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  1. Thank you very much for the responses. I felt so stupid, but I'm happy now that I know I didn't kill my blob but That it was the battery 😁. Now I'm going on battery hunt 😁
  2. Lol seriously? It is a new one. Thank you
  3. Hello all. Since yesterday I got a new tamagotchi. When I was young I had one, but it was a dog one. Now I have the "Original Tamagotchi" from 2018. So my problem is that I have an egg on my screen with an X (Here is the picture of it *link*). Does this mean my tamagotchi is dead? Or is it evolving? It is just 2 years old 😪.other a, b, and c buttons won't work. Even the reset with a and c button won't work. Any suggestions?