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  1. I can’t find anything on it I’m really not shore so sorry
  2. All I can say is try your best to clean it or scratch of the rust if this doesn’t help there is not much I can do sorry ☹️
  3. Also if not connecting could have something to do with if you dropped it got it wet has a scratched screen or if it has dirt in it hope this helped
  4. You can unpause him by pressing a and b button but I suggest instead of pausing him to set the time back so it is sleeping for when you pause it it will set ageing back and will age much slower Hope it helps
  5. I’m sorry but I shore you can potty train your tama on Australian ones I’m shore on most types any way to toilet train them if they have wiggly lines above their head and are shaking take then to the toilet on toilet option
  6. no if you do your best to heal them or make then more healthy and keep them healthy they shouldn’t just die but if you want them to die then don’t heal there tooth ache or stave them I don’t know if it will save them or not sorry hope it helps
  7. My personal thoughts are. They are not fake but are not as good or constructed as well it’s not the official tama but there is also a lot of fake ones on eBay be careful buying them Hope this helps
  8. Umm I really don’t know it could be a setting or did you drop it
  9. Hey I was wondering can I connect the v4 with the tama on also can I connect a v4 with the Kmart virtual pet


    1. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      The V4 can only connect to V1, V2, V3, V4, and V4.5 I believe (including the Japanese connection Tamagotchi's). Virtual pets outside of the Tamagotchi brand cannot connect to Tamagotchi's, and the Tamagotchi On can only connect to the M!X and other On/Meets/Some Tamagotchi's. I hope this helped! :) 

    2. Tamaboo


      Thank you sooo much this explains alot


  10. Can I connect then v4 to the tamagotchi on plz let me know also can I connect my v4 with the Kmart brand virtual pet