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  1. Thanks so much for replying Penguin-keeper! My only other nano right now is the Evatchi, which moves on after 3 days, so you can understand my confusion! 😅 I keep meaning to grab the Pac-Man and Hello Kitty nanos, but Bandai keeps popping out newer and cooler ones (those Twistechis, OMG), its so hard to choose! I ended up trying to murder my Muichiro but the battery died right as the death scene played, lol. 😆 Really appreciate you helping out, I just want Nezuko w my weeb self. The plus side to their long life, I guess, is you will really get to enjoy the characters you consider beloved. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Glip. Did you ever have your kimetsu nano move on? or did you just end up letting it die? Mine's been going for 3 weeks and I'm wondering if it'll ever move on so I can get other renditions, or if I should just let my Muichiro die. 😞
  3. First post here! I recently got a Kimetsu tama and have evolved my kinoe into a hashira. However, I have had the same character for almost 3 weeks! Will he eventually "graduate" and leave me another egg or do I just have to let him die? I'm under the impression resetting might undo progress, as speculated in the Evatchis (must have evolved certain Angel's to get more rare characters).
  4. I actually love the crossover nanos. The attention to detail in the little scenes and also incorporating traditional tama games into trials and tribulations the show's chatacters had to experience. I actually watched demon slayer just as an excuse to try one out and then really fell in love with the show. So, excellent marketing strategy on their part. I have the evatchi and the kimetsu. I really want one of the Twisted Wonderland and Pui Pui Carmol ones as well. I think you're about right with them being accessories.