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  1. Thank you! And I don't know if it is possible to answer, but do you think that it could be a problem with my tamagotchi and there is a risk that it happens again when I have to change the battery later?
  2. Hello, I bought a tamagotchi (v4) a few days ago, and he ran out of battery yesterday. When I changed the battery, I selected "download" so he was there, and all his stats were still like before. But I lost all my money and items. He grew as an adult today and he's lovely but I've noticed that it says he is only 2 years old, while he was born on 30/04. I did a little researches but I found nothing about this bug, does it happen often, and can I do something about it? And do you think my tamagotchi will age normally for the next days? Thank you for your help!