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  1. Thank you so much guys for your replies! @PurplePyonkotchi00! So cool to know someone had a similar one as it's such an uncommon one! With all the variety of vpets / cell phone games now, I found these retro ones really grows in me so it's nice to find this active forum! Thanks for your suggestions and indeed I find mine it's kind of glitchy too as it just reset it's own overnight! (or may be it died). I'll see how my next round goes! Fun part of these vpets! 😉 @Penguin-keeper Thanks for the info.! I was able to come across a lot of vpet puppies that looks like mine using your info.! thank you!
  2. Hey There! i'm new to this forum so nice to meet you all! I recently picked up a pocket puppy (sorry it's a pooping picture, I thought it's so cute lol)
  3. Hey There! I recently got a retro virtual pet called "Pocket Puppy", wondering anyone played this before? There's a status I have no idea to figure out how to fix and not sure sure what it means? (Please see attached picture) Thanks!