol I sound like a pessimist but I can't jinx it now! In the meantime I plan to lurk the forums and daze post a bit. I've been so consumed with the search and the sad twinges that I've not let myself enjoy browsing around. I'm so very happy to meet you all!!
  25. I genuinely found one!!!! It's in Singapore but on a site where people sell secondhand and can arrange meetups. The seller only wants to do a meetup though... I'm checking to see if Forwardbuy will arrange this but I doubt it. *sob* They actually gave two public locations they're willing to deliver in person at, but I have no idea what to do from here. I wish I could pay a proxy shopper or service to help me, but they would have to be local, so there's my major dilemma again. Jeez, the great lengths we will go through to find the tama of our dreams. Lol..... Like my heart is literally fluttering at the possibility?