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  1. today, i would like to mourn the death of Ronichi and Bonichi. They were the twins and the son and daughter of my first Tamamgotchi and her husband. I am very sad. What happens after that? Please say a wish for them to be happy now.
  2. you can change the time any time of the year to January 1st 🤗, Thank you.
  3. like i said in one of my other posts, My tamagotchi got married and had twins. they are now in the 3rd stage and still have not separated from each other. What do I do?. Their is a money cheat... You change the clock to January 1st. Then you visit your parents. Your Tamagotchi has to be in the 2nd Generation to do so. Right now it won't let me visit my parents but it worked yesterday.
  4. Happy new year to everyone!. I pray that all of you and your Tamagotchis will have a wonderful and safe year! My best wishes and prayers to you for safety for the rest of 2021.
  5. i just got married and had 2 kids. I do not know how to make them happy!. I have given them food, snacks, and even their bear!. They look so sad and unhappy no madder what I do!. Can someone help me?
  6. How do I play the library game?
  7. I woke up this morning at 9 am (normally when my Tamagotchi wakes up) and checked on my toddler. When I turned it on the first thing I noticed was that the background was light brown.... Which left me confused. I could still see the objects behind my Tamagotchi but they had the color light brown. It is only the living room. How can i fix it and why did is it that way??
  8. I have finally figured out the games! when I  went to the travel to other town and went to the store and I  clicked the game and it gave me 2 options! it gave me a library and dressmaker game choice. Is there any other games I am missing out on?

    1. 321Boom


      Yep, you unlock the Sushi Bar game in Food Town, and the Gym game in Toy Park :D 

  9. i want to say thank you to Tama talk, and all the people who have helped me with this roller coaster ride of taking care of my Tamagotchi!Thank U Laughing GIF by Pusheen

    1. 321Boom


      Glad to help, and don't feel bothered to ask any questions you might have :) Hope you get to start enjoying your pet now that you know what you're doing a bit better :D Welcome to the Forums! :D:lol: 

  10. my toddler Tamagotchi says my name so i press the "b" button and she teleports outside every time!... Then some times when she says my name i press the "c" button and she comes up to me again and it shows la little blue sun with some wind so i let her go outside all she wants to do is go outside i am so confused can someone help?
  11. I'm not sure if the adults know this one but if they have kids probably do! ( you don't have to say the character that said this) "I always come back" also thank you for answering Penguin- keeper!
  12. is it normal for your toddler Tamagotchi to always want to go outside?. All my Tamagotchi wants to do is go outside! also thank you for helping me out.🤗
  13. i have a Tamagotchi ON. My last tamagotchi died in the night (it was a baby and i had taken good care of it. Im not sure what was wrong with it)
  14. i will be surprised if you can guess where this saying came from! ( hint.. its from the 80s and they made a 3rd movie recently!) "Hello my excellent friends!"
  15. thank you!. My baby cries then holds a bear above her head so i give her her bear then the bear goes away... Then she cries again ill try to feed her. Thank you again.
  16. Thank you. and is it normal when i ask her whats wrong and she waves a bear above her head?
  17. HI! i am 10 and i own a tamagotchi and i need help caring for it. i would really appreciate it if you would follow me!. Be safe and have a good day.(:

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Since forums aren't social-media platforms, "follows" don't really mean a whole lot. ;) You'll be able to find the assistance that you need in the "Help For Tamagotchi Owners" section of the forum!

  18. i have a tamagotchi on and my baby cries and i do everything and she still cries! anyone know what to do??