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  1. So turns out the batteries were bad I got it working
  2. I have recently started trying to collect tamagotchi and bought a tamagotchi angel English version on ebay. It included new batteries in the envelope. I have tried to put them in however the device is only working for a few seconds after I press the reset button on the back and it beeps. After I reset the clock it shows the ufo of the previous tamagotchi but keeps switching itself off before I can trigger the next egg to show up (or whatever the angel does to be born). I'm trying to figure out if this is something wrong I'm doing or if I've been sold defective product. Because one would mean I just gotta do something different and the other means asking for a refund. Please help. Thanks
  3. My first was a tamagotchi connection v1. I was on a Christmas vacation with some family friends and they had recently gotten into them so for Christmas they bought me one. It was the first time I ever heard of it and I got hooked for a while. I was a bit too young to have owned any of the original 97/98 versions sadly.