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  1. ?? Day My health is whack lately so I'm temporarily taking a break.
  2. 23rd Day I'm proud of how long I've been doing this! I've been keeping the twins happy and at maximum on all. I've been sick from the J&J, so I've been sleeping a lot. The only issue is the twins are so dang picky, this is their response to basically eating anything except for their favorites.
  3. 17th Day My birthday is Wednesday and my arm is sore from the shot, yay! Anyway, the twins grew up, and also opened Starry Lab with the theme after 7pm. They happen to love the space ring accessory, and then Star Pasta and playing with the Star Room. Their names don't fit them, but I think I'm going to see how long I can keep these two alive.
  4. 16th Day It doesn't seem like leaving the Tamas at the Hotel helps them at all, it's better for me to ignore them for a few hours mostly for their bar. They've grown up. They're strange, aren't they? Maybe I'll keep these two alive until they die or something, how are descendants picked then? Been doing the usual; clean, vacuum, play with toys (until one of them makes them happy, then really play with the toy), feed them (once again, trying to find the food that makes them really happy, then only feeding that), few games in the App. (I hope to hear from the admins soon, I sent a donation and a message a while ago and have received nothing.)
  5. 14th Day Well, my Tamas grew up and I married them off, and once again, have twin boys. We shall see what these look like as adults. I play with them when they get up for a while, then check them throughout the day and play with them at night. I don't play the games on the actual On, they pay nothing compared to the app and are way harder.
  6. 13th Day My Tamas grew up today. I'm glad, they were impossible to keep happy as teens. I have yet to find any food/items that makes them very happy. They're about 40% happy, after dipping to two bars while I was actually playing the Tama, buying food and items for them! I.. don't like how they turned out, honestly. Why are they green? Time to marry them off!
  7. 12th Day My Tamas are now teens! They're different species?? They also have confetti around them, which I have no idea what it means! Been a bit busy, so their health bar is beneath 50%.
  8. 11th Day One of the Twins married a girl from Tama Party! I don't know what she was - she was some type of blue bird with a cool hair cut. They had twins, but twin GIRLS! They're named Jamtchi and Jellytchi ♀ (yeah, I know). So, I am currently trying to get them to kid stage. Can anyone tell me how to take decent pics of my Tama? My On is also set to just 12 hours ahead now, sleeping schedule is being changed around somewhat. I'll never have it as real time, however, since I am always a night owl.
  9. 10th Day I've been busy lately (between being sick and doing things), so I've been struggling to keep the twins happy. A few games and some food always seems to help, but I definitely think the App is the best way to get their happiness up, when you bring items back. Seems to be, anyway. It's weird that in games and to get married, that twins need to be split up. Why can't twins marry twins? 🤔 I got my silicone case in!
  10. 9th Day The twins are adults now, holding 4 leaf clovers. Their bar is about 60%; I've been using the ribbon and coin purse on them, pretty much guaranteed happiness. I have all the items I can get from the On app, but I always go everyday to get a few free food items, which also seems to keep them happy.
  11. 8th Day I am raising the twins! I've been sick still, so they've been left in the Tama Hotel the last three days. They're midway through their bar. I make sure to take them to the app and take care of them at night. I will admit, I was surprised when I suddenly was able to take care of two Tamas, together! I still have yet to get the Rocket from the Flower Catching game on the app; anyone got any tips for it? I can get to 850, but never higher.. I got the Limousine today, and some other items. Getting items and then downloading them to the On seems to be the easiest way to keep the Tamas happy. I just figured out how to get my Tama code, if anyone wants to add... TWC322226. AND I JUST GOT THE ROCKET! Luck, really.
  12. 5th day 4/15 Mametchi is happier today, when I got up, only one bar gone. I played some games with him last night in the app, but not many, I've been pretty sick. I'll play with him more tonight. I think I do have the items available, I've been trying to go to the Tama Hotel and get info to open up new places.. I left Mametchi at the Tama Hotel for the day, I've been unwell and napping a lot. My Mametchi met a Lovelitchi at the Tama Hotel park, and they got married. Two babies. I named them Buntchi ♂ and Rolltchi. ♂ . Now to get them happy!
  13. Thank you, I sent you a PM with the information. 4th day 4/14 My Mametchi is hard to please; he loses happiness fast. I did a lot in the app last night as I finally had access to Tama Party. I had the bar full before I went to bed, and when I played with him again right when he woke up, he lost about 25% of his bar. 🤷‍♀️