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  1. Just read through all of this and it was a lot of fun I want a Devilgotchi now...! And those witches seem like a LOT of fun, quite complex!
  2. Hello Akira Hooray for Kuchipatchi...!! Sadly the images don't seem to show for me though
  3. Welcome a new addition to the family! I haven't named this little guy yet. He's a Japanese P2 series 2. Now I just need to get a P2 series 1 and I'll have access to all the P2 characters across my Tamas I did an experiment to see how many mistakes you could make and still get Tamatchi/Tongaritchi. I had new blue guy accrue 1, Takao accrue 2, and Tyson accrue 3. Blue became Tongaritchi, but the other two became Kuchitamatchi. But I may have miscounted and actually had an extra 1 care mistake on everyone...? So at this point it seems 0-1 care mistakes gets you Tamatchi/Tongaritchi and 2+ care mistakes gets you Kuchitamatchi/Hashitamatchi. If anyone knows differently, let me know! I'm thinking of making a Tamagotchi care guide with really detailed info. I know there's a million of them out there already, but I wanna make the most detailed and thorough one out there ^^ So I'm trying to learn the mechanics in-and-out. If anyone has any good resources for that, let me know (日本語でもOK) Don't tell anyone, but... I'm getting really attached to the P2 characters. Along with the number game being vastly superior to the character game, I think I'm starting to actually like P2 better than P1...!
  4. I did it!!!!!! Looks like you can get 2-3 care mistakes as Maskutchi and still get them. I wonder what the exact number of allowed mistakes is. Now ironically the only one I haven't snapped a photo of is Kuchipatchi I keep getting Nyorotchi on accident XD
  5. Hi, I'm playing on a P1 and have Maskutchi right now. The problem is I go to bed 10:00 to 10:30 PM, but he goes to bed at 11PM. I don't want to change the clock, so is it possible to turn the lights off early to avoid a care mistake when he goes to sleep? I've been staying up late recently (just by coincidence) so I've been able to turn the light off when he calls, but I want to start going back to sleep at a more normal time for me.
  6. Thanks for reading, friends! IKR isn't the Digimon death so loud?! It's wild!! Well I've finally gotten tired of running TWELVE PETS constantly, so I'm mostly running one Digivice (META) with two pets on it and two Tamas (Tyson and Takao, the rereleases' speakers are TOO LOUD lol) but I'm feeling frustrated because I was on day 7 of going for Bill and Oyajitchi and accidentally took a nap while playing on my phone and woke up to realize I missed a call and accrued a care mistake on each of them I hatched them at the same time so they pretty much do everything simultaneously with one another. Just haven't been posting because there haven't been many things to post about. Have a little bit of extra money and thinking about getting me some Japanese screwdrivers and and JP P2. I've also decided next time I get a LOT of spare money (maybe after xmas as my parents send me money then usually XD) I'm going to find me a Morino, as I love bugs and tamas and that would be the perfect little pet for me, even though I've heard they are hard to raise. I have an online friend who has a Ver 20th Digivice and learned that I have 6 of them and is wanting to mail me his Digivice so he can get the 'connect with 5 unique devices' line of Digimon on his
  7. So cute! I've only played with the OG and rerelease tamas so I love seeing these newer ones
  8. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you but thank you 321Boom for the advice. I didn't know it was a different type of screw! I don't have the means to get the 'driver right now sadly so I'll just have to hope the batteries aren't leaking for now.
  9. So I want to get the various versions of OG P2 tama, but Japan has two different versions. All sellers on ebay don't specify which version it is. Is there a way to know by looking at the packaging or such? Maybe certain shells are certain versions? I know the egg looks different but you can't see the egg when it's still in the packaging and not turned on.
  10. Accidentally gave Takao some discipline without thinking... guess I lost my chance at Oyajitchi this time around Still waiting for MetalMamemon to grow up one more stage so CresGarurumon can Jogress with BlitzGreymon. Otherwise I restarted three digimon finally -- going for BanchoMamemon, KingEtemon, and Titamon this time.
  11. There's not as much to report now that mostly things are just repeating (growing up again into the same old evolutions, etc.) so I'll probably calm down with posts and not post every single day from now on. Just when something major happens. I do want to say that while I greatly prefer the Tamagotchi characters from P1, I absolutely can't stand the character game. I'd much rather play number game from P2. If only there was a P3 with all the characters and number game only XD I did get to do my first Jogress/DNA Digivolution last night! Aegisdramon and Machinedramon became RustTyrannomon! The process was very fun and cool.
  12. I like feeding and cleaning the poops and putting them to sleep. Honestly I hate the character game because it's random and I lose all the time and it frustrates me. The number game from P2 is much better.
  13. Very interesting, thanks! Yesterday I had a lot to do and wasn't able to keep track of the little guys too well. Hopefully I didn't accrue too many care mistakes. Two Digimon died and Maynard (Nyorotchi) died as well. I reset Maynard and Blaise just now. Just now, Tyson evolved into Kuchitamatchi and Takao evolved into Tamatchi. Hopefully I can get that Masktchi...! I'm being careful not to get any discipline.
  14. So, surprisingly last night, Maynard evolved into Nyorotchi. I had been taking perfect care of it ever since it evolved to Kuchitamatchi, so I was kind of surprised I didn't get Kuchipatchi. Maybe I misunderstand how it works, or maybe there were too many mistakes made while it was still a Marutchi and they carry over. I know with Digimon pretty much each evolution stage is unrelated to the mistakes of the past, so I was assuming Tamagotchi would be the same. Or maybe feeding snacks actually matters in the evolution to Kuchipatchi since I know he loves snacks. I had been doing only games with Maynard. THAO's MetalGreymon also finally evolved into BlitzGreymon! We also have Whamon and Kabuterimon now on TRAN and META. Blaise also evolved into... Hashizotchi? I think that's the name. Gonna reset Maynard and Blaise today. Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Maynard 5/25/21 Mametchi - Tyson 5/26/21 Ginjirotchi - Takao 5/26/21 Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Maynard 5/27/21 Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
  15. I'm starting to forget what happens in one day pretty easily hahaha. It's hard to keep track of 12 pets. I have been making posts about the previous day in the morning when I wake up. Yesterday, Tyson evolved! After all those candies and weighing in at 99oz... he still evolved into Mametchi! Looks like candies and weight don't seem to matter much, if at all. So afraid of getting two Mametchis, I let Takao get one Care Mistake and intentionally didn't scold him once so he only had 75% Discipline. In the end, he evolved into Ginjirotchi! So I'm starting to understand how it works better... Today I will reset them to try for other evos. I actually know how to get Masktchi as I read a guide on how to get Bill/Oyajitchi once, but I want to go for those last, so I'll be going for the Kuchitamatchi lines next. Once I capture all the characters, I'll try seeing how long I can keep one alive. Maybe I'll do a "challenge" and see how old I can get a Nyorotchi XD Digimon had an eventful evolution day, as well. Starting over the Devimon spots led to a few new Rookies and our previous Champions evolved into Ultimates, as well! We now have THAO with MetalGreymon and Andromon, META with Gizamon and Megadramon, POD with Gabumon and SkullGreymon, and TRAN with Elecmon and MetalTyrannomon. As I mentioned last post, Gizamon is intended to become Flymon. I think I've done all the prerequisites to get Elecmon to evolve into Whamon, as well. Then I'll try to continue to evolve Whamon into MetalMamemon and then CresGarurumon so I can DNA Digivolve with BlitzGreymon if I ever get that far. I also started taking pictures of each Digimon evolution I've found to compile a sort of "Digi-dex" for myself so I can make sure I've gotten all 134 possible ones. Of course, eventually I'm going to have to open up my other 2 Digivices for that, but I'll wait til I've gotten everything else I can possibly get and hopefully I'll be done with my Tamagotchis by then, and can retire a couple of them so I won't have so much going on. I thought Digimon were supposed to be easier to care for than Tamagotchi but Digis poop more frequently and seem to lose hearts faster and are constantly evolving, while Tamas are pretty chill once they evolve and just need checking in on now and then. Digimon can fill up with poop and get sick in just an hour or two, while it takes Tamagotchi that long just to poop once. Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Maynard 5/25/21 Mametchi - Tyson 5/26/21 Ginjirotchi - Takao 5/26/21 Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found