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  1. hello can we talk i can help with the ring problemmmmmm

  2. My favourite tamagotchi is Mametchi
  3. Hi! 

    I got a Tamagotchi On for Christmas last year and I'm just starting to get the hang of taking care of my adorable characters!

    When my Tamagotchi becomes an adult I often transfer them to my phone and then they get married on a Tamagotchi  app gameshow. 

    Though I did some research and turns out I can also buy a ring and propose to other characters that are found in the locations on my Tamagotchi On. I tried about 2 times and I got rejected both times... (hey google play Heart On Ice)

    My question is:

    How can I propose to other characters (that are found in the locations) on my Tamagotchi On and not get rejected? Do I have to visit the certain character multiple times? Buy the most expensive ring?

    Please help! 

    Thanks :)

    1. Tama kenzeeee

      Tama kenzeeee

      No not the expensive ring it is ok to buy the 500 one and you have to go to different locations but join the (Tama location unlock list (meets, on) hope this helps!!!

    2. DraconicDetective


      you need to build a strong relationship with them, you can check your relationships in the notebook! then go to tama list and see how the relationship w the tamagotchi you want to propose to is. also, sometimes they'll propose to you! if you want them to say yes without trying as hard i would go big ring, but the less expensive one works too, just need a stronger relationship 🙂

    3. tamagotchilover26


      Thank you so much! This helps a lot!! ^_^