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  1. Hi, I used some cream with benzoyl peroxide in on my discoloured pink Tamagotchi P's today also using a UV light and it worked a little. I'm going to try again tomorrow. If you want I will let you know if it works.
  2. Hi, I wanted to share my experience with using polywatch on my scratch Tamagotchi P's. I think it worked really well. Here are some before, during and after pictures.




    1. cobratala~goddess of necrocy~

      cobratala~goddess of necrocy~

      Woah that's a huge improvement! I have a V1 with a scratch in the screen, I'm adding this to my Amazon cart right now!

    2. Gera_Mun


      Wow, that's amazing! Have you tried using it on the shell? I have a used tama that I just bought and it has a few scratches on the shell >__<

    3. M00NB34M


      Holy cow! I gotta get some of this stuff! I got my GUTs tama for cheap and as such it is very scratched! Can't wait to try it out!

  3. I live in the UK and had the same problem. I downloaded an app called APKPure that lets you get other apps from around the world and it worked.
  4. Hi, I recently got a used pink Tamagotchi P's and it has some yellow discolouration. I tried the method using benzoyl peroxide cream and it helped a little but there is still some yellow. I have seen videos of people restoring games consoles with hydrogen peroxide cream. Before I try I wanted to ask, has anyone else tried it? Is it safe or would it be to harsh for the plastic? I really do not want to damage my Tamagotchi.