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  1. That makes sense I might take it to my dad cuz he’s good with that stuff to see what he thinks. But it’s with me ALL THE TIME cuz i attached a chain to it to make it a necklace.You may be right though, or maybe it’s to noisy around me. Idk though.I got the tie dye gen 2 from Walmart so maybe somee1 looking at it messed it up not sure though. All i know is this: 1. He’s a gen 2 Tie dye Tama. 2. I got him from walmart 3.He was on Shelf L6 in the kids area 4.He’s WAYYY bigger than the Pac-man 1 5. He eats to much cake 🤣🤣 ( yesterday on accident I gave him WAYY to much cake and he got to 75 lbs )( pounds )( lol)
  2. Yes it does beep at me when i play the game. But now i have not heard ANY discipline beeps.Also is 1 eye supposed to be lower than the other on child stage??? I tried to reset it but it didn’t work EVERYTHING ELSE BEEPS BUT IT
  3. My tamagotchi generation 2 won’t beep! It’s on unmute, and every thing else beeps! And every time i hold a and c together it doesn’t pull up the on off screen. The night before this it was fine ( it was on stage: baby last night this is my first tamagotchi too ).Now it's on stage child being two tama years old.( I had no problems last night ) FYI i did hold A and C together last night cuz i was scared if it would beep at night ( it went to sleep YAY ) The only beeps it does are when 1)Punish calls 2)when i hit the buttons. Is there anything wrong with my Tamagotchi? Do i have to replace my tama, restart itt what do i do with it? Plz tell me if u know how to fix