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  1. RIP Kitty, April 1 - April 17 🙁 Not really sure what happened, but unfortunately we lost Kitty over the weekend. I had her sitting on the bar Saturday morning, she woke up and I turned the light on, fed her, and a few other typical morning interactions. Husband and I were hanging out a bit and she beeped a couple of times. He seems to think that every time this thing beeps, it NEEDS attention asap or it's going to die, so after the second beep or so, he picks it up and hands it to me, only for me to see that it'd been reset (the screen shows 00:00, waiting for you to set the time and press the clock button). I'm not sure if the batteries are just getting low, I'm not really sure how long they last, or what else could have happened, but now he's horrified to touch it again. 😂 This was also shortly before 10, so if she actually was going to change appearance on that day, I'll never know... I had been wondering if the previous panda's multiple appearance thing was somehow caused by that strange period where the screen went blank, I took the batteries out, and then it came back on like nothing had happened. If it is normal for them to change, then Kitty must not have been going to do it much. But I also find it interesting that the instructions mention that she'll have friends over each day, but she never had any over at all once she reached 10, so who knows what was up. I'd still be interested in starting another one and trying some sort of interactive thing, if those of you who keep up with this are interested. I could even post some pictures of the instructions just so you could see what all of the options are and whatnot. Feel free to let me know your thoughts! 😊
  2. This week has been pretty slow for Kitty... actually pretty boring in all honesty. 😅 On Saturday she turned 10 and got the jasper appearance, like my previous panda. I'm not sure if this is like the most common or default adult appearance, but you'd think it'd be Nini since that looks the most like a typical panda (with tiny and jumbo being the different sizes). On top of that, she hasn't changed at all again since then, almost a week later... hoping maybe she'll change soon, she's going to be 17 tomorrow. We did finally get some rain, it's rained three times since my last post! I have a few pictures, but unfortunately I'm not having much luck uploading them to Imgur now that they make you watch ads if you're not a paying member. 😑 Usually I just refresh the page a few times and it'll finally play the ad and let me upload, but today they just keep spinning and not doing anything, so there may not even be any pictures with this post... Other than finally getting some rain, I just feed her, make her exercise/read/whatever else regularly and when she beeps, and she hasn't been sick at all. I also haven't let her watch tv at since she turned 5, except for a little bit last Sunday while we were out of the house for a few hours and I didn't want to risk having her starve or go to the bathroom and get sick. She's still not letting me bathe her or wash her face, or having friends over either... I had my previous panda watch tv somewhat often when I was busy, and I don't know if doing that makes a difference, but poor Kitty almost kind of seems like a dud so far. 😔 I have her exercise pretty often so I figured maybe she'd be having visitors regularly and maybe they'd take interest in her, haha. Maybe I should let her watch some tv just to see if it makes a difference. We've been getting a decent bit of weather interaction, but not much else. I'm also sort of considering maybe starting another panda after Kitty leaves us, and if anyone who reads this is interested, maybe doing some sort of interaction-based thing where you guys tell me what to feed her, how to interact with her, when and how often, and stuff like that. I think it sounds kind of fun anyways, so maybe we'll see. 🙂 Anyways, I keep trying to upload my few pictures to Imgur but it's not doing anything, so I'll either try again later and make a separate post with them, or just try including them in my next one if it happens to work then. Sorry. 😕 Edit: Nevermind, I tried again right after submitting this and it finally worked, lol. There are two pictures of the rain cloud, one is just at a regular time, and the other is right as she woke up, before I could even turn the light on!
  3. This week has been pretty slow for Kitty, but she turned 9 this morning and changed appearance, which means she'll turn 10 tomorrow and change again! I'm kind of hoping for something other than jasper, at least in the beginning, since my previous panda had that appearance 3 out of her 5 changes. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Something interesting happened yesterday though, we had two weather interactions in one day! However, they were sunny and windy, ones that we've already had before, so we're still waiting for rain... pictures of these are above, so I won't be including them here. I've also been having Kitty read/do other learning activities, and exercising a lot of the times when she beeps for attention, or right before/after she's fed. I must've been giving her the right attention or just plenty of attention at some point the other day, because she went quite a while without beeping! Of course she just now beeped as I'm typing this. 😝 I also realized that I haven't posted pictures of her exercises yet, so they'll be below. She can also fail, which I've only had happen once so far, I'm guessing because her hunger hearts were getting low. I'll have to get pictures of those for a future post. I'm also including pictures of her getting angry in her 5-9 age range, lol. Something that I've noticed is that she seems to stop having the upset reaction once she reaches 9, I just played a game with her to see what would happen if she lost, she did lose, and just went back to wandering around instead of crying. Something else I've been trying with Kitty is having her avoid tv now that she's through that annoying age range. I'm hoping maybe if I do, she'll actually let me wash her face and bathe her, but she still hasn't been, which is a little frustrating. I still prefer to keep her at home when I'm out, so I make sure she's fed and happy before I do leave for a bit. It's been working pretty well so far, haha. Here are some pictures from the week of her getting upset in her previous stage, exercising (weight lifting, golf, swimming), and what she currently looks like at age 9.
  4. Ha, I like it! We'll go with Kitty. 😄 Kitty woke up this morning and I played games and fed her until 10, when she turned 2 and changed appearance. As usual, she lost half a heart when she grew, I tried feeding her bread which she wouldn't eat, and feeding an apple did nothing, so I immediately turned the tv on. Guess that's what she'll be doing until 10 am on Monday. 🥴 Here are a few pictures from this morning of her sleeping, getting angry over losing a game, and right as she turned 2.
  5. A new panda was born this morning! I started her shortly after 9 am so that she'd be 1 year old at 10, meaning she'll grow tomorrow morning. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of her in her baby form, which doesn't look too much like a panda in my opinion. One is the default pose when she's just hanging out, another is when she's cheering after being fed or playing a game, and also winning a game and having me pet her. As I'm typing this I'm thinking that it would be fun to give this one a name, since I just called the last one "panda", but don't really have any ideas at the moment, so maybe I'll have one when I make another post. Or if anyone who looks at this has suggestions, feel free to suggest!
  6. Posting this week's log a bit early because, unfortunately, yesterday morning when panda was supposed to turn 26, she passed from old age. 🙁 However, over the weekend we did get another new weather interaction: windy. When she passed she was back to the jasper appearance, but I didn't think to get a picture of her stat page before pushing the reset button. I am planning to start a new panda soon, but am waiting until later this week like last time, so her "just watching tv" stage will be over the weekend. 😝 There are still two appearances I haven't gotten to see yet, called Nini and Tiny. These both look the same, just different sizes. They also look just like jumbo, but smaller... lol. So this panda turned to jasper first, then jumbo, back to jasper, then to clown, and back to jasper at the end. Hoping to see Nini and/or Tiny this next time! Also hoping to see the final weather type, which I think is rainy. Looking at the instructions again, it does mention the different options for having friends over, either walking away, holding hands (I had both of these), or kissing... so I'd also like to get that one. Other than that, aside from having her run away at some point, I think I had most of the interactions and activities come up! Unfortunately when she passes of old age, she still has the same dying animation as when she starves or otherwise passes away, which is a little creepy in my opinion... a couple pictures will be included. She pretty much gets this wide-eyed expression and melts into a pile of bones. 😔 Was hoping for something a little more happy or celebratory, since she lived a long life. RIP to the first ever full-grown Bobo Panda Byte that I was able to raise. Feels nice to finally have gotten through that annoying 2-5 age range. I'll continue logging my next one here for anyone who is interested, planning to start it on Thursday or so.
  7. Cool, thanks! I was kind of hoping maybe this would be the case, otherwise you'll have to wait a while just to see which appearance you'll get each time and may keep getting the same one over and over. The instructions make it seem like once she turns 10, she'll change into one and stay that way for the rest of her life. She actually did change again last weekend, I heard her growth music in the evening (for what it's worth, she watched tv most of that day since we were out of the house), and she turned into the clown appearance (basically just wearing a party hat, lol). Other than that, this week wasn't all that interesting, so there are only a few pictures. Mostly just of her new appearance, and she ended up getting sick the other day, I forgot to have her watch tv when we left for a bit in the evening, so I came back and she had gone to the bathroom at some point and it took a while to get cleaned up. 😕 She also had a friend over and they finally seemed to bond! I decided to leave her on that screen to see if it'd just stay like that until I pushed a button, but when I came back a bit later she was back to wandering around. Unfortunately the weather thing doesn't seem to happen very often. Either it's happened once more and it was still the sunny/hat weather, or that first time in the previous post is all that we've had. As of right now, she's 23 years old and has had the clown appearance for going on a week now! Curious to see if maybe we'll get another one soon.
  8. Another week has gone by and some new panda stuff has happened... Last time I posted, she was 9 and her appearance changed again even though the instructions say she'll change to one of five appearances at age 10. When she turned 10, she changed again and became what's called "jasper", having an all-black body. I finally got to see some of the 'new' (to me) activities and interactions that I'd been excited for, such as having friends/dates(?) come over, and dressing for weather. I've only had a weather interaction once so far, but we've had three friends attempt to come over. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be more like dates, because when this happens, it'll show the panda sitting there looking at a giant heart, but each time I've pressed a button, the other panda walks away and the heart breaks, so it seems pretty sad. 🙁 Not sure yet if this is just random or if I should try pressing a different button each time? Pictures of both of these experiences will be included, as well as some appearance changes. Speaking of appearance changes, she changed again at 14? She went back to being black and white and was pretty large, I think this is the "jumbo" appearance shown in the instructions? I heard the growth music on that day and jumped up to check, and saw that she looked different again. She turned 16 today, and the music played again this morning, and now she's back to having the jasper appearance... I'm not sure if this is normal or if something is up, haha. I really wish there was more info out there on this pet. Curious to see if she changes anymore. However, something else interesting did happen this week. I left her on the table we have downstairs for a bit, and when I came back, it looked like it had been knocked over (probably the cat) and when I picked it up, the screen was blank, almost like the batteries had been removed. I got a screwdriver to take the back off, took the batteries out and put them back in. Also played with the little metal pieces a bit, screwed the cap back on and she just came back on like nothing had happened? I figured this would have for sure reset my progress. Also, it almost seems like messing with the metal has helped, for a while the screen would randomly go blank and come back on, but now it doesn't. My biggest complaint though is that since we recently set the clocks ahead, she doesn't go to sleep until 10 pm AND that weird little blank screen issue threw her clock off by about 10 minutes, so she goes to bed at 10:10 pm instead of 9:00. Oh well, I want to see how long I can keep her alive, and if she changes appearances anymore along the way. Here are some pictures from this week...
  9. Glad I'm able to share some pictures and details for this pet, for those who are curious and haven't seen it before. 😊 Also, thanks for the imgur suggestion, I just uploaded some images there to share here! I've waited a few days to post anything just to see what happens, instead of posting multiple days and having them all be similar or the same. Probably for the best, because once she turns 5, more activities become available, but it seems the last few things must wait until she's reached her final growth stage. I am a little confused though, the instructions show the age ranges as 0-1, 2-4, 5-9, and 10+... she turned 9 today, but it played the growth music and her appearance changed a bit. It says once she turns 10, she'll get one of five appearances, so I'm wondering if she just looks like this for today and will change again tomorrow morning? From ages 5-9, she can finally exercise and do the other few learning activities, but I haven't been able to dress her for weather yet, had her run away, or have any friends over. Most days have been the same since she turned 5, and I was wondering if she'd beep less often since she's older, and that maybe she's just more needy as a baby, but she still beeps for attention pretty often. 😝 However, I do like that there are more options now, aside from just feeding her and playing the couple of games. She hasn't been letting me bathe or wash her face, and I read that she'll do this if you let her watch tv a lot. I actually have let her spend quite a bit of time watching tv, mostly at times when I'm busy with other things or out of the house for a bit. Here are some pictures I've taken over the past few days, such as having her use her hula hoop, swinging, watching tv, reading, doing her little happy dance (both her previous appearance and the one she just changed to today). There are also a few bonus pictures of my cat eyeing the string, she really wants to play with it but I've been trying to keep her away so she doesn't reset it again... I still need to try messing with the little metal pieces that hold the batteries in place.
  10. When I was a kid, I had this pet and could never get it to grow into an adult. We weren't allowed to have virtual pets at school (this was when they were huge and almost everyone in my class had one!), so I begged my mom to take it to work and care for it... I couldn't even mute it and sneak it with me, because even when it's muted, you still hear the attention beeps and it wants attention every 15-20 minutes or so. However, each time she'd bring it home it'd be dead. I could never get this thing to grow and eventually the batteries died or I lost track of it, but something reminded me of it recently. While looking around, I happened to find a still sealed Bobo Panda Byte for a reasonable price on ebay, so I jumped on it. Now that I have a new one, I've figured out why it died so often, so I thought it'd be fun to log my progress into the new stages of growth! I originally joined to ask for help from any other Panda Byte players, but it doesn't really seem like there are any active here at the moment, unless they just never saw my thread. 🙂 Here is my original thread, it shares a bit of info and activities involved for this pet, if anyone is interested. Although I'm starting my log now, my panda just turned 5 today. This is a new thing for me, because it had died a few times already (and apparently many times when I was a kid). It seems that from ages 2-4, you just want to have her watch tv to "pause" her stats from changing, because she'll only eat apples and candy during this time, and they don't fill her hunger hearts. She won't eat bamboo and bread (as far as I can tell) until she turns 5, so unless there is some other secret thing you're supposed to do, I just have her watch tv when she's not sleeping. At ages 0-1, she's a baby and only drinks a bottle, plays games, and sleeps, so there isn't much to log for either of those two stages. My panda turned 5 at 10:00 this morning, and appears to have all of her activities unlocked. She can now exercise and do the other learning options/activities (hula hoop and swinging), and finally eats bread and bamboo. I haven't had to dress her for the weather yet, but I'm excited to finally try that once I see a weather icon! She will also apparently run away at times when she gets older, and have friends visit, but I'm not sure what age this happens at. Once she's fully grown, she'll get one of 5 or so appearances, so I'm looking forward to seeing which one I get. Here is a picture of her wandering around at age 5 (if anyone has suggestions for a better photo hosting service, let me know lol). I'll try to get pictures of her doing some of her other activities along the way.
  11. Good to know, thanks! Oh okay, that sounds fun. Tomorrow panda will be turning 5, and shouldn't die when she wakes up in the morning (currently at 3 hunger hearts) so if all goes well I'll finally, for the first time ever, be getting to a new "level" with this pet. 🥳 Perhaps this will be a good time to move over there and keep a log of her progress. If anyone has been checking in on this thread and wants to see how things go, feel free to look for a Panda Byte thread the log area, I'll plan to start one over there when panda wakes up in the morning and give updates. 🙂
  12. (I'm guessing once people react to your post, you can't edit it anymore? Was going to keep editing instead of making new posts. 😝 But I suppose making new posts makes it easier for anyone interested to notice updates.) Panda turned 2 today and grew a little again. I made sure her hunger hearts were full, but she did lose half of one when she grew, so she's currently at 4.5. I attempted to feed her bamboo, she wouldn't eat it, so I fed her an apple and turned the tv on. Guess she's just going to be doing that and sleeping until she turns 5 on Monday morning to see how things go. Also, fun fact, Panda Byte grows another year older at 10 am each day, so even though I reset her at 9 am yesterday, she turned 1 right away and I only had to have her as a baby for one day. 😊 I think this is neat because I'm pretty sure that other pets I had as a kid would age at whatever time you started playing them.
  13. When panda woke up at 9 this morning, she immediately died... which wasn't a surprise since she was down to half a hunger heart yesterday. I was hoping to just turn the tv on as fast as I could to hold her over until 10:00 when she'd turn 5. I've reset her and once she turns 2 again, if she won't eat bread or bamboo, I think I'm just going to have her watch tv the entire time she's awake until she turns 5 to prevent her hearts from decreasing. While still searching for other info on this pet, I did see a couple videos from a few years ago of someone playing with Panda Byte... the first video was pretty much starting out as a baby, and the next one started at day 5, with a comment saying something along the lines of "when I got to this stage, I felt like I had won the olympics" which makes it seem like it's supposed to be really challenging and not much goes on from ages 2-5. 😒 Anyways, let's hope this attempt works out and I can get her to age 5...
  14. Panda turned 3 today, still won't eat anything other than apples and candy, and these don't raise her hunger hearts. I just made her watch tv for most of yesterday in an attempt to keep them from decreasing, and am planning on doing the same today. Wanted to put together a little log of progress so far, if any other Panda Byte players come along and want to add their own info, feel free! Really hoping there are some active BPB players around here somewhere. 😔 Ages 0-1, she's a baby panda and only drinks a bottle to keep her hunger and thirst hearts full. Aside from this, she'll only play the two games in the game section (shell game and rock, paper, scissors). She can also watch tv but I only turn it on if I'm going to be away for a while and want to pause her progress. Can't really do much with her for these days, which is why I've been looking forward to getting her to grow a bit. She changes her appearance once she turns 2, but this is when it seems to become difficult. She no longer drinks the bottle, and only wants to eat apples and candy, which won't fill her hunger hearts. She does drink water to stay hydrated, but if it's possible to get her to actually eat bread and bamboo at this stage, I have no idea how to do it. I try feeding them to her and then scold her after she refuses, but this still doesn't change anything. She still plays games (though I've been avoiding this since it seems to drain her hunger hearts) and she can now read as well, to increase her IQ. She also lets me wash her face and bathe her more at this stage, seems like she doesn't want it much as a baby. She still doesn't exercise or do the other "learning" activities (hula hoop and swing set) yet, so maybe that'll be once she's 5 and reaches her next stage. If anyone who hasn't played with Panda Byte is interested in learning about this pet (and maybe offer suggestions to try to get her to eat), here are the icons and options within each one: Food: She can have a bottle of milk as a baby, and then also has a glass of water, bread, candy, apple, and bamboo Games: Shell game and rock, paper, scissors. These mostly just fill her happiness hearts and boost her IQ when she wins. I always pet/comfort her if she loses. Training and discipline: hula hoop (doesn't seem to want to do this yet), reading (starts reading at age 2), swinging (doesn't do this yet), comfort (for when she's been good or seems sad), and discipline (when she won't eat or play after beeping for attention). Medicine: I haven't had to use this yet. If a skull appears, you need to decide if your panda needs medicine, a shot, or a ride to the doctor. Exercise: Swimming, weight lifting, golf. As of right now, mine doesn't want to do any of these. Weather: If a weather face appears, you need to decide how to dress your panda for the weather. I haven't had to do this yet. Home: This is where you can turn things on and off, like the lights when she goes to sleep, letting her watch tv, turning off the sound (this is a very loud and musical pet!), and the air conditioner to keep her at a comfortable temp. Checkup: This is where you check her stats, such as age and weight, hunger, thirst, happiness, and IQ. Bathroom: Cleaning up after her when she goes to the bathroom, washing her face, giving her a shower. These are her age groups where she changes appearance: 0-1, 2-4, 5-9, 10+ I've been trying to feed her a bunch of apples to see if she'll either stop eating them or maybe even get sick and need medicine (and maybe this will get her to eat something else), but as of right now, she just keeps eating and eating apples, and her hunger hearts don't increase. This is kind of frustrating... Age 4 update (March 3): Today panda turned 4, still won't eat bread or bamboo, and is down to half a hunger heart... I have her watching tv now, am a little scared to let her spend much time away from in because she'll probably die. 😑 Once I saw that she had turned 4, I shut the tv off and fed her some apples and candy. She probably ate around 10-12 times but her hunger hearts didn't move at all. I'm hoping I can get her to last until 10 am tomorrow (when she turns 5 and grows again), but I won't be surprised if she doesn't make it. I she does die, I suppose I'll start over again and maybe keep a daily log on here to see if anything will change.
  15. Thanks for moving it to the correct area! Also thanks for the link and resetting suggestion, I'll have to look into both of those. 🙂 Unfortunately my panda reset again over the weekend but just turned 2 today, so hopefully someone who is familiar with Panda Byte will see this and offer some help with getting her to eat... I have her watching tv at the moment so her hunger doesn't go down. 😶