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  1. Hi! I've actually been trying to experiment and found some item codes! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check the stat numbers because they changed so frequently! Luckily, even without the log-out password, I was still able to get the items. I hope this helps! I'll try to test some more Username ARIA. Item password Item Generation 1 Log-in 9410470 000113 Jeans Sex Boy 646619E 000117 Tamagotchi Hinotamatchi 000136 Dinosaur Job stage School 000159 Pirate Ship Genre Rock n' Roll 000328 Dinosaur Log-in 75F4A6E 100035 Sausage 7A78093 100058 Snake 100204 Hotdog 100210 Snake 900035 Teriyaki Chicken 900059 Snake 920012 Tokyo Ticket 920031 R&B CD 920016 Pizza slice 920039 Snake 920077 Jazz CD Edited: I needed to add that the snake isn't an actual item! It shows up apparently when the code is valid but there isn't any corresponding item to it. I also wasn't able to catch what the 000117 code corresponded to!