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  1. Here's Kin's stats first today. Tamagotchi: Version 4 Design: Blue Waves Tama Name: Kin Gender: Girl Species: Marotchi Age:5(She's 5 on the tama. 6 according to the real life standards.) LB: 33 Hunger: 3 points Happy: full Training bars: 3 Intellectual: 67 Arts: 28 Kindness 57 Generation: 1 GP: 11330 Username: Ginji I still need some votes on when I should have a schedule. So far I have one and I apreciate it! Kin, hmm...I'm just gona cut some of the uninteresting parts. She rapidly changed her stats in 2 days! They awake almost all day! It can be a real pain! I guess it was all worth it I send Kin to her job as a... Bus counter(wil become specific, kinda lazy)! It was a little bit hard at the begining, but was getting the hang of it. Sadly I never got Kin past round 2! I'll be more focused on the game more. I didn't really time to look at the jobs fr the intelligence points! I was hoping for more kindess points, but she just had that boasting intellectual points. Sh got her first paycheck today! And I never knew there were some big wads of cash for a job! Amazing... Past 2 days i've seen her constantly coming up the screen to give a grin, brush/eat, or anything possible! Her happiness or hungry usually let one drop in a hour or so. But from now on, it will be a busy day until she marries her future husband. Kin's traning points weren't good at al, it all stopped when she became a Puchtchi. I'll make sure to get some points on Gen 2! I went to the shop for a change, and bought some stuff. I still had that Pen when she was a baby. I bught her a ball to play with today. She hanged on pretty good, but in the end she falls! Sometimes she doesn't fall and lands accurately. I also let her use the pen and she writes in a book. I also bought a chest ehich gave her big GP! As everyday we had mail. Today we had tons,which will be like this for a while. Sometimes I would and not check the meal. The reason is that sometimes they will be poop, and Kin wil lose all her happiness. But i'm only cautious when it's the mail icon. Some of them were good such as GP from the King. After that, basic care was all around. That's enough for today. I was kinda lazy today.. (Please vote by PMing me)
  2. Here's Kin's stats for today Tamagotchi: Version 4 Design: Blue Waves Tama Name: Kin Gender: Girl Species: Marotchi Age:4(She's 3 on the tama. 4 according to the real life standards.) LB: 30 Hunger: full Happy: full Training bars: 3 Intellectual: 26 Arts: 13 Kindness 36 Generation: 1 GP: 5120 Username: Ginji Alright, I really need to clear something up for today O.O! The reasons why I didn't update over the few days because: been reading Shonen Jump! lately. I'm serious, i've been attached to them for quite a while. I thought I was more attached to my Naruto Manga Volumes.. O.O 50% LAZY. Yup sorry folks, i've been really lazy of the cause of Kin not doing some interesting things for the past days. And the fact that I really didn't have much time on the computer at some time. So sorry again who've been reading my log(and a little bit for myself). I'll update at least a day after I didn't do that update. I thought of making a schedule for updates, but eh.. Mhm, mhm... Kin was doing the usual the day I was suppose to update. After that day, I started to become lazy on Kin... I've realy been lazy by turning her sound off for extending my battery time. It just made it worse since I was so lazy. Kin grew to 2 years old on the Tamagotchi but not to real life standards. So I kinda put that to the side to my caring for Kin. She started to cry little bit over the days, so I praised her as usual. Sometimes I just mess up and I make her unhappy at times. So I feed her snacks and play the games with her. She poops over there and there over the days, and I was a bit late of cleaning her poop. After I cleaned her messes, she was asleep. I just cover the most interesting things that happened those days. The day after that nothing really happened except I think a visit to school, and she gains more skill points from playing games and what not. I was really lazy that day, that I left her some attention that she had lost two points in her happy meter! >.< I really didn't want that... She also turned 3 that day. Today's update which happens right now is what really interesting here. I wake up her up when I come back home. Nothing's serious so I leave her off for a minute, not really expecting what was going to happen. Since I put her sound off since yesterday, I didn't hear the beep! When I came back to check on her, she was different. I noticed that she had evolved! O.O Finally her final stage! Not really I was predicting to have but I didn't make a prediction so I didn't care since it was my 1st gen, so anything was good. Alright what you've probaly waiting and didn't want me to type on to see what my Tamagotchi is.. Kin had evolved into a....[drum roll]...... Marotchi! As I said I didn't care she evolved into a Marotchi. I was surprised of any adyult she would of evolved to anyways.. So after she evolved I went to take some research what was the name of Kin. I look at charts on TamaZone and look upon the v4 growth chart TamaZone made and that it was a Marotchi. Their chart are accurate to me. My ringotchi did evolve into a Marotchi by kindess points. That growth chart really helps. The skill points not only helps you get a job. It helps you to get a certain character! So if you want to be a fashion designer, but you want a Mimitchi, tough luck! After I took my research I began to like Kin's adult stage. I just hope it doesn't mean Marotchi is a bad female character of the Tamagotchi world. When she gets her job, I'll pick the TV Studios for to be a News reporter! Alright that's the update for now! If I get some news, i'll post more updated info today! So maybe look back on here tonight! -GoldenGinji ( If you think I should make a update schedule for Tamagotchi log, just PM me and say so. It's about what days I should update on. 3 day updates a week.)
  3. Here's Kin's stats for today Tamagotchi: Version 4 Design: Blue Waves Tama Name: Kin Gender: Girl Age:1 (actually 2 according to the real standards.) LB: 24 Hunger: full Happy: full Training bars: 2 Intellectual: 21 Arts: 12 Kindness 20 Generation: 1 GP: 3460 Username: Ginji One thing I eed I need to clear up before a log of Kin's day, is that I found out if you reset your Tamagotchi too much, it defects the age. But the age is what it is. So don't worry on the meter, just count the days you've had it. That was my mistake. Kin's day was god with this and that of constant care. I didn't go to Tamatown as noted today. I will post it in one of my log entries later on when I do go on it. This day was filled with some caring and games. I've some mail in the star icon. I thought Kin was gonna have a good fortune, but it was just a regular one. At least it wasn't poop! >.> Anyways, after some not so interesting care for Kin, She evolved! She evolved into a....[drum rolls]... A Ringotchi! Which I predicted half of the time! I know I wasn't going for the young Mimitchi or Dorotchi. I wasn't ready for it. Besides, I never really had a Ringotchi! Now to make some predictions for her adult stage After some time, I fed her, played new games with her and sorts. She beeped, and I thought she did it for no reason, because she wasn't crying. So I gave her a time out. My bad.. Anyways, I was somewhat surprised of her evolvng into a Ringotchi. After some time, the mail came in the 2nd time. This was the [!] icon. Finally her first day to regular school. But instead, she spent her last day with Miss Nanny. Eh, wasn't surprised. After that, I took time for a break and alao some snacks for her and stuff. Then the mail comes in again. It's the [!] icon again! I predicted it and I was right. This time she was getting ready for her first day regular school. Since this was my 1st Gen, I picked Mr. Turtlepedia. I also wanted her to work in the TV Studios as a news reporter. So yeah after her quick time at school(hoping to have longer school time). Nothing interesting happened after that. Except that I fed her snacks since she was hungry, and played games she needed more happiness points. While I took some time off, she gives off some animations(finally). One where she goes up to the screen and smiles at me. The next one was when she brushed her teeth. Both took about a while then I accepted. The last thing I did with her probaly for today was that I ceaned her poop Hope to interesting tomorrow(going on Tamatown for fun). -Tamagotchi fan100
  4. Here's Kin's stats for today Tamagotchi: Version 4 Design: Blue Waves Tama Name: Kin Gender: Girl Age:0 LB: 11 Hunger: full Happy: full Training bars: 2 Intellectual: 16 Arts: 12 Kindness 14 Generation: 1 GP: 2600 Username: Ginji Alright, Kin woke up after her day of evolving from a baby. from my last log report, she's now an Puchitchi. After she woke up, she was actually...Healthy and happy half of the time alone! Heh heh, so no constant care today or anything like that. Only about a good amount of minutes until something happens. So it makes my job easier. I see that she is still 0 years. I didn't do any pausing at all! I think it's because I made some sleeping mistakes so she can sleep right when i'm away somewhere(I will bring her on short travels with a few hours). So generally I think that's the problem and she should age later on today. Alright, I cleaned some quick poop, and made her stay at the best weight possible I could give her at a toddler(12). Speaking of poop(>.>), the mail icon highlighted a few times, getting Kin some good forturnes. With the best of all for today, His excellency, the' Tamagotchi King' gave Kin a wonderful gift. After his jolly animation, the gift unwrapped into a free ticket for a free travel to N.Y.C.! I still wonder why he's so generous when I didn't donate GP to him(this could be a hint he wants a donation). Still going onto the "poop" subject, after that gift, more mail came in. I thought it was anothor great gift! But it seems it was just a pile of poop... Poop in a wrapped box, inside a mailbox? *sighs* What're you gonna do? It made Kin very angry, losing all of her happiness. I had to feed her some snacks(which build her happiness a little) to play the games. I play the 'Jump Rope' game and I beat the game, quickly bring her happy meter all the way up. Anyways after that I took sometime away from Kin, seeming nothing would really happen to her. I come back to her feed her some snacks, just to play the game mimic(Which I lost). So I played 'Jump Rope' instead a few times, suceeding the limit of 30 jumps, getting Kin 400 GP. I went on Tamatown for a while bringing back some items. But I will get more tomorrow instead. When I came off TamaTown, the mail came in, hoping it won't be anothor poop so Kin would not get angry again. But instead this was the [!] icon, so I open it quickly and already predicted of what was going to happen. As predicted, it was time for pre-school for Kin! So I send Kin to her first visit to Miss Nanny, giving Kin her backpack. Then she plays a game of Mimic with Kin, which she enjoyed. After he away time with Miss Nanny at pre school, her happy and health meter is nothing to be wrong with, and I cleaned her poop. After a good time, I check her stats, with one missing heart for each meter. I gave her bread for her meal. Then I quickly played a game of 'Jump Rope', which earned some good GP, and some skill points. And she wants some big attention, so she cryed. I praise her , adding more to the training bars! Finally I just leave her be, soon ready to sleep later on. (If you have a answer or a fact about Kin's age through this log of how she was still 0, PM me). -Tamagotchi fan100
  5. Do not reply in this log, or break any rules othorwise. A PM comment would be nice. Alrighty, I just got my Tamagotchi v4 today(Woo!). It seems at Toys "R" Us in my town, they had like 18-20 Tamas left(good for me). Here I will give my Tamagotchi's stats. Tamagotchi: Version 4 Design: Blue Waves Tama Name: Kin Gender: Girl Age:0 LB: 10 Hunger: full Happy: full Training bars: 1 Intellectual: 8 Arts: 12 Social: 8 Generation: 1 GP: 1500 Username: Ginji My tamagotchi was finally born at 4:32 PM. Alright I hatched a newborn girl, named Kin. I quickly feed her and make her happy of course. I tried not to make her LB up high, so I kept playing 'Jump Rope', and leaving her weight at it's best. I continue to do this time after time. And between this, I clean up her poop. After I do the usual routine of constant care, she falls asleep. I take a break but it seems she wakes up quick. She crys for attention as soon as she wakes up. So I praised her, giving her one training bar. She didn't do anything bad yet. I keep up with the constant care, probaly every 2 minutes or so. I keep building up Kin's skill points by playing the only game, 'Jump Rope'. After that, I was bored and decided to use a code from the instructions, and used it. It was a pen, she was too young to use it anyway, so ill use it later. Still keeping up with the constant care, some poop there and there. Not leaving more than 2 hearts on her "Happy" or "Hunger" meter. I checked the mail, and usually got 1 of symbol, and had a double of a certain symbol. I strictly wanted Kin to become a decent Tamagotchi, so I continued caring for her. Then in the middle of doing something (she was okay at the time), the Tamagotchi beeps and the screen flashes! She evolved into a.....Puchitchi! Seeing her bouncing all around the screen. I really wanted a surprise so I didn't have a prediction of what I wanted to get. I just hope it gets me to a good character. Soon after bouncing all over the screen, she falls asleep at 5:32 PM. Good, It gives me a break to write I felt that nothing seem to be interesting, well, I just started, and when it's a baby nothing really happend instead of caring for it every 2 minutes or something. That's all for now. -Tamagotchi fan100
  6. Hmm.. Here are my answers to your question. It might be a glitch. You paused our tama too much. And the likely one is that you have to understand that the Ms. Busybody comes at these certain times. 10am, 3pm, and 7pm.
  7. Besides getting this moved to 'What Happened To My Tamagotchi?!", Yeah it's just some seasonal pleasure. Also I remember Santaclautchi (Tamagotchi version of Santa) going in your tamagotchi's house and giving your tamagotchi a present when it wakes up on Christmas Eve.
  8. Hmmm......You said only fore a day? Last time I remember it'll take more than a day since it's connecting instead of the matchmaker coming. Maybe a love potion? I'm not sure since you said you did it before. They give presents when your tamagotchi visted each othor?
  9. Well since you didn't make it more specific. If you're talking about Tamagotchis'(from since it came out in America' til now)all together, then i'll pick Tamagotchi. I like Neopets, but not that much. You can't blame me... Tamgotchis' was a big fad since 98', and it even came back in 2004.
  10. Hmm... Ok! I don't know what you exactly want but... The matchmaker(aka Busybody), is a old age Tamagotchi that helps tamagotchis mate and well...Get a baby. They're are also Tamagotchis you can have. You have a girl and you decline the matchmaker and your girl will turn into one and it will eventually die mateless. The matchmaker's role helps you mate, so it willl come when your tamagotchi is at 7 or 8 years old. It come to your door and you either decline or accept, and a book will appear. Just press either "A" or "B". Then, bam! Husband and wife! The matchmaker will come at either(at 7 or 8 years old)10am, 3pm, and 7pm. In Tamagotchi time(you can change time).
  11. Hmmm...Actually i'm not sure(used to have one)! But here's a clear answer. They shouldn't be rare because of v4's and v3's, they're probaly still selling them in some stores(they're suppose to). But they're probaly like the P1s' and P2s', they will get forgotten since new versions mean new features.
  12. I don't know if this was made already(i'm sure no one right?). Here's a Tamagotchi insident which involves a driver while playing with her toy. This took place in 1998, when Tamagotchi were getting famous worldwide. "A French driver killed a cyclist and injured another after she took her eye off the road trying to save her Tamagotchi virtual pet, police said Wednesday. "The 27-year-old woman became distracted when the electronic pet, which was attached to her car key ring, started to send out distress signals. She asked a companion in her car to attend to the Tamagotchi but in the confusion she failed to notice a group of cyclists on the road ahead and slammed into the back of them. One died instantly and another was taken to hospital. Police said the woman was arrested after Sunday's accident near the southern city of Marseille. A magistrate was investigating whether charges should be brought. Tamagotchi virtual pets, egg-shaped devices invented in Japan, have become a worldwide fad. They send out electronic bleeps when they need "feeding" or "cleaning." If they are not looked after they "die." " The weird thing is that she saved her Tamagotchi but killed real live cyclists. I have nothin' againist the tamagotchi, but you're risking someones life(the people)!
  13. V5's aren't out.... They're lying... Done deal... Anyways I agree that not everyone has a v4, now that the commercials came out. Getting the v4 will be helpless. But I will still get it. My parent's are off on the weekends for work so yeah. It seems i'm retiring from retiring from being a Tamagotchi owner.
  14. Hoody pocket is good I guess, so you can check on it quickly. But it could fall out...And you may give clues to the teacher(unless she's alright with it.).
  15. Congrats on getting it. I was kinda late entering, so yeah... I don't know why anyone's jealous, not everyone can get these. Besides they might have anothor one in probaly next year or a good amounts of months? They did say golden Tamagotchi of the MONTH. I agree with you, I wouldn't open it or play with it. It's limited edition and valueble, I would stare at it too. If nothing happens to it, in the future it could be way worth more and maybe be forgetten(I don't think so.).