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  1. okkk update, so i was trying to get mametchi by doing the smart bonding activitys but i realised ive been doing the easygoing activitys instead of the smart ones bc i got "far left" and "far right" mixed up. its ok though bc luckily they all evolved into teens who can evolve into mamefamily tamagotchis if i just start using smart items now i think?? idk lol but thats the plan
  2. not a big deal to most, but when i was a kid i just could never manage to keep my tamagotchis alive long enough to get them married, not to mention i only found out what 'bonding' was halfway through the first generations teenage hood; so on the first day of the second generation i spent hours getting the bonding to 100%!
  3. thats really cool actually!! i usually get a males (for my middle child anyhow) on my v5 and females on my tmgc on
  4. yes its for everyone, im a boy who loves all things tamagotchi
  5. completely bias as it was the first tamagotchi device i ever got but, i really like v5!
  6. takes about 24-26 hours, ive heard theres a glitch where it wont evolve but i dont know the specifics