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  1. DUNPET LOG Upon resuming the game, I was immediately greeted by Stinger, who was waiting for me to play with him for weeks now. I had 4 Dunpets in total but he is the favorite child. I just love him! I mean, look at him. He’s a little tiny bee and I love his little face so much! Anyway, since it’s been a while, I decided to take Stinger on an adventure in a dungeon. Everyday, the dungeon changes. It could be Earth dungeon, or Darkness dungeon, or Air dungeon, or Fire dungeon, and other dungeons I haven’t discovered yet. Each Dunpet has one of those elements as their power, and they reside in a dungeon that is suitable for them. So today we’ll be visiting the Earth dungeon, where we will encounter and fight Earth Dunpets. We can also find coins, treasure chests and new eggs in the dungeon. We found an egg but then immediately stumbled upon this guy. It’s a cute smol brick 🥺 I wish I could adopt it or something because it looks sooo cute- But then Stinger mercilessly annihilated it and leveled up... How could you be so cruel??? 😭 (and that face!) Anyway... Continuing the journey, we also found this mole guy who wanted to fight. So of course, Stinger annihilated him too (like the monster he is). On our way we also found ANOTHER egg! But turns out it wasn’t an egg- It was a MONSTER EGG! How unexpected! But Stinger, being 3 levels higher, very confidently defeated the egg. We defeated a couple more enemies and leveled up before we went back home to save our progress on the dungeon, and immediately resumed our adventure. Stinger and I looked around the dungeon to look for more enemies to triumph over, but alas, it seemed like Stinger had annihilated all of them! There was no option left but to go upstairs to the next level of the dungeon, where the enemies are stronger. We went upstairs and IMMEDIATELY we encountered THIS guy again who wanted a rematch And he was READY because the first blow caught Stinger off guard! And it was a pretty critical hit too! Luckily, Stinger was able to defeat him but he was in a critical condition. We snatched a couple of coins from the dungeon before quickly returning home. I gave a health potion to Stinger so he could regain some strength. The potion could only increase 50 hp but Stinger was doing alright. I decided to let him rest for a while. Now I haven’t told you about my three other Dunpets which were named Squirrel, Eyes and Darknet. I like Darknet. He looks like a tiny cute ant so I kept him! But I don’t exactly find the other two Dunpets as cute so I don’t actually plan on keeping them. I was going to send them to the Dunpet Rescue Center to give them up until I find this option: I never explored this option before so I was curious what kind of Dunpet was I going to get. I decided to try it out with Eyes. And I got a rock! Or a ruby? I’m not sure but she seems pretty big compared to my tiny Dunpets. Her name is Solid and is level 41!!? 😲 So Solid is a Rupet and is an Earth type Dunpet, cool! I got lucky on my first trade! And it also appears that her previous trainer was Roby. Thanks for the trade, Roby! Whoever you may be! I also wanted to trade Squirrel, but remembered the the egg Stinger had found in the dungeon so I decided to hatch it instead. I sent Squirrel to the Dunpet Rescue Center so I can have another space for the hatchling. Bye, Eyes and Squirrel! Hope you guys have a nice life with another Dunpet trainer! I rubbed the egg to hatch it and it hatched into a Jejunapi, which is basicall another Stinger species. And I wasn’t going to have two Stingers so I sent him to the Dunpet Rescue Center 😂 I tried trading him before I sent him to the Rescue Center, but it didn’t work! Perhaps it’s only a one time thing? 🤔 Anyway, since Stinger was resting and Solid was still trying to get comfortable with her new surroundings, I sent Darknet to the dungeon. I figured it would be best to send Darknet out since he was still level 1 and needs a lot of catching up to do. On Darknet’s first encounter, he found a chest which contained a Happi Analyzer! I’m not sure what it’s for yet. But I’m gonna guess that it probably has something to do with maxing out happiness. And then Darknet’s first ever battle! He was a little nervous since he was smaller than his opponent but he managed to defeat him and leveled up to level 3!!! Hooray Darknet!! Darknet also found a Citrine and an Aquamarine! I’m not sure what they are for, but I think I can sell them for some quick bucks! As we continued our journey, guess who we bumped into! It’s the mole guy again! Man, this guy is really persistent, huh. Although Darknet was physically smaller than the mole guy, he managed to defeat him and avenge Stinger! After the adventure in the dungeon, I decided to take a break for the day. I sold two wallpapers at the shop and got 6000 coins. And I used it to extend more space for new Dunpets. So everything was going great! Well, that’s it for today’s log, folks! Sorry if it all sounds so confusing or boring, this is my first time logging (besides from the Tom Saga)! And for such a peculiar game too. I don't think I’m the right person to be logging about it since I’m not good at wording my sentences but I’ll still try my best! Until next time, bye!
  2. Hello everyone! I decided to share with you about this game I just recently installed on my phone like a few weeks ago (or maybe a month ago? I’m not sure), it’s called Dunpets! As you can see, I’m crazy about virtual pets and any kind of them! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here. I hope it's okay to post about a virtual pet that's not a Tamagotchi... I'll be logging about them soon too! After watching Jaiden Animation’s videos about virtual pets and the Pokemon Nuzlocke run, I kinda wanted to play Pokemon too. But seemingly I was getting buried in a pile of assignments, I didn’t think getting into Pokemon again was a good idea. Then I thought about looking for a game that isn't actually Pokemon but is similar… Thus, I stumbled upon Dunpets! It was the combination of what I wanted and needed: taking care of a virtual pet and BATTLING. I was very excited. But in the game itself there wasn’t really much to do. I hadn’t really explored all options yet. And as my assignments were piling up and the semester was getting difficult, I paused the game (which only told me I can do so once in my entire life). And now, it’s semester break and I felt like wanting to explore the game again so I finally resumed the game.
  3. Tom is still with us till this day without any reset or death! Long live Tom! It’s been 54 days with Tom and I’m so proud of him (but on Tom's device, it says he’s 65, how weird!) Not sure if I will continue his saga though. I’ll be taking a break for now
  4. 11 March, 2021 Was feeling unmotivated to take care of my Sweets Meets lately so I decided to take a break. I still wanted something to look after though so I booted my fake tamagotchi for fun and decorated it. I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with this bootleg version 😂 This is Tom. He doesn't know this but he's a fake tamagotchi, I don't tell him that because that will break his heart. He's also a hacker apparently and gets sent money everytime he hacks. So be careful. Tom takes a form of a betta fish but he also sometimes turns into a chicken everytime he is happy or confused. It's been a while and it's a miracle he hasn't resetted himself yet. 12 March, 2021 I don't know why and how but suddenly Tom has transformed into a bird. This happened right before my eyes. First of all, I was surprised he was still maintaining, he hasn't reset himself at all since yesterday. And second, he turns into a bird after I bought a ribbon and clicked on the Yin Yang thingie. I think I may have discovered something new. He now can access other things he couldn't before and unlocked a game of seesaw. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with his new transformation though. I miss his old fishy self but Tom seems okay with having a beak and feathers. Most importantly, legs. 13 March, 2021 After the last update, I decided to purchase more items in the shop. There are 3 items: a headband with a bear face on it (or what may seem like it), a ribbon, and a heart with tiny wings. Every time I buy an item (the prices are very inconsistent every time), I would click on this Yin Yang symbol and Tom would change form. So that's exactly what I've been doing lately. Poor Tom had to go undergo many transformations because I was curious what he was going to turn into each time! A chicken, a frog, a whale, a beetle, an anime boy, a muscular robot man- even some of the weirdest creatures I can't seem to make out what they are. Of course, Tom hadn't taken much notice of his ever-changing appearance in the past hours as I made him busy with his hacking job (I needed the money for his transformations). And again, Tom hasn't reset since the day I booted him up. In fact, I'm getting a bit tempted to reset him myself because I wanted his old fishy self back but I'll continue working on getting his old-self without resetting! I think I'll only make him transform once a day or week now so Tom doesn't get too tired. He's been working all day to get some money and his clients kept sending him poop! Poor Tom. Here's a little video of one of Tom's transformations: 15 March, 2021 Quick update on Tom: Lucky fella is still alive! I'm not even sure if it's possible for him to die (but he does get sick so it's possible?) Not even a single reset! I guess that gives me the opportunity to get to know Tom a little bit more and learn how the gameplay of it actually works. Tom is still mysterious to me though. Anyway, look who he is today! He's quite the star! You can't see it in his face but he's actually very excited. 19 March, 2021 Hi, Tom is still well and healthy. He says he's been more into old school stuff lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe he's going through a phase? 21 April, 2021 Very Late Update on Tom: Some of you might be wondering (or not), "how is Tom doing?", "Did he finally turn into his old fishy self?", "Is he still alive?" Yes, he's still alive. In fact, he's very much alive to the point where I think Tom has reached immortality. I'm now convinced he's indestructible. I neglected Tom a lot (I'm sorry, Tom!) and he hasn't died nor resetted himself! Even his hunger hasn't gone down and his wallet is always full because it refills itself for some reason. Tom has truly reached his peak. This is him now, stronger than ever. Perhaps have been hitting the gym, so that's why he's becoming so buffy. This is perhaps his final evolution because I'm not planning on buying any new items to transform him again. I mean, look at him, he's perfect now. Thank you all for being in Tom's journey with me! He has grown so much from a meek fish to a buffy dragon-looking creature.
  5. Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to upload pictures (this thread was originally asking about that-) I'm new here and the first thing I want to do is to create a tama log! Upon seeing other people's log, I enjoy them very much and feel so inspired to do my own! I made this little journal noting the progress of the bootleg 168 in 1 virtual pet that I have accidentally adopted and dearly named Tom! Of course, this was an old log. I previously posted these on Reddit and on the Tamagotchi FB group (he’s quite well-loved by a lot of people there too!). So I decided to post about Tom on Tamatalk because I think people here might like to read about Tom and his saga This log first started as a joke but later on (and even till this day) I had actually grown a deep attachment to this special bootleg virtual pet named Tom. Anyway, enough of the intro- Now I present to you, The Tom Saga: The Misadventures of a 168 in 1 Virtual Pet!