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  1. Goodbye Ryan Age: Child Date of birth: Jan 29 2021 Date of death: Jan 30th 2021 Gen 15 He never deserved to die, I was curios what would happen and it was all my fault, he got an insane sickness and I let it grow... Jan 30th 2021 is the saddest day of my life so far. He was my first to pass away. Enjoy your time in heaven little buddy, I will always miss you. 😭
  2. I always thought that Pizalinatchi was the very best! (Location: Food town) My least fav is most likely well, none of them! They all look so funny and cute!
  3. Hi, everyone! I got a Tamagotchi ON magic for Christmas and I want to know how to unlock all the areas! I do know a few areas, To get to food town you have to eat a rice omelette 5 times (req: gen 2+ I think) And if you want tama farm go to food town many times. (about 10) To get toy park just equip the small drum (Gen 2+) To get the starry lab Get the starry room then go to the backyard/garden after 7 PM, then to get magic land (Req: gen 3+) eqip the magic room then go to the backyard/garden after 7 PM. Thank you for reading this! (quick chat for you: You can set the time to 7 PM if you want to get starry lab and magic land early) (Also magic land can only be unlocked with MAGIC versions, thats all.