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  1. Edit: A few weeks have passed and I've gained interest in Tamagotchi modding and hacking. The J1 debug was ineffective and I've bought a Connection, I'm gonna tear down the two tamas and swap their shells. I'm also gonna debug my new Connection and I want to make guided tutorials, as I enjoy sharing what I'm up to and I feel that Tamagotchi programming and modding is a taboo subject that some tama owners are afraid of as it can damage. My connexion is quite old and wasn't in the best condition when I got it. It's been accidentally smashed into a wooden table (don't ask lol), I've opened it up multiple times, tinkering with things, I've put it back together in the past and accidentally put the LCD screen in completely upside down (It still powered on, the tama was just like: hELP 😂) , I've dropped it on the bathroom floor and it's been through a lot of experiments. It still completely works today and with the combination of my modding knowledge it'll be a vintage but unique little fellow. As Tamagotchi take apart guides already exist (especially guides on models I own like the Connections), my guides and informative posts will be things like shell swapping, debug features and other little tricks I find out how to do.
  2. I have a Connexion V2 and I get really upset when my character turns into an oldie at only 10 years old, I like to at least keep my tamas until their 15-20yrs. I like spending a bit of time with it before the matchmaker butts in everyday and it turns old. But it happens so fast and it makes me sad because my adults don’t even last longer than a week. is there any way to increase its lifespan other than pausing it? I tried debugging, (J1) but as it’s a Connexion, I’m unable to do so. I may invest some money to get a Connection instead but they’re expensive and I like the particular shell design I currently own. I was thinking if I bought a Connection, just swapping the shells, but that would mean soldering the sound cables back onto the new shells, which I know I won’t be able to do. Is there any way to increase the adult characters lifespan before they change or should I just fork out my student savings for a Connection? 😂😭
  3. Oh ok, thanks for replying and letting me know.
  4. Update: I don’t think it’s possible without a second tama and I’ve organised to meet up with my friend who also has a tama friend after lockdown ends in the UK and connect with hers. bit of a shame considering Yumemitchi is supposed to be the main character in tama friends. 😕
  5. Hey there, I got my P1 remake a few weeks ago and he evolved into Mametchi. im really happy with him, but he’s gotten to 25 years old now and still hasn’t passed away yet. obviously I don’t want him to die, but his hearts deplete really quickly due to his age and I have other things to do in my life instead of watching him all the time. will he eventually pass away naturally of old age, or am I going to have to reset him or neglect him? I don’t really want to do either and I’d prefer it if he lived his life and died peacefully 😂.
  6. I’m currently waiting for another Tamagotchi V2 to arrive in the mail that I bought off eBay and my other V2 that I have evolved into a Mimitchi this morning. When my new V2 arrives, I wanted to know if it would be able to connect to my Mimitchi before it becomes an adult.
  7. Hey there, I’m new to Tamatalk and I joined because I have a question about my Tamagotchi Friend that hasn’t been asked by anyone else yet. I have a regular tama Friend and it’s a European one. I want to try and raise a Yumemitchi but she requires the social trait. I don’t want to spend more money on a second tama friend and they came out a little while ago now so they’re expensive online on places such as eBay. I’ve had my tama friend since I was little when it was released in Europe in 2014 and I’ve always wanted to get Yumemitchi and had no luck. Is there a physically possible way to raise her without having a second tama. The social boy characters are obtainable without a second tama to connect with, by giving your teen no trait and letting it evolve randomly. But some of the girls have no specific trait, so if you don’t give your tama a trait, it’ll evolve into one of the default no trait ones, making you unable to do the random evolution and have a chance of randomly getting a social girl. If anyone knows a way to get the social girls without a second tama, let me know, I’m going to try a few care experiments to see if I can do it. As Yumemitchi is the tama advertised on the box art and everywhere else, I think it’s a bit of a shame that if you only have one tama, it’s very hard/impossible to raise her. Not every tama owner also has friends that have one or have enough money to get a second one. 😂 I also wouldn’t ever bother with the second one or use it after I’ve used it for the connections.