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  1. I remmeber the scenes including a garden (that was my favourite) a bedroom, kitchen and something else? I think there were four. The backgrounds were 2d in colour while the girl was a pixelated black and white sprite, like pixel chix.
  2. Recently, I randomly remembered the virtual pets I would play with as a child. I had a few of the popular ones and also a few rip offs too. I remember when I was a kid having some sort of knockoff pixel chix which looked like a purple castle called "pixie sorceress." from what I remember, it had cards that you inserted into it with different backgrounds on which would change the scenery. It was a bit like the Pixel chix babysitter where you could change the background but with cards instead of the handle. The character was a dark haired witch who looked similar to the Pixel Chix character and the device was a clear imitation of the very popular game at the time. I also remember there possibly being another one avaliable called "Pixie Princess" that was blue? I am from the UK if that's any help and this was probably from about 2005-2008ish I have scoured the internet and found absolutely nothing at all about this toy so it may be lost media and I know I wasn't imagining it because I would play it for hours and even drew pictures of it at the time!