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  1. hey update: I killed my tamas :( and got a new one!

  2. Omg did you hear about the storm to night! stay safe 

  3. My tama(s) are adults!!! (They are twins)

  4. hello can we talk i can help with the ring problemmmmmm

  5. Can someone help me on my club? idk how to post

  6. Pls follow meeee!! ps! follow for follow!😘
  7. Hello here is a reminder to join my club!

  8. What is worst then buying the tama for $60 and then seeing on ebay it is $10!🙄  

    1. iTamannadi


      You might want to check if it’s a real tama! $10 is really cheap for a tamagotchi :o

    2. Tama kenzeeee

      Tama kenzeeee

      lol its not but its IT IS SO TRUEEEE

  9. Look at my tama(s)!

    1. Tama kenzeeee

      Tama kenzeeee


  10. can i have some help im new to tama talk!😗

  11. hiii im new

    1. tamagotchilover26
    2. Tama kenzeeee

      Tama kenzeeee

      hiiiii i can help with this app i joined 5 hours ago and i can help with tama pet!!!!

    3. tamagotchilover26


      yay thank you!!