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  1. sorry about the lack of updates including Butter. (my tama) i took a break from raising him for a while. but im back! hopefully you see his adult form soon!
  2. My little buddy evolved! He grew arms and legs!
  3. Im kinda late because i got it 5 days ago, but i got my P1 repilca! Its a blue transparent model! Im in the vintage hatch if you want updates on the tama inside.
  4. hello! heres my tama at the moment. he's here! not really sure what im aiming for. just going where the road takes me, you know?
  5. i have a vintage repilca. i'd enjoy group hatching along with you! although, i already got to the second evolution... is that ok?
  6. here i was talking with my friends about how the commercial mis-pronounced it. thats some hard irony for me right there.
  7. TamaHog

    tama fanart

    just some fanart i made of mametchi and kuchipatchi
  8. im really impressed by this! thats a lot of virtual pets! if you can handle all of them, consider yourself WAY more than skilled.
  9. oof. sorry man. heres an F for the tama on that device. F
  10. who knew a care mistake resulted in a happy accident. guess bob ross knows how to be a good tama-dad.
  11. im getting the p1/p2 repilca. the new tamas seem more girly and gimmicky to me. as for virtual pets in general, i dont really have any games in that genre. (yet.) but it seems fun! i'll post my little guy when i recieve him! probably gonna name him budderoo or something lol
  12. i'd say its the character game. but what are your thoughts? do you have any fun memories with your tama?