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  1. Never mind. I have the same kind. I just didn't read the first post too closely😅.
  2. This is the same v-pet I have except mine is called "Distal-4 Crystal Fighter". From what I've seen the version I own is newer and has more features than this one. I will try to post some more info on it elsewhere. Great topic by the way!
  3. Hello everyone! There is another ROM-Test feature I recently discovered. If you hold down A & C and then press reset you should see the letters "SE" and then underneath those letters you should see "00". If you push A you can change the number displayed and if you push B it will play a sound. Each number corresponds to a sound that is on the Tamagotchi device. by pressing A you can cycle through every sound on the device and listen to it. I will try to post pictures as soon as I figure out how to 😅. If anyone knows of a ROM-Test feature that hasn't yet been added to this topic please post it here. Thanks!
  4. Hi Penguin-keeper! Thanks for responding. Your explanation is very interesting. I will definitely check out that thread about rom testing and do some research. If you could please try this out and post some pictures that would be great. Thanks. (By the way I used a Gen.2 reissue for this not an original)
  5. Hello community! I am new here. So I recently had the idea to take my gen.2 tamagotchi and hold down some of the buttons while resetting it to see what would happen. And... it broke. But then I fixed it. So I tried it again. I held down B and C and pressed reset. The screen went black. I thought I broke it again, but then I hit A and the screen changed to a checkerboard pattern. I pressed B and it changed, then I hit C and it changed again. Here is the weird part. When I hit A on the fourth screen the words “Ver 5” appeared. I’ll try to upload a picture. So I started fooling around with it on that screen. I eventually pressed B and C at the same time. Then ANOTHER screen popped up and it said “0956 KHz”. What does a tamagotchi have to do with kilohertz? Then I pressed A and it showed the following string of numbers and letters: “00E27B46” I have no idea what this means. Can someone try this out themselves and please let me know how your experience went? Also please let me know what you think of the mysterious screens. Also please use this topic to talk about other Easter eggs you have encountered! Thank you in advance.