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  1. I'm wondering if anyone plays the same games I like. These are what I play: Splatoon Mario Kart Just Dance (I'm a top 10 uk player on that, and it's my favorite game.) Tetris Puyo puyo Gacha life Those are some games I play alot. Does anyone else?
  2. You buy a separate charger. Like one for AA/AAA
  3. Ah, thanks! Maybe I could save my pennies up for these colour ones. It's a shame most of them use the watch batteries because I'd rather not keep on buying batteries and it would be difficult to fit a charger on one. I think I'll go for the gen 2 re-release. Definitely not the Mini, 20th anniversary or Pac-man. Oh gosh, I looked into the Pix and, EUROPE RELEASE DATE PRICE August 31, 2021 £71.76 oh my gosh it's the holy grail This has made me decide on the Gen 2 re-release As long as it's legit
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum, this is my first post. I want to buy a Tamagotchi. I came from one of the fake Connections that use the Bunny ROM and wanted a genuine one. Here is my criteria: - Nothing more than £35 - Preferably rechargable or powered by AA/AAA - Not fake - Good replayability If you could help me pick one out, it would be much appreciated. My knock off from ebay is actually deteriorating and I love the concept of a virtual pet. Thanks, Akira I'm considering the Gen 2 2018 re-release. Any other reccomendations will be much appreciated.