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  1. These methods are for the tamagotchi nano (hello kitty) 1. Let Jerry the Mouse come 5 times 2. leave it sad 3. take care of it for a LOOOOOONGGGG TIME
  2. These methods are for Tamagotchi game boy. 1. Let it catch a cold before evovleing 2. Let it poo SO DARN MUCH 3. Let it die of old age
  4. Uh if you want to take off a face plate, CAREFULLY OPEN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT, Take out the batterys, get all screws out of the battery compartment, AND AVOID THE CODE PANELES, If you dont, the code will be messed up, AND WHEN YOU GET TO THE SCREEN (u might wanna take out some stuff CAREFULLY and put them back when you are done) And lastly, take the screen off and take off the face plate protector, enter your face plate, put EVERY THING BACK, screw every thing in and you are done.
  5. threre is every single On Tamapet and there are some Only Sanrio Meets pets so the thing is that there is sanrio tamapets. And once i found a hello kitty tamapet. hope it helped
  6. Im Good GIF by Adult Swimim REALLY GOOD

  7. What ever color you turn your tama into, ALL genes will be affected. yep. If it is kid, teen, the color will be normal again. If it is at grown up stage, IT STAYS like when I changed my tama to be cream....
  8. The methods here are for meets/on. 1. let it poo SO MUCH that it gets Girm Gotchi. 2. Let it get a cold, and leave it. This is 4 the Peter Pan Glitch. Hope this helped!