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  1. okay, so i know that the app isn’t available in the UK, but i’m sure that there are ways of downloading it anyway! i’m using an iOS device, and everyone i’ve asked has android and i’m not sure how to download the app in the uk. apparently it is possible to create an american apple iD, but wouldn’t you need an address and payment method for that? anyway, any help would be appreciated!
  2. I need help! i love my twins, they look exactly like majoritchi, but just with lovelitchi eyes and cheeks! i read somewhere that Tamagotchi ON’s can stay alive forever, and that’s what i’m gonna try and do (keep them alive for as long as possible). I read somewhere that if your tama gets sick too often, when they die, you won’t be able to save them. i’ve given my tama’s a toothache quite a few times. when they die, will i still be able to save them?
  3. i only found out about this site today! lol- but i’ve been a tama lover for ages!

  4. okay wow- i’m really late! i’ve only married majoritchi twice, but both times, i had twins. i married her a couple of days ago again, and had twins. they evolved into adults today- and .. well they look exactly like majoritchi in every way (except for the fact that one of them is white) i’m not sure if the other one has the exact same colour as majoritchi, but it’s really close! so i think it’s really just luck! and ofc, keep marrying her whenever you can to get stronger genes! idk why i replied so late- but i just found out about this site today!