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  1. Its like the OGs Time when they evolve: Hatch:5 minutes Baby:1 hour Child:48 hours Teens:72 hours Adults:(10 years old)
  2. Because reddit is being way to harsh, the best way to communicate with me is with tumblr<_<

    1. divino


      huh? from my experience the reddit is very wholesome, especially the discord group! :(

    2. leogames2012


      Tumblr is too inappropriate,

  3. It was released in August 2010 (the wiki didn't gave the date tho) If its good or not depends on you (In my opinon its one of the best Tamagotchi). They're very rare,last time i check on ebay, they mostly sell at least 100 dollars.
  4. Baby to child:65 minutes Child to teen:48 hours Teen to adult: 72 hours
  5. One visitor away from 200

    1. 851K1185


      And im at 214 visitors.

  6. 851K1185


    A drawing i posted in reddit

    © https://www.reddit.com/r/tamagotchi/comments/o55fby/a_very_bad_drawing_botchi_my_oc_that_is_meant_to/

  7. Im still active.

  8. Nintendo got legal action for  the Joy-con drift yet Bandai got away with the Peter Pan glitch

    1. Timogotchi19


      What's the Peter Pan glitch?

    2. 851K1185


      A glitch where the Tamagotchi can't evolve.

    3. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      I mean you have a good point though, there are so many versions of the ON/Meets it seems like Bandai could have patched that glitch at least somewhere along the lines

  9. Have you change the clock to sleeping time to awake time? Cause i believe when Tamatchi evolve into my first Mametchi on the P1, it was about 8 years old
  10. No. The only way you make your Maskutchi sleep earlier is to change the clock. The disadvantage and advantage is that it makes your Tamagotchi live longer. though i believe its only when you change you clock to its sleeping time to awake time and possibly work in reverse (I never did this to my P1).
  11. Why am i getting so many visitor in one month?:huh:

    1. 851K1185


      And i am at 106 views It feels like im going to be a popular user within one month

  12. When i going to have and Entama on my birthday next year, i will start making a log and occasionaly uploading image (if my computer will support this)

    1. KeroPyontchi


      yesss logging is so fun 

  13. 851K1185

    Entama birthday

    23 November marks not only anniversary for the Tamagotchi franchise but also the Entama Starting at 23 november to 2 february we will celebrate Entama birthday