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  1. Fantasising over owning a fantasy. 🌈🔮🪄

    1. bunbun


      Regret not purchasing one back when it first released, now the price tag is a bit out of my comfort zone.. I got Wonder Garden but so much content was removed in comparison.

    2. Coraljean13


      I write a post on fb yesterday about that. I have a Wonder Garden but I feel like I'm missing out with not having the other 2 locations. The shell alone is sexy enough to justify having it along with WG anyway! Thankfully being annoyed with a Tama-Go has stopped me Tama window shopping for a bit 😂

  2. I have wanted a TamaGo for way too long and while I hunt down another and the charms to go with I bought this. But his missing back end is bugging me. Any advice or suggestions on where to find one? No luck yet on finding a broken one on Ebay for spares :( the back is black. Thank you in advance for any help!