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  1. I am making a guess that this is the right place to put this but honestly I don’t know if it is. Anyway I want to pre order a tamagotchi P!x because tamagotchis usually sell out really quickly in my area. I also live in a rural area so stores don’t get deliveries more than like once a month and if I don’t pre order it there’s a good chance I have to wait years to get it. the only problem I’ve encountered is the camera on the P!x. I need to know how much you have to use it to care for your friend or if there might be a way to get out of having to use it. I’m blind so the camera might provide a huge problem for me depending on how much I have to use it. The touch keys shouldn’t be a problem so long as the tama still makes some sort of sound. I know no one is going to know for sure but the more I can start getting an idea of if I’ll even be able to use it the better. That way I don’t have to waste my time with it if I can’t. (I’ll still feel a little bit left out because the newer ones are getting less and less accessible to me and honestly I have a feeling that soon I’ll have to just stop getting the new ones all together) thabks !
  2. I already attempted changing the batteries and unfortunately thar didn’t do anything to help. Thank you though ^.^
  3. I’ve had a few problems with my Ocean before but they usually just sort of resolve themselves. When I got the tamagotchi the screws were beyond stripped (not helped by my family having no chill and shoving whatever they thought would get the thing open in said screws when the batteries died despite my protests) so we ended up taking it to multiple jewelers in hopes of getting them out. They were eventually sawed out. on my next run I hadn’t replaced the screws because I can’t find any the right size, so I taped the backplate ton to keep the batteries connected. This worked fine for about a month and a half until it got frozen like this: My go to with these kinds of issues is to reset it but that didn’t work so I figured it had something to do with the tape. I screwed the backplate in with the screws from my garden and everything seemed fine. The tama seemed fine for about 30 minutes before it went back to this screen. It does this every time I take out the batteries and unfortunately re setting doesn’t work. Any ideas on how to fix it or what’s wrong?
  4. A lack of buttons shouldn’t cause me too much issue once I figure out where they are and am sure to keep the sound on. That’s how I use my phone but tamas tend to have way less buttons. It does kinda make me sad though because I find the buttons add to the charm of them.
  5. I’m not big on adding photo taking to tamagotchi if I’m honest. I’m blind and the newer tamas are getting increasingly harder to use and it’s making me kinda sad. This is just going the problem worse. I’m also not super big on a tamagotchi social network given the intended demographic. The concept just feels extremely out of left field for them I guess? I’ll probably still end up buying it but it depends on how much I’ll actually be able to use it and I’ll most likely be getting it second hand if at all.
  6. With the exception of the tamagotchi nano and some releases such as TamaOchi (nanos are too small and TamaOchi is just kind of deeply to me) my goal is to get and raise every tamagotchi release to adulthood. Because I just finished raising an Ocean my brain would love it if I got a Garden. I really like the yellow leaf shell design too.
  7. I think the licensed ones are kind of cool. I won’t get any unless they make one with a property I already like/am familiar with. I won’t be getting an original nano; however, I’ll have a hard time using it because of my lack of vision. I’d prefer to get a full sized P1/P2.
  8. Ok so awhile ago I made a post about asking what kind of screwdriver to use when trying to get the batteries out of a Japanese Tamagotchi ocean. Apparently the reason the JIS screwdriver didn’t work was not because I got the wrong one, but because my grandma was worried about the batteries corroding and breaking it permanently so she used screwdrivers that were far to big on it. I appreciate her concern but this isn’t a great outcome. Anyway I’ll be asking her to maybe go to a jewlers and see what they can do but I live in the middle of nowhere and the only nearby jewelers is kinda... iffy in quality. Any ideas on how to get the backplate off in the meantime/in caste they tell us they can’t do anything.
  9. We got the screwdriver however that still has not worked. The backplate is still firmly in place.
  10. Ok good to know!! I’ve had problems with newer tamagotchi and batteries so my nerves are always pretty high. That’s so much !!
  11. The Batteries of my tamagotchi ocean have officially died. This is the oldest tamagotchi I have and the screws seem smaller than the newer ones; however, I am blind and cannot tell. What sized screwdriver do I need? Anybody have any tips on getting them out? How quickly do I need to get the batteries out before I may start expirance get problems? it is a Japanese tamagotchi if that makes any difference.
  12. Day 3 Tama died due to a polar bear attack in history
  13. Day 2 This will be the only update for today. My Study hall teacher got distracted by Tama and took him for the day so I don’t really know what’s going on there. My ex-girlfriend and I have officially claimed duel custody of Ocean with me. I still technically own it but she wants to be a part of the child’s life as well and I am fine with this development. That study hall teacher is an ex-lawyer and got excited about doing a custody battle so during my off hour we did that. Other than that Ocean should evolve tomorrow.
  14. Day 1 7:30 AM: About a month ago I got a Tamagotchi Ocean for my birthday. It just died (again) and while I am aware that they are the hardest to raise, I figured I would log it to help anyone who needs it in the future and to get help myself. So far I think my most important finds is that they die upon evolution when they are too heavy or they become harder to raise in the next evolution. Babies also wake up around 9 am and go to bed at 7 pm. During the baby stage they can’t get attacked by the polar bear. When they’re on the baby stage they can be awake at any time after the tama is started but once they evolve they will go right to sleep. This means that even though it’s currently 7:30 AM it is awake but by 8:00 it will be asleep because it takes about 30 minutes for the baby to evolve into the kid. I’m unsure if this is normal for other tamagotchi as well because I normally set them up closer to the middle of the day. 11:41 AM: I am gonna back up a bit for a second. I’m a junior in high school. Said high school is in a very rural area so despite a pandemic we’re all completely in person. Also, tamagotchi are banned by name at the school. Basically I have to keep my little friend a secret around certain teachers. Those who grew up with them will let me use it pretty openly in class; however, my English teacher is not one of them so having Tama loudly evolving during her class gave me a heart attack. I need to make a note of making sure he’s muted I also spent a split hour and a half playing the game because the squid kept inking me every time I got to three happy hearts. 7:01 PM: Tama has fallen asleep. I forgot about him when I left to go watch Jeopardy but he was still alive. I do not understand this miracle but I do not question it either.
  15. I recently got a tamagotchi ocean for my birthday. It wanted the challenge but have officially realized I’m in way over my head. It’s been almost a month with I do t know how many deaths and 0 successes. Any tips are greatly appreciated.