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  1. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you but thank you 321Boom for the advice. I didn't know it was a different type of screw! I don't have the means to get the 'driver right now sadly so I'll just have to hope the batteries aren't leaking for now.
  2. So I want to get the various versions of OG P2 tama, but Japan has two different versions. All sellers on ebay don't specify which version it is. Is there a way to know by looking at the packaging or such? Maybe certain shells are certain versions? I know the egg looks different but you can't see the egg when it's still in the packaging and not turned on.
  3. Accidentally gave Takao some discipline without thinking... guess I lost my chance at Oyajitchi this time around Still waiting for MetalMamemon to grow up one more stage so CresGarurumon can Jogress with BlitzGreymon. Otherwise I restarted three digimon finally -- going for BanchoMamemon, KingEtemon, and Titamon this time.
  4. There's not as much to report now that mostly things are just repeating (growing up again into the same old evolutions, etc.) so I'll probably calm down with posts and not post every single day from now on. Just when something major happens. I do want to say that while I greatly prefer the Tamagotchi characters from P1, I absolutely can't stand the character game. I'd much rather play number game from P2. If only there was a P3 with all the characters and number game only XD I did get to do my first Jogress/DNA Digivolution last night! Aegisdramon and Machinedramon became RustTyrannomon! The process was very fun and cool.
  5. I like feeding and cleaning the poops and putting them to sleep. Honestly I hate the character game because it's random and I lose all the time and it frustrates me. The number game from P2 is much better.
  6. Very interesting, thanks! Yesterday I had a lot to do and wasn't able to keep track of the little guys too well. Hopefully I didn't accrue too many care mistakes. Two Digimon died and Maynard (Nyorotchi) died as well. I reset Maynard and Blaise just now. Just now, Tyson evolved into Kuchitamatchi and Takao evolved into Tamatchi. Hopefully I can get that Masktchi...! I'm being careful not to get any discipline.
  7. So, surprisingly last night, Maynard evolved into Nyorotchi. I had been taking perfect care of it ever since it evolved to Kuchitamatchi, so I was kind of surprised I didn't get Kuchipatchi. Maybe I misunderstand how it works, or maybe there were too many mistakes made while it was still a Marutchi and they carry over. I know with Digimon pretty much each evolution stage is unrelated to the mistakes of the past, so I was assuming Tamagotchi would be the same. Or maybe feeding snacks actually matters in the evolution to Kuchipatchi since I know he loves snacks. I had been doing only games with Maynard. THAO's MetalGreymon also finally evolved into BlitzGreymon! We also have Whamon and Kabuterimon now on TRAN and META. Blaise also evolved into... Hashizotchi? I think that's the name. Gonna reset Maynard and Blaise today. Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Maynard 5/25/21 Mametchi - Tyson 5/26/21 Ginjirotchi - Takao 5/26/21 Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Maynard 5/27/21 Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  8. I'm starting to forget what happens in one day pretty easily hahaha. It's hard to keep track of 12 pets. I have been making posts about the previous day in the morning when I wake up. Yesterday, Tyson evolved! After all those candies and weighing in at 99oz... he still evolved into Mametchi! Looks like candies and weight don't seem to matter much, if at all. So afraid of getting two Mametchis, I let Takao get one Care Mistake and intentionally didn't scold him once so he only had 75% Discipline. In the end, he evolved into Ginjirotchi! So I'm starting to understand how it works better... Today I will reset them to try for other evos. I actually know how to get Masktchi as I read a guide on how to get Bill/Oyajitchi once, but I want to go for those last, so I'll be going for the Kuchitamatchi lines next. Once I capture all the characters, I'll try seeing how long I can keep one alive. Maybe I'll do a "challenge" and see how old I can get a Nyorotchi XD Digimon had an eventful evolution day, as well. Starting over the Devimon spots led to a few new Rookies and our previous Champions evolved into Ultimates, as well! We now have THAO with MetalGreymon and Andromon, META with Gizamon and Megadramon, POD with Gabumon and SkullGreymon, and TRAN with Elecmon and MetalTyrannomon. As I mentioned last post, Gizamon is intended to become Flymon. I think I've done all the prerequisites to get Elecmon to evolve into Whamon, as well. Then I'll try to continue to evolve Whamon into MetalMamemon and then CresGarurumon so I can DNA Digivolve with BlitzGreymon if I ever get that far. I also started taking pictures of each Digimon evolution I've found to compile a sort of "Digi-dex" for myself so I can make sure I've gotten all 134 possible ones. Of course, eventually I'm going to have to open up my other 2 Digivices for that, but I'll wait til I've gotten everything else I can possibly get and hopefully I'll be done with my Tamagotchis by then, and can retire a couple of them so I won't have so much going on. I thought Digimon were supposed to be easier to care for than Tamagotchi but Digis poop more frequently and seem to lose hearts faster and are constantly evolving, while Tamas are pretty chill once they evolve and just need checking in on now and then. Digimon can fill up with poop and get sick in just an hour or two, while it takes Tamagotchi that long just to poop once. Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Maynard 5/25/21 Mametchi - Tyson 5/26/21 Ginjirotchi - Takao 5/26/21 Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  9. So, the day after Down with Devimon Day, the other two Devimons died (I decided to let all three go). I replaced POD and TRAN's with Punimons, which grew into Gabumon and Elecmon respectively. META's Devimon died later in the day, which was replaced with Zurumon who evolved into Pagumon. Working on getting Gizamon so I can try for Flymon, one of my favorite Digimon (I love the bugs). I had a doctor's appointment in the next city over; it takes about a half an hour to get there, half an hour for the appointment, half an hour to get back, and we stopped at the grocery before returning home. I took Tyson and Takao with me as well as the THAO Digivice, but everyone else stayed back at home. Lots of poops to clean up when I got back, and I certainly accrued some Care Mistakes in that time... Maynard evolved into Kuchitamatchi and Blaise evolved into Hashitamatchi. I was kinda taking mediocre care of them on purpose to hopefully get these two evos. Now I'm going to take better care of them and see what they become! Still watching on Tyson and Takao to evolve into adults. Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Maynard 5/25/21 Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  10. Down with Devimon Day led to the death of one Devimon. I actually decided to kill off all three because I'm anxious to try out some other eggs and evolutions. If I'm wanting to see all the different mons, I'm going to have to let them die. Then when I get my favorites, I'll keep them around for a long time. I trained up Birdramon, Monochromon, and Devidramon by having them fight in the Colosseum so hopefully they will evolve soon. When Digimon die, it is so ridiculous. They just SKREEEE nonstop. It was the most dramatic thing. I thought my Digivice was broken or something when it first happened, because it was making such long beeping noises and I couldn't press any buttons. I intentionally got a few care mistakes and didn't discipline on Maynard and Blaise to see if I can get some different evos.
  11. Here's the beginning of my collection. Basically acquired all of this in the past week, except the OG English P1 which was from when I was a kid. I used to have a V3, but I lost it in a move. I also used to have the GameBoy game CIB, but I gave away my gaming collection to a friend a while back. Biggest regret ever XD Also I realize the Digimons are upside down. I didn't realize until after I took the photo and didn't feel like rearranging them to take another one XD The next things I want to get are an Angelgotchi, a Connection V1 or V3, and a Tamagotchi On. Then maybe after that I'll look for a Morino and Umino. Oh, I want the Pac-Man nano as well as I'm a big fan of Pac-Man. But I blew my whole Twitch payout on these and probably won't get another one any time soon, so it'll be a while before I can afford any more pets. It's been a while since I got into collecting anything, and I've always wanted to collect Tamas. Of course as a kid, my parents only let me have one, and as I got older I just got a V3 with a friend and that's it. But always in the back of my mind I wished I had a bunch of these little cuties. Anyway, featured in the picture, we have: 1997 English Tamagotchi P1 (translucent blue shell) 1996 Japanese Tamagotchi P1 (solid white shell) Re-release Tamagotchi P1 (majestic shell) Re-release Tamagotchi P2 (sahara shell) DigiMon ver 20th version A (black) DigiMon ver 20th version B (white) DigiMon ver 20th version C (translucent green) DigiMon ver 20th version D (translucent yellow) DigiMon ver 20th version D (translucent purple) Digimon ver 20th version E (translucent orange) My favorites are the translucent purple Digi (love the color) and of course my all-time favorite, the OG P1 I had since I was 12
  12. This morning, we got a bunch of evolutions. Welcome Monochromon, Birdramon, and Devidramon. All of them evolved while I was sleeping, in that first hour they were awake. And yesterday we got a few more evolutions... now we have three Devimons I think I'm going to stop caring for one or two of them, as much as it pains me to do so. But I decided to start looking at growth charts for the Digimon since there's just so many, and it looks like none of the Devimons will evolve into anything unique. Just one path for them. So today is Down With Devimon Day. Takao also evolved into Tamatchi yesterday, too. But the most important thing about yesterday... New arrivals! Welcome to the family Maynard, the P1, and Blaise, the P2. I got them around noon yesterday and quickly started them up at the same time. I am surprised how similar the life cycle of Babytchi and Shirobabytchi are. Basically they did everything at the same time -- pooped, napped, got sick... eventually they evolved into Marutchi and Tonmarutchi where they started to be slightly different from one another. I also noticed that while in baby form, feeding doesn't raise weight, so you can feel free to stuff them full of candies and cakes to make them happy. Definitely a convenient way to take care of them before they grow up. This is my first time owning or playing with a P2, so it's my first time playing the number game. How much better this is than the direction game! Thanks to it not being 100% up to chance as you get to make educated choices, the games are not only more entertaining to play, but go by faster as well! Nothing is more frustrating than losing 4 games in a row to the directional game on a P1... at least the little guys get a workout doing that...? Speaking of the minigames, I'm glad that Digimon's training game is just mashing a button. The tag training is interesting in that it seems to follow the same patterns over and over. Like there's only 4 or 5 patterns or so, and it never does the same direction 3 times in a row, for example. So you can make guesses based on that and win more often than lose. Plus you fill two hearts at once since two Digis are taken care of by playing it. So, in all, like that minigame -- in fact, tag training is more fun than battling! Taking care of 8 pets is turning out to be not so difficult. I stay on top of them for the most part, as long as you take time to check in on them now and then, you can refill their hearts and clean poops before it gets to be a problem. I only had one Digivice get sick from poops yesterday. While playing Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town on Twitch, I would quickly check one while waiting in the spa at the end of each game day. So about every 15 minutes I'd check one, and do that in order until I looped back around to the beginning, and that seemed to keep everyone doing well. I'm also not taking perfect care of Maynard and Blaise, as their speakers are REALLY loud and so it's annoying to play the games so much as I feel it will bother my husband. I guess I could just turn the sound off before playing games though. I actually didn't think about that until just now. But it's okay because I might actually get the 'bad' evolutions this time, instead of having three Tamatchis lol. I don't know how bad you have to do for the bad teenager, though. I guess we'll see if my bit of neglect is enough.
  13. So, some time yesterday THAO's Koromon evolved into Greymon (at least, I think that was yesterday) and last night, Kunemon evolved into Ogremon! It was a bit stressful as Ogremon apparently goes to bed after 11PM (I'm guessing midnight??) which was too late for me to stay up. I did stay up for Greymon though, who went to bed at 11PM. I was hoping Ogremon would go to bed then, too, but nope! You can tuck Digimon in for a "nap" that lasts 3 hours, though. So I tucked in both Greymon and Ogremon at the same time, hoping that the 'tuck-in' would last through the night on Ogremon. Of course, I had no way to tell, as Digimon seem to all wake up at 7AM. Who has time to keep up with this crazy schedule, staying awake past midnight and waking up before 7?! Fortunately they didn't seem to accrue much poop or deplete their energies too much from the time they woke up til the time I woke up (which was 8AM today). Tamagotchis, on the other hand, have a great sleep schedule. Going to bed at 8PM and waking up at 8 or 9AM, it's very easy to take care of the little Marutchis Tyson and Takao. However, the double-Marutchi stretch ended today! Tyson evolved into Tamatchi! I was a little surprised, as I was doing nothing but feeding him candies to raise his happiness, I thought maybe he'd evolve into Kuchitamatchi. But other than feeding lots of candies, I took good care of him, so I guess it makes sense. He now weighs 82g, compared to Takao who only weighs 10oz. Since outside of the candies, I'm taking similar care of them, and taking even better care of Takao, I'm assuming I'm going to end up with two Tamatchis. I'm going to continue my experiment of only feeding Tyson candies and only playing games with Takao to see if their adult forms are any different. I heard weight has a bigger impact on the rerelease P1s, so maybe this is testament to the low effect weight has on evolution in the OG Tamagotchis. Tamatchi is a little disappointing as he doesn't wander around the screen like Babytchi and Marutchi. He just kinda marches in place. You'd think they'd have even more interesting animations as they aged. Also, my two new tamas are set to arrive today! Just got a notification they are "out for delivery," but I've had that happen before and my package didn't come. They're coming from the next city over so I don't know if they'll actually arrive today. But I'm going to open them and start them when they come, so my active family will be at 8 pets... or 12 if you count each Digimon as two. CAPTURE PROGRESS Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  14. Hello everyone My name is KuchipatchiPod or you can say Pod for short. I am new here but saw the log forum and decided to give it a try I've mentioned in other threads, but recently my father delivered to me my original 97 P1 Tamagotchi that I played with as a young tween. I decided to get some batteries for it, and while I was at it, grab a Japanese OG P1 so I could try to get Oyajitchi. I'd always been interested in collecting Tamagotchis, and my friend sent me a link to where you can buy the new Digimon ver20th vpets. I had to grab one. Then you know how online shopping goes... you get a little carried away sometimes. I had just received a Twitch payout and decided to blow it all on Tamas and Digis. I grabbed up six Digimon total (one of each variation, and then a sixth so I could ge thte "connect to 5 unique devices" mons... ) After playing with my new Tamas and Digis for a bit, I decided I wanted some "fresh" Tamas, as my OG ones have seen better days. So I ordered a rerelease P1 and P2... Definitely going to stop for now because I'm quickly depleting the little bit I have in my bank account... At first it was just the two Tamas and a yellow Digivice. But then my purple one came in (for some reason the other 5 got shipped in two different packages despite buying them all together) early in the morning, so I decided to open it and play with it, even though it's the same "variation" as the yellow one. But I was eager to start another Digimon. Then the others came in later in the day. I was feeling obsessive and wanted to try out some of the other ones, too. Since the black and white ones have forms that can Jogress with each other, I decided to open BOTH of those. Bringing me to a whopping total of 6 active pets. So let's meet the crew... I named each device (I'm not going to name each individual monster/creature). In the Digimon, you actually get to type in the names, so I was limited to 4 characters, but with the Tamagotchis you don't enter a name, so I just refer to them by the names I gave them. Tyson is the translucent blue Tamagotchi shell. He's my OG P1 from when I was a kid. I started him on the 19th after learning I could take him apart and clean him out (thanks to the members here!) Takao is the all-white Tamagotchi shell. He's the OG JP P1 that I ordered from eBay. I started him on the 20th when I got him in the mail. Kudos to you if you get the naming theme of the two Tamas. THAO is the translucent yellow Digivice. It's the first one I received when I thought I was only buying one of them. I started it on the 19th when I first got it in the mail after trying to get Tyson to hatch before learning I could clean him out, so THAO has been the longest-running pet so far. META is the translucent purple Digivice. It's the second one I received and started early in the morning of the 21st because I was eager to start another Digivice. POD is the black Digivice with white buttons. It was the third Digimon to get started, after I got my shipment of the rest of the Digivices that I had ordered on the 21st. TRAN is the white Digivice with black buttons. It is the most recently started one; I waited til the Baby stage of POD was finished before starting it so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed. I decided to take a photo of each evolution I get in the P1s, so I can have photographic evidence that I got each 'gotchi. My goal is to see all twelve forms! My memory is kind of bad so I think the timeline here is a bit off, but I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible as to the last three days. MAY 19th - THE BEGINNING The 19th was easy as I was only caring for the THAO for the first part of the day, enjoying my first little Koromon. Later in the evening, after learning I could clean out my Tama, I started raising the newly-revived Tyson. Babytchi is so needy! Koromon hardly needed any care, so I was focused completely on Babytchi. It was getting pretty late, so when Babytchi went to sleep, I thought it was done for the night. I sat it aside and got online to watch some Twitch. Then a bit later I heard him crying out! To my surprise, there were four poops and a sick Babytchi waiting for me. I nursed the poor little guy back to health, and that's how I re-learned that Babychi takes a nap shortly after hatching instead of going to sleep for the night. Finally, Tyson evolved into Marutchi! Then I was wondering why it was not falling asleep for the night, as it was after 10PM. I checked his clock and realized I had mixed up the AM/PM. Oops! I fixed it and Tyson fell right to sleep. MAY 20th - TAMAGOTCHI DAY The 20th was an exciting day because my Japanese Tama was set to arrive in the mail! I anxious awaited its arrival while keeping an eye on THAO and Tyson. It was pretty easy as Marutchi is not nearly as needy as Babytchi, and I was having fun checking on THAO every now and then because I was still feeling quite obsessive and not wanting to do much else. Takao finally came in the mail in the early afternoon. Sadly, I was not able to get his battery compartment open because the screws are stuck! But the existing batteries, despite being 25 years old, seemed to work when I pulled the tab out, so I gave him a reset and started to care for him. Another needy Babytchi... The screen would fade in and out sometimes shortly after pulling the tab, but since then it seems to be running fine. Eventually, Takao evolved to Marutchi as well and it was easier to keep track of them. I decided to try an experiment, since Tyson's buttons are particularly hard to press. I would raise Tyson's happiness only by feeding candy, and Takao's happiness only by playing games. Let's see how they evolve! THAO's Koromon evolved to Agumon and I was able to start another egg! I picked the horizontal stripey one because I knew it could evolve into Kunemon eventually, which is my favorite Digimon. I had to be careful to neglect Tokomon just the right amount to get three care mistakes. I didn't want to hurt the poor thing any more than that. Once I got the mistakes, I took good care of him well. MAY 21st - DIGIMON DAY Normally I wake up around 10-11AM, but on this day, Tokomon decided to cry at 730AM! I can't believe the Digimon wake up so early! Thankfully, the cry did not wake up my husband, who is a pretty deep sleeper. I waited 10 minutes to get my final care mistake I needed, and then started taking good care of Tokomon. Later in the day, he evolved into a beautiful Kunemon. Earlier in the afternoon, my package arrived with META, my purple Digivice. I was originally going to put this one away and just play with one of the Black or White ones when they came in, for a total of two Digimon. But while waiting for my package to come with the rest of my Digimon, I got so anxious to play that I ended up opening up the purple one anyway. I neglected Koromon just enough to get him to evolve into Betamon (so I could have two different mons). Later in the afternoon, my other package came in with the rest of my Digimon. I still wanted to have a type A or B digivice running, so I decided to open POD. Hubs was taking a nap, so I decided to stay in the guest bedroom and take care of my pets while playing phone games. This way the sound wouldn't bother him while he slept. Without much else to do, I was checking my pets constantly, and felt like there wasn't enough to do with the pets. So I decided to open TRAN. Maybe I was making a big mistake, running so many pets at once... I was having so much fun with my pets, but the buttons on Tyson and Takao were kind of hard to press, making me have to exert my thumb more than I would like. So I decided... why not get even more pets? So I ordered a P1 and P2 rerelease to be delivered on the 23rd... MAY 22nd - THE FIRST FULL DAY OF 6 PETS And that catches us up to today Outside of getting the Child/Rookie stages of the Digimon I wanted (since I really wanted Betamon and Kunemon), I'm trying not to use any guides or help. I did look at a P1 growth chart to make a checklist of all the forms you can possibly get on the P1. I'll try to update if anything major happens from here on out. CAPTURE PROGRESS Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Not Found Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  15. I'm not expert, but it sounds to me like the battery is loose or needs to be replaced. I remember my Furbies used to do this when their batteries got low, and when I got a new tama with bad batteries recently it made a messed up start sound too.