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  1. posting extra pictures in the comments due to file size restrictions.
  2. A new Tamagotchi has been announced for Japan! It releases on 11/23/21. No info on international release so far. It'll be a smartwatch-tamagotchi hybrid with voice and touch interactions! It also has additional pieces for new content, kind of like the P's. The straps are removable if you want to use it like a regular tama.
  3. waiting for my first tama in years, the ON to arrive, im so excited! hope the post office wont lose my dear baby :puroperatchi:

    1. DezertReyn


      Wow awesome!! That's exciting, the ON was honestly a great choice to hop back into after all those years!

  4. it seems the admins arent active anymore, i tried making an account but they have a spam user filter thread where the admins should manually let you in after you post in said thread - however it seems no one has been let in in months! is the forum still active? i didnt really know if this is the right place to post this but couldnt think of anything else since there arent too many alive tamagotchi sites out there. ive been a longtime lurker in here and tamazone since like 2015, so im kind of sad to be too late
  5. that's a fun point of view! you're right, it's good they try something new, it wouldn't be fun if they just released the same models over and over with just a few changes here and there
  6. ahh, man these are always so interesting! i don't know what it is that is so creepy yet fascinating about these things. i remember a few knock offs/other strange vpets from my childhood, my friends had some. wish there was more info on them online. my friend had this odd clamshell design vpet, i think it was called princess max or something similar. she also had a green, transparent, tamagotchi shaped vpet that had a picture of a dinosaur on the top. it was dead though, i remember it not working despite changing in new batteries.
  7. i think they've released already in a few places? ive seen quite a few user submitted pix (pun intended) my personal opinion about the pix is... not too excited. it seems to be what's essentially just instagram for kids lmao. though i understand the appeal, the pink one's kinda cutesy. i wish they had continued making bunch of different shells for these like in the connexion days. might be more difficult though
  8. Ah yes, how could I forget? My very first tama was a yellow v2 with purple stars back in the second grade. (Around 2010-ish? I know, I know, I was very late to the party haha) I had seen a girl at a camp playing with one, and I was really curious about this interesting little piece of tech. Instantly sent a text message to my mother begging for one. She remembered her sister having many of (uh, fake) ones back in the 90s so she thought it could be nice to get me one. I was surprised she actually did find me one, since I didn't get my will most of the time as a kid, hah. She managed to find one off ebay, in very nice condition, for REALLY cheap compared to the prices these bad boys have these days, jeeeeez they are pricey! I carried it literally everywhere with me. To school, to every sleepover, to floorball games, to the store, to cruises, restaurants, bathroom, everywhere. For literal years, up until junior high school where I would leave it to mom for to babysit since I was ashamed of still playing with one. It's paint has worn off quite a lot, it has tons of scratches on the screen, but after all these years it still works! Despite me losing it in snow for hours because I was a clumsy kiddo So many good memories.