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  1. Is a Hashizotchi a good pet to get for a first time? Did I fail my Tama by letting her evolve into Hashizotchi or is it an okay character? I have a gen 2.
  2. This is my first time with a Tamagotchi and I love it so much. Mine recently evolved into a Hashitamatchi but I heard that that means I took bad care of her. I’m so sad because I love my little Cannolie (that’s her name) so much but I feel like I’ve failed her (and yes I know she isn’t a living thing XD). I want her to grow up to be a beautiful and happy adult and I don’t want to fail her. What do I do? She weighs 80 pounds currently but I’m planning on playing with her nonstop once I’m out of the public because I just heard that weighing that much is bad. The only reason I can think of for why she is a Hashitamatchi is because one day when I was super busy her hearts dropped to 1 but I earned them right back up. What do I do so I don’t fail her?