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  1. CHAPTER 003 while writing up the last chapter, my tama transformed into her adult stage, a MEMETCHI! since she seemed to have a pink thing going on, turning into an orange tama surprised me a little. however the blonde wig she got earlier really complements her complexion. because she's now of-age, it was time for her to look for love. and she really struggled... she went through the tama party speed dating thing like 7 times, turning down top-tier boys each time. until finally, she settled on a man wearing a dress and roller skates. good taste, just like her ol' man! what a happy family... so imagine my surprise that when YELOTCHI and ORONGTCHI became CUTEHEARTCHIs, MEMETCHI just walked out! sure, she left them a toy, but it was one they already had. i thought i raised her better than that...
  2. CHAPTER 002 CUTEHEARTCHI's labor was rewarded shortly after i posted CHAPTER 001: i took her to the store and bought her one of the best rooms available, the astronomy-themed one. as you can see, she was speechless. in addition to the room, she also got two new toys: a SCOOTER and a VR SET. i went to bed at around 2AM... and when i awoke, my daughter's happiness was hovering at around 2 bars, and fullness meter was empty. oops. when she awoke, i treated her to a visit to the in-device restaurant, and after some play her happiness was back up. perhaps i'll adjust the device's time later. and then, while i was walking my non-virtual dog... something special happened: CUTEHEARTCHI transformed into a bicolor HANBUNKOTCHI! i'm so proud of her, even if she does still poop on the floor when i'm not looking. ah well, pobody's nerfect. then she had a productive night of beating challenges. her earnings were: 4800GP, 2x SOFT SERVE, 2x FRUIT TART, 3x FRUITS, LUGGAGE, FONDUE, RED CURRY, 3x FLUFFY SCARF, 2x KAWAII, COCOA TORTE, WIND CHIMES, and SHRIMP PASTA. by this point i have a ton of accessories, but i can't put any on her yet. i guess you can't put accessories on child tamas?
  3. INTRODUCTION hello, my name is deerboy and after a several decade-long break i have finally gotten back into tamagotchi. i no longer have my original tamagotchi (perhaps i'll make a new thread when/if i find it), but i recently - literally just today - got a turquoise tamagotchi on. turquoise isn't my favorite color, but that was the color Target had on sale so thats the one i got. CHAPTER 001 my daughter, a beautiful bouncing LOVEKOTCHI, hatched around 5:30PM my time (AM in her time, because I am somewhat nocturnal lol) today. she immediately developed a case of discontented anime facial lines, and because i chose not to read the directions, i struggled for a while to figure out how to clear them up. fortunately tamas are easy to please, so after enough feeding, playing and photography, they cleared up and i knew how to keep them at bay going forward. shortly after hatching she turned into a fluffy CUTEHEARTCHI. it was a good thing i took baby pictures, since they grow up so fast... however, now that she presumably has legs somewhere underneath all that fluff, its time for her to use them. after a trip to the in-device shop i realized that we didn't have very much GP and i figured it was time that she take responsibility and get a real job. its a good thing there are ample employment opportunities for children in the tamagotchi world, and i'm happy to report that she's a natural when it comes to picking up flowers in the in-app park and flipping pancakes in the restaurant. as of this writing, she has obtained: 2300GP, 2x FRUITS, CREAM SODA, CHICK HAT, RIBBON, CAT EARS, WIG & GLASSES and BUNNY EARS. not bad for someone whose 5 hours old!
  4. (yes i just made my account. hello! i'm geting back into tamagotchis after a couple decade break lol) i have a vague memory of playing a tamagotchi PC game as a kid, which was almost definitely unofficial. i checked the tamagotchi wiki and didn't see anything that looked like it listed under PC games or other platforms that would've existed around the time. here's what i know: i likely played the game in 1998 but before 2000. i was probably playing it on windows 98. it was a very short and basic RPG, where you played as a tamagotchi character and you traveled to various areas talking to other tamagotchis and fighting battles. there were no human characters or pet-raising game mechanics as far as i remember (hence why i'm pretty sure it wasn't made by Bandai). i remember this the most clearly: the most powerful weapon in the game was the "Ugly Stick". you needed it to defeat the final boss. i'm less certain about this, but based on the vague memories i have, i think the creator may have taken inspiration from Earthbound. and thats about it. i don't know the title, who made it, the website my dad downloaded it from, nor do i have any screencaps or anything else. searching for it on here and on google didn't turn up anything. if anybody knows anything about this please tell me because i feel like i dreamed it lol